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Seal the deal with a real estate broker

by Jillian CariolaPublished: November 19, 2013Updated: June 4, 2014

Find out why going through a real estate process is easier when you work with a broker.

Selling or buying a house is a crucial decision. Just like any big decision, you need to do your homework if you want to do it successfully. The problem is that no matter how much information you get online or from your well-meaning friends, things can become overwhelming, and this is where a real estate broker comes in.

Here are some of the reasons why you might want to consider hiring a real estate broker.

•         The real estate business requires a lot of hand-holding, especially for first-time buyers and sellers. Fortunately, real estate brokers’ hands have undergone years of training and experience, so they can lead you to the right direction. Also, they’re always in the loop when it comes to market conditions, and this will come in handy during the buying or selling process.

•         Brokers are like filters; they can pick out the bad buyers and let in the good ones. This means there’ll be less time wasted on low ballers and more opportunities spent with serious buyers. They can also lessen the time you spend searching for a property to buy because they know which homes are for sale and which of them fit your budget.

•         If you’re looking to settle in a particular neighborhood, a broker can be your eyes and ears. They can find out about the safety of the surroundings, the quality of the schools, and other information that are detrimental to your decision-making. They can also help sellers price their home by comparing it to nearby properties for sale and looking up the neighborhood’s economic conditions.

•         If you are lacking in good negotiation skills, a real estate broker can definitely help you in that department. They are trained not just to deliver offers between sellers and buyers, but also to present their client’s case in the best way possible, while also keeping certain information confidential from the seller or other buyers.

•         Buying or selling a house can bury you in a mountain of paperwork, and hiring a real estate broker can help prevent a cave-in. They can also help you avoid making mistakes, as well as work with tight deadlines.

•         If you have little or no experience in real estate dealings, chances are you’ll have a lot of questions. The beauty of having a real estate broker is that you’ll have someone to answer these inquiries instead of having to looking them up online, where you might not even get the answers you need.

•         During the entire process, you and your broker will build a good relationship with each other, one that will benefit both of you in the future. A broker thrives on referrals, which you can supply if you’re highly satisfied with the service you received. Also, if you have any future plans about buying or selling another property, it’ll be easier because by then you’ll have a go-to person.

As much as you might want to be a real estate expert, this is one thing you can’t turn into a DIY project if you don’ have enough experience and know-how. Spare yourself the stress and confusion by getting a good real estate broker.


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