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Acacia Estates’ Casa Real salutes colonial architecture

by Jillian CariolaPublished: October 9, 2013Updated: December 2, 2014

DMCI’s Acacia Estates is paying tribute to history with its new events place, Casa Real.

Local developer DMCI’s Acacia Estates prides itself in resort-themed communities located right in prime real estate location Taguig City. From houses and townhouse units in Mahogany Place I-III, to condominiums in Cedar Crest, to the Thai-inspired Royal Palm Residences, the high-class township has something to offer its varied residents and customers. And now, DMCI has welcomed a new addition to Acacia Estates: an events place called Casa Real.

Located in Acacia’s commercial convergence point Town Center, Casa Real pays homage to architecture famous during the colonial era, with a design based on the old Tuason Residence along Sociego Street in Sampaloc, Manila. It fuses Filipino, American, Spanish and Chinese design elements into a structure that showcases 1930s tradition, but with a touch of modern flair that blends with Acacia’s contemporary homes.

Casa Real was built using some of Tuason’s original features, like the concrete balusters, the original narra and ipil flooring, the original iron grilles for some of the ventanillas (sliding panels between the floor and windows), and the restored ipil staircases and ornamental woodwork. Some parts of the Casa are reproductions of the old house, including the Mazarron clay roof tiles and Machuca floor tiles. Mimicry of the adobe stone cladding was also incorporated to the exterior, which boasts of a gated main entrance and a sweeping driveway that leads to the grand staircase and the Casa’s entrance.

Casa Real has two function halls: the Solariega Function Hall and the Cuadrilla Function Hall. Solariega is an open space located on the upper ground floor, measures 250 sqm, and is good for 100 people. Cuadrilla on the second floor has an area of 334 sqm, has a stage and a bar, and can accommodate up to 80 people. Equipped with vintage chandeliers and ornately carved wooden dining furniture that seems straight out of history’s pages, Casa Real is a traditional events place ideal for classy celebrations.

The Casa also has a kitchen to accommodate catering services, and the second floor has azoteas (balconies) overlooking the Town Center and nearby communities in Acacia.

To learn more about Casa Real and to book the venue for events, contact the DMCI Leasing Department at 403-7368 or visit

Solariega Function Hall

Cuadrilla Function Hall


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