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Greening the country, one community at a time

by CamellaPublished: May 27, 2014Updated: December 2, 2014

Camella breathes more life via a horticulture division

In the development of any residential community, landscaping is a key consideration. Living amidst greenery is integral to who we are. Plants turn carbon dioxide back into life-giving oxygen. The need to landscape necessitates more than just the desire to “prettify” the places we live.

Camella’s Horticulture Division is taking landscaping beyond embellishment and into protecting the country’s “green” posterity. The country’s finest horticulturists The Camella Horticulture Division is composed of some of the country’s finest “Camella” in the search box A gardener tending to the plant nursery at horticulturists, foresters and botanists, creating living communities that grow into habitats ideal for plants, wildlife, and of course, human families.

Camella is the subsidiary catering to the mid-market segment of Vista Land, the country’s premier homebuilder. For close to four decades, it has built more than 250,000 high-quality homes and over 200 exquisitely themed communities nationwide.

Working with Camella’s engineers, architects, master planners, and property managers, the Horticulture group designs the landscaping, public areas and Clubhouse gardens to create the many green Camella communities.

Part of the Horticulture group’s mandate is to design the communities’ irrigation systems and slope stabilization, as well as creating a “look” for the different properties of Vista Land. Camella, for instance, is a “happy brand,” reflected in the use of plants of bright, varied colors for its landscaping.

The Horticulture division prioritizes the use of endemic plants to recreate the country’s natural habitats the way nature intended.

Educating generations
Another thrust guiding Camella’s Horticulture Division is education. Many of Camella’s communities have labeled the trees and shrubs planted within the villages with both their scientific and common names. Some communities have mini “field trips” within their villages with guests from the Horticulture Division leading the way.

Climate change for the better
The third, and most crucial, thrust of the Camella Horticulture Division is to design landscaping that has the added effect of influencing the country’s climate to make it cleaner, cooler and more conducive to life. By creating beneficial micro-climates within the communities, Camella is creating residential oases that are healthier and ideal places to live.

A large part of the time and budget of Camella’s Horticulture Division is spent on research. The extremely rich and nourishing soil mix used in all Vista Land properties is a proprietary recipe developed after years of testing and research.

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