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Six ways that searching for properties online can save you time

by Jillian CariolaPublished: March 30, 2016Updated: March 31, 2016

Doubtful of the benefits of online property hunting? Find out how time-saving real estate websites can be.

Six ways that searching for properties online can save you time

E-commerce has become the new norm these days because of the convenience that it offers. Can you imagine shopping for items and getting them delivered straight to your doorstep without having to leave the house? From electronics to clothes to books, you can get the same level of convenience no matter what you’re online for. But did you know that the same thing can be said for shopping for a new home over the Internet?

OK, so while you can’t get the property delivered to where you are, browsing for properties for sale or for rent on real estate websites does save you one of the things you tend to waste during this rigorous process: time. Here are six ways that looking for properties online allows you to spend less time looking, while producing more results in the process.


1. It keeps you from having to travel far until you’re sure
If you’ve always wanted a second home in Baguio, you can’t just drop everything and drive six hours to the City of Pines to take your chances and do an on-the-spot search. You’re not just wasting time; you’re also spending money on gas heading for something that isn’t even a sure thing. By doing an online property search beforehand, you can stay right where you are and find a home for sale, and even call the seller from there before setting off to where the property is to see it for yourself.

You don't need to travel far when you search for properties online
By starting your search online, every house viewing doesn't have to be an unnecessary road trip. (Photo via Shutterstock)


2. You can view several properties at the same time
Think you can’t view a house in Quezon City and a condo in Makati at exactly the same time? You can assess as many homes as you want and in any location you prefer if you do your search online. All you really need to do is click open the properties that meet your standards and you can easily do a side-by-side comparison.

Searching for a property online will allow you to view multiple properties at the same time.
Only through an online property search can you be in two places at once. (Photo via Shutterstock)


3. You can immediately choose a home based on your specifications
A “House for Sale” sign on a yard doesn’t really tell you much about the property, except that it’s, well, for sale. If this is the way you keep looking for a new home, you’ve probably wasted more time looking at houses that lack the number of bedrooms you need than on ones that you can actually live in. Real estate websites are built with filters that screen properties according to your preference, whether it be price, size, location, number of bathrooms, or even the kinds of places close to it.

Filtering is not just for photo editing. Using real estate websites will let you find the best properties based on the filters you use. (Photo via Shutterstock)


4. It allows you to do multiple things
If you’re a busy person who tends to juggle multiple tasks at once, physically visiting a property will keep you from doing what you need to accomplish, which would be a disadvantage especially if those tasks are urgent. On the other hand, browsing properties online won’t keep you from taking care of the kids, commuting to work, or even meeting a friend at a coffee shop.

An online property search will let you do other things, such as taking care of your family.
You don't have to leave your baby behind to look at an available property if you search online beforehand. (Photo via Shutterstock)


5. It puts traffic to good use
Metro Manila is notorious for being a time waster due to poor road conditions that force commuters to sit through hours of traffic every day. Looking up available properties online will make sure you’re using your time wisely, and will free up whatever time you had intended for house-hunting so you can do something else.

You can search for properties online while commuting.
Stuck in traffic? Now would be the perfect time to look for a home, and one that's closer to work. (Photo via Shutterstock)


6. You can stay updated without leaving the house
Many real estate websites offer newsletters that alert users if a new property has been uploaded to the site that meets their specifications. This means you won’t have to keep visiting a certain area and driving around hoping that a new home’s been listed since your last visit.

You can search for properties online while you stay at home.
What's the rush? By searching online, you can stay updated on available properties while staying in bed. (Photo via Shutterstock)


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