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Why should you live near your kid’s school?

by Jillian CariolaPublished: June 3, 2015Updated: June 9, 2015

Saving money on transportation is just one of the advantages of living within the vicinity of your little one’s school.


Whenever a new school year rolls around, one of the concerns you have as a parent is getting your child to school on time and in the most efficient way possible. Waking up at the crack of dawn and enlisting the help of school buses help, but have you ever thought about simply moving close to a good school you can enroll them in?

As great a motivation as saving time and money are for relocating near an academic institution, they’re actually just two of the benefits you can enjoy being in the neighborhood where your child could be taking part in soon. Here are the top reasons why doing so could be advantageous to you and your kid.

You save on gas or transportation
Do you normally drop off your kid to school before heading to work? Do you normally sign them up for school bus services? If they’re old enough, do they take public transportation to school? All of these cost money, and depending on how far your home is from their school, it can cost a lot. If you live just a few steps away from school, they can just walk to school, which saves money on school bus fees or commuting fares. And you won’t have to go out of your way to drop them off either; you can drive yourself straight to work, saving gas.

Traffic jams? What traffic jams?
One of the things that might keep your kid from getting to school on time is bad traffic, whether you drive them to school, have them picked up by a school bus, or let them commute. But if their school’s within walking distance from home, EDSA could turn into a parking lot and your kid will still make it to school on time.

Kids can develop a healthy habit
Kids these days would rather sit inside and play on their computer, which can be a rather unhealthy lifestyle. By encouraging them to at least walk to and from school, you’re adding some physical activity to their routine, instead of just letting them sit in the car or the bus and stare at a tablet screen until they reach the school.

It teaches kids freedom and responsibility…
As long as you live only a couple of blocks away and your kid’s old enough, they can walk to and from school on their own. By letting them independently make their own way to school each morning, they’re learning how to manage their time effectively so they won’t be arriving late. Giving them this kind of task also helps instill in them a sense of empowerment because they feel you’re trusting them to do something by themselves.

…but also gives them a bit of leeway
To anyone who haves them, kids can be crabby in the morning, and getting them ready for school can be a struggle. Add to that the urgency of competing with other family members to use the bathroom and making sure they eat breakfast before heading out and you’ve got mayhem in your hands. What’s great about living close to school is there’s no pressure to wake up before the sun does. They can schedule their bathroom time later than the others and take their time to prepare. Plus, if they end up sleeping late for some reason the previous night, waking up a little bit later than usual won’t be that big a blow to their usual routine.

You’re keeping your kids protected
Are you constantly scared your kids might encounter risks on the way to school when you’re not around to protect them? Living close enough gives you a sense of relief that there’s less chance they’ll encounter stranger danger or get involved in traffic-related accidents. If you’re lucky and the school’s literally a few steps away, all you have to do is look out your window to watch out for any trouble.

They can come home in an instant in case of an emergency
How many times have they gotten in trouble at school for forgetting their project at home? If a hop, skip and a jump is all it takes to get from home to school, any assignment that didn’t make it into their backpack can make it to school in a matter of minutes. Also, if they suddenly feel sick and can’t wait for you to pick them up, they can simply walk home and slip into bed to get their rest. And how about those stormy days when your kid’s already battled the elements and reached school just to find out that classes have been suspended? Living nearby will let them delay getting to school for as long as possible to wait for PAGASA's announcements, and going home won’t put them at risk of getting exposed to rains even longer.

Added bonus: hot lunches
You don’t have to wonder if they’re just buying chips and soda for lunch. You can make sure they have the right kind of food because you or their yaya can prepare and deliver hot lunches on the dot. This makes sure they eat healthy, and also saves money because you can prepare it yourself instead of having them buy food at the cafeteria, which sometimes costs more.

Got a school in mind? Check out its neighborhood for available properties now!

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