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Six themed garden ideas to liven up your home

by MyProperty.phPublished: August 4, 2017Updated: August 7, 2017

Revamp and liven up your home through gardening, and learn the different garden ideas that best suit your style. Check out these six garden themes now!

Different garden ideas are inspired by landscapes and styles based on your personality and preference. It can also be from the kind of plants you like, the purpose you want it to have, or the climate of your place.

Available space is also a great factor that can affect the size and style of your garden. However, if you still don’t have a garden in your home and you are planning to have one, here are a few garden ideas to liven up your home.

1. For Homes with Small Spaces

Asian-inspired Gardens

This style is inspired by the gardens from Asian countries like China and Japan. It is best suited for homes with smaller spaces since it is designed with a minimalist style. These gardens look both recognizably formal and simple, which tries to replicate the beautiful and natural landscapes of the two Asian countries.

Usually, this type of garden has art pieces and water features like ponds and water fountains, which add another sense of interest in the garden. However, for those living in apartments, you can put your indoor zen garden on the balcony. Make use of potted bamboos and indoor plants like orchids, and for water features, you may use decorative indoor fountain instead.

Six themed garden ideas to liven up your home MyProperty Philippines Zen bamboo potted plant
Use a porcelain pot to add character to your zen garden. Photo via Depositphotos

Classic Urban Gardens

This is a perfect garden idea to liven up your home in the city. It is basically designed to fit in smaller homes like apartment and condominium units, which have spaces that are really small. This style commonly uses pots and boxes to hack the limited space. What is good about this style is that you can have a garden indoors, and it is also cost-efficient. Just make sure to choose those low maintenance indoor plants and shrubs. It can be situated near or on your window and living space as long as there is enough natural light. Creativity plays a role in setting up this kind of garden.

Six themed garden ideas to liven up your home MyProperty Philippines balcony terrace gardening
This can also be applied in urban farming, where you can grow certain vegetables in small pots or boxes. Photo via Depositphotos

2. Both for Small and Large Spaces

Vegetable Gardens

The vegetable garden will not just liven up your home, but it is also a practical way to practice sustainability. For apartment dwellers, choose those vegetables that can grow healthily even if planted in containers indoors. This includes tomatoes and eggplants.

Six themed garden ideas to liven up your home MyProperty Philippines indoor vegetable gardening tomato sprouts
Tomatoes and eggplants are two of the common vegetables that you can grow indoors. Photo via Depositphotos

Bush Gardens

From its name, these styles are basically consists of bushes. It may look like an informal style, but it has a pattern that can be found in nature. This is best suited for those who love plants but have a limited available time to maintain a garden since it only requires minimal water consumption. This is very sustainable and can be applied both to homes with small spaces and large spaces. If you are living in urban areas, this garden is best suited for those apartments with a spacious balcony. You can also have it even if you have limited space, but regular trimming must be done.

Six themed garden ideas to liven up your home MyProperty Philippines home living dining room potted palm plants
You can incorporate palm plants to liven up your home. Photo via Depositphotos

3. For Homes with Large Spaces

Tropical Gardens

This theme requires a very low maintenance. It is best suited for homes located in coastal areas or with a warm climate. However, this can also be applied to an area with a cold climate as long as you invest more time in maintenance. It usually has flowering plants, lush foliage, palm trees, and other exotic plants. To give this a very effective tropical look, choose the plants with more saturated colors.

Six themed garden ideas to liven up your home MyProperty Philippines bacyard tropical gardening swimming pool
The plants in this garden need a good amount of rainfall to preserve its shape. Photo via Depositphotos

Food Forest Gardens

This inspiration has gained popularity nowadays. This is surely one of the best garden ideas to liven up your home. It does give you not only a beautiful area to relax, but also an area for food growing hobby. Growing your own food in your garden is very maintainable since it only needs a little watering once it is already established. This is also the best way to introduce your kids to organic foods.

Six themed garden ideas to liven up your home MyProperty Philippines lemon tree
Food forest gardening is a sustainable food production system that also serves as a low-cost home improvement. Photo via Depositphotos

A garden is not only a place to beautify your homes. It has been found out that there are also physical and mental benefits of gardening. It is scientifically proven to relieve stress and reduces the risk of certain diseases.


Main photo via Depositphotos

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