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Five ways a house beats other types of homes

by Jillian CariolaPublished: April 5, 2016Updated: June 29, 2017

Unconvinced that a house is the better option for you? We’ve got five points that’ll show you why it trumps other forms of homes

Five ways a house beats other types of homes MyProperty Philippines


If you had the money to go out and buy a home right now, what kind of property would you buy? With all the condo towers rising right now in many of the most prime real estate areas, you’d likely heavily consider getting a unit for yourself. And how about apartments that are practically only a few steps from the office or the nearest convenience store?

While these factors would definitely score major points, there are still some things you can’t get from them that only a traditional house can offer. Don’t believe it? Here are five benefits of living in a good ol’ house that might make you reconsider reserving the unit on that glossy condo brochure.


You get more privacy in a house
Ever heard of the expression “if these walls could talk”? In some types of dwellings, they don’t have to; all you need to do is stick your ear to the wall. In townhouse communities, units tend to share at least one wall with the neighboring unit, so it won’t be hard to imagine what your neighbor’s doing if the walls are paper-thin. The same can be said about condo or apartment buildings, where you just won’t be worrying about the people living next to you, but also those above and below you. And guess what? The knife cuts both ways; they can also get disturbed by, or eavesdrop on, whatever’s going on in your unit.

One thing that makes a house better is that neighbors will not be able to hear you.
Eavesdropper alert! Living in a stand-alone house will ensure maximum privacy from neighbors. (Photo via Shutterstock)

In a stand-alone house, noise is hardly an issue. You can clomp around your wooden floor, crank up the radio a notch higher than you normally would, or rearrange the furniture as much as you want granted your house is at a considerable distance from your neighbor. This is particularly useful if you like to have people over for parties all the time that tend to go on until the wee hours of the morning.


Houses make you feel safe and secure
These days, most apartments and condos are built in busy parts of the city, which is all well and good when you consider that most of what you need will always be just a couple of steps away. But how confident are you with your unit in terms of privacy and protection? Is your unit’s building so open that anyone can simply walk in and not be stopped by the guard on duty? If your unit is pretty high up, can help get to you soon enough in case of an emergency?

Houses are better than other home types because they are located in communities with gates.
Most houses these days are built within gated communities with roaming guards and CCTV cameras for the residents' safety (Photo via Shutterstock) 

Houses are most often part of an entire community located a bit far from the center of the city, but this slight inconvenience is overshadowed by the idea that you get added exclusivity and safety. Parents won’t have to worry about their little ones playing close to busy intersections because, well, there won’t be any. These communities are also gated (some with electric fences) and manned by roaming security guards so you can sleep soundly at night.


Renovations are a given when you have a house
Growing tired of your kitchen’s layout and think it’s time for an upgrade? You can’t just grab a sledgehammer and start knocking down walls; most often, you need to ask permission from the building’s administration office for big renovation projects. If it’s the common seating area you want to have changed, forget about it. The office is in charge of managing that, so hands off.

Home renovations are possible in a house, compared to other types of homes.
From retiling the kitchen to adding an entire room, you can renovate as much as you want when you own a house. (Photo via Shutterstock)

In a house, you have full control of the changes you want to do, whether it be retiling the bathroom or adding an entire room to the ground floor. And you don’t need to worry about making too much noise and disturbing the neighbors beside, above, and below you the way you would in a condo or townhouse. As long as you do the loud and heavy work during acceptable hours, you’re OK.


Houses have more indoor space
After Christmas, when you’ve taken down the lights and dismantled the tree, where do you shove them for safekeeping until next year when you live in a condo? Probably not under the bed, where boxes of shoes or extra linen are already hidden. And if relatives who live far away come over to visit, do they have a place to stay in your home, or do they have to share the couch in the living room?

A stock room or a bedroom? The possibilities are endless for a house's attic or basement. (Photo via Shutterstock)

Some houses have attics and basements, extra storage space that condo units don’t offer. You can even convert these into additional bedrooms to accommodate your big family, or into an arts and crafts room or a man cave if you need a space in the house where you can escape.


Having a house means having outdoor space that’s all your own
Sure, living in a condo means being free to stroll through your condo’s common garden minus the responsibility of maintaining it, but what if you were an avid gardener? You won’t have a say in what grows in it or you can’t pick flowers for your living room vase. If you don’t like the layout or the landscape, you’ll have to learn to deal with it. And if you wanted to run through the grass barefoot, you’ll have to dodge neighbors who feel the urge to do so because that patch of land is for sharing. In a townhouse, you get to have a small patch of land in front of your home for a few shrubs. That’s it.

Grow a vegetable garden when you live in a house instead of other types of dwellings.
A vegetable garden is only one of the things you can have in your house's front or backyard. (Photo via Shutterstock)

Living in a house, especially one with a front lawn and backyard, lets you flex your green thumb because you’re allowed to cultivate your very own garden. Love orchids? Plant as many as you want. Want a gazebo? Have one built right where you need it. Are you a budding Jamie Oliver? Squeeze in a space for growing vegetables to ensure you always have fresh ingredients for your dishes. And if you can’t take your kids to the playground because you’re busy making dinner, it’ll be easy enough to check on them as they run around the open outdoor space in your yard.


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