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Four elements of a spa-inspired condo

by MyProperty.phPublished: August 11, 2016Updated: September 5, 2016

These condo facilities and services ensure that you get the pampering you’d expect from a spa or resort.

Four elements of a spa inspired condo

These days, virtually all people experience some form of stress, and working in the busy city is almost always the culprit. For many, de-stressing after a hard day’s labor is no longer a luxury but a need, leading to the rise of “resort-inspired” condominiums. Said condo complexes are referred to as such because they’re designed to possess facilities that are said to exude a staycation-like lifestyle.

What exactly are the fundamentals that a condo needs to possess to merit its description as “resort-inspired” or “spa-like”? If you’re considering buying a condo that promises a getaway without leaving your unit, make sure the development provides the following above-average amenities and features.


A relaxing atmosphere
While it’s true that many developments in the metro have been dressed up to simulate a getaway that won’t require you to travel far, there really is nothing quite like going the extra mile (literally and figuratively) in immersing yourself in serene surroundings. Condos located in nearby areas like Laguna, Rizal, and Cavite, for instance, provide you with a genuine feeling of going to a health resort because of their beautiful views, cool ambiance, and green surroundings. As an added bonus, though, these areas are close enough to the metro to allow you a relatively short travel when it’s time to get back to reality.

Nothing says vacation like a bit of peace and quiet, a true change of pace if you regularly work among the hustle and bustle of the oft-polluted, always loud Metro Manila. Being away from noisy neighbors and throngs of pedestrians rushing off to the office is something of a priority for those seeking tranquility, which is why choosing a low-density condominium is a must. When a building or complex has only a limited number of residents, you’re almost assured of calm mornings and restful nights.

Special facilities
A relaxing swimming pool, whether designed to look like a waterfall or a hot spring, is one element that makes living in a vacation-inspired condo worth it. Other distinct features a spa-like condo might offer are open parks for meditation, as well as lush gardens for a relaxing stroll.

Extra services
Can you imagine living in a place where a Filipino-style massage or a deep cleansing facial is only a call away? What about knowing that you won’t need to lift a finger, except to dial a phone, to have your favorite local dish in front of you? By having these at your disposal, you can avoid the hassle of tackling traffic (which can stress you out even more) just to get some R&R at a wellness center.


Don Tim Development Corporation’s Leisure Suites is a low-density cluster home composed of several six-unit medium-rise buildings located in the 13-hectare village of Alta Monte. Nestled amidst the cool atmosphere of Tagaytay, Leisure Suites condos assure exclusivity and an overall tranquil lifestyle.

And to take it one step further, Don Tim tapped the expertise of pioneering spa services provider Nurture Wellness Village to cater to the needs of Leisure Suites residences. As Nurture Wellness is able to bring services such as massages, home-cooked meals, and even housekeeping right to their doorsteps, residents will experience a true stress- and worry-free way of life.

Four elements of a spa-inspired condo Alta Monte Leisure Suites Don Tim


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