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The 10 most useful features of the new

by MyProperty.phPublished: July 1, 2013Updated: December 2, 2014 is new and improved! Find out what you can get with the website's enhanced layout and functionalities. is entering a new phase, and with this change comes a brand new layout and functionalities! We redesigned the website to make it easier for you to find your dream home or sell your property, and here, we've highlighted the 10 most helpful enhancements of the new and improved

1. Larger, better-quality images
The new now showcases properties with larger images, and with better quality at that! Now, you can make more informed choices with the help of these enhanced visuals.

2. Google Maps
Finding a property according to area is faster because we now have a “Google Maps” feature! All you have to do is hover over a pin and see what development is found in which location. What’s more, sellers can also post their properties for sale or for rent with a map to guide prospective clients into finding them.


3. Responsive filters
We’ve enhanced our search filters to become more responsive than before! Now, while you type a location, the page is already displaying options that match the keyword you’re putting in.


4. “Popular Searches” feature
With the “Popular Searches in New Homes” feature, you won’t need to type in your query: just click on one of the “Popular Searches” options and find a list of properties according to that query. If you’re a seller, this feature will help you find out what kind of properties people are looking for so you know which development would appeal to them.

5. Unit inventories
With the new design, you don’t have to visit dozens of different pages to see similar units from one development. All you need to do is go to the development you’re interested in to see all the available units organized in one table. Also, aside from displaying information like size, price, and condition, the page also tells you how many units are still available.

6. Top projects teaser on the homepage
Upon entering, you can instantly see a preview of brand-new projects from the top developers of the country!

7. "Promos" section on homepage
Find out which developers are offering discounts or low down payments with our “Promos” section prominently displayed on the homepage. This way, searching for and selecting properties that fit your budget is easier!

8. Broker pages
Aside from giving buyers easy access to a broker’s contact information and the various properties they sell, the new “Brokers” section also gives them credibility as representatives of the project they’re offering.

9. Seller accreditation
Being an accredited seller helps you improve your reputation, and with the new feature, “Become an Accredited Seller”, you’ll easily attract more clients. Now, when you visit any project page, brokers and agents can inquire to sell their properties.


10. Mobile friendliness
When you access our website using your smartphone or iPad, you’ll find that our page has been adjusted to make usage as easy as doing it on a desktop PC or laptop.


The new website is designed to make your property searching or selling a fast and convenient experience. Explore our new layout and discover what it can do for you now!

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