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Top 10 items every man cave needs

by Jillian CariolaPublished: June 18, 2015Updated: July 20, 2017

Every guy needs their own private space at home. Create your dream man cave by including these items.


A man cave is the one place a guy feels he can really let loose and do whatever he wants with no fear of being reprimanded. It’s where he can retreat and either spend some time alone or hang out with his buddies. And it’s actually a good thing for the ladies, too; if you spend every waking moment with your husbands, a little time apart wouldn’t hurt.

If you’re building a hibernation unit in your home, this is for you. It doesn’t matter if you plan on turning your room into a sports bar or a game zone. Whatever your interests are, you’re sure to find something here your man space would be incomplete without.

1. A “welcome” sign
Your “welcome” sign (or “unwelcome,” depending on who’s looking) is your guests’ first notion of what to expect when they cross the threshold of your special room, so make it count. It can be something as simple as “Welcome to the Man Cave,” but feel free to include a list of rules to let them know who’s the boss in this joint.


2. A cool entrance
A secret passageway to your man cave gives your friends the impression that they’re entering a secret club, so the cooler the door or entryway, the better. Forget about keeping things simple; a door hidden behind a bookshelf or in the floorboards under a rug (if your man cave is in the basement) is what you should be aiming for.


3. Large, comfy seats
The idea of a man cave is having somewhere to kick back and relax in, and nothing spells “man cave” like a La-Z-Boy with a three-position locking footrest. And in case your buddies come over to watch the game, you want a huge couch that can seat all of them, with lots of elbow room to spare. Or how about getting to tell friends to park themselves in a backseat-turned-couch in front of the TV? By the way, there’s no such thing as too many seats; you never know when you might throw an impromptu pre- or post-game party.


4. A flat-screen TV
Where else would you watch the NBA Finals or the Godfather trilogy but on a flat-screen TV as large as the wall it’s on? Pair that with crystal-clear surround sound and you’ve got a mini-theater impressive enough for you to start charging admission to.


5. Games
Holing up someplace and playing games all day is the dream of every man-child, and what better way to realize this dream than to fill your cave with every video game imaginable? You can either set up your X-Box in there and stack your games next to it, or splurge a little and get an arcade game to please the nostalgic little kid in you. For the more mature audience, set up a poker or pool table and get ready to take bets.


6. Sports souvenirs
Brotherhood starts with rooting for the same sports team, so be sure to scatter memorabilia like basketball jerseys, baseball caps, foam fingers, and team flags all over the place. On the other hand, if you’re expecting friends with different preferences, this lets them know that no matter what happens, your team always wins.


7. A wet bar (complete with beer dispenser and fridge)
Ever wish you could pretend to be a bartender serving people their drinks? No? Okay, maybe you just have a fantasy of grabbing the top hooch from any bar you visit. With an expansive wet bar, you can take whatever drink you want, and you don’t even have to tip the bartender.


8. Food dispensers
With every activity you just have to do in your man cave, who has time to go to the kitchen and grab some refreshments? If there was a machine that could pop out crispy bacon in seconds, every man would get one in a heartbeat. But since this is more of a pipedream than a reality, you can settle for other machines that dispense food like popcorn, nachos, gumballs, and peanuts.


9. Creative lighting
No, we’re not talking about crystal chandeliers, but you do need some fixtures that shed light (get it?) on the fact that your guests are in your domain now. Popular choices include neon bar signs and lights that look like beer bottles. If you’re not going to pick a unique light fixture, at least replace your existing lights with remote-controlled ones so you can get ready for movie nights much faster.


10. A urinal/bathroom
You have to put all those beers and sodas somewhere, and if you can’t leave the room long enough to go to the bathroom because you’re in a heated game of poker, you’re going to need a bathroom or a urinal. Don’t forget the reading material; if the bathroom is that great, you know you’re going to be in there a long time.


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