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Paradise found: The Lakeshore in Mexico Pampanga

by Jillian CariolaPublished: October 16, 2015Updated: February 11, 2016

The Lakeshore is an oasis in the north waiting to be discovered.


In Mexico, Pampanga, found along the North Luzon Expressway is a 300-hectare wide expanse of lush, vibrant landscape that brings the word "oasis" to mind. Called The Lakeshore, this master-planned residential, commercial, and recreational development in one is the magnum opus of Central Country Estate Incorporated (CCEI), presided over by Arch. Nestor S. Mangio.  

"My vision is for a community that is well-planned, environment-friendly, and where everything would be within reach," Mangio explained. A self-confessed avid traveller, Mangio came up with the community’s visual appeal by drawing inspiration from some of his many international journeys. But to take his concept a bit further, he also kept in mind his passion for creating an organic community that will boost its residents’ well-being. “You have to give people a chance to live (where there is) clean air and less traffic,” he said, referring to the pollution and congestion that has come to be associated with Metro Manila. “Lakeshore would be an ideal place because it's a very ‘healthy living’ place. You can jog around, you can go swimming, you can walk, and of course, there are tons of trees. It's literally green,” Mangio noted.

And The Lakeshore is indeed as green as it gets. Its highlight is a 12-hectare man-made lake, the namesake attribute that not only enhances the development’s overall aesthetic, but brands it as the first lake resort community in the Philippines. Built with an aerator for maintenance, the lake constantly remains a clean and impressive feature where residents and visitors can immerse themselves in activities such as picnics, boating, fishing, and jogging. Right in the middle of the lake sits a getaway within a getaway: a 1,100-square-meter island comprising a park, a pool, and a Jacuzzi. And adding further interest to the lake is an 18-meter-high water jet fountain, a salute to the Jet d’Eau of Geneva, Switzerland.

The unique elements do not stop there. At one edge of the lake looms the 12-meter-high Lakeshore Lighthouse from which one can survey the community in all its verdant glory, and on the other is an infinity pool that virtually lets residents feel that they are one with the lake itself. For a truly relaxing experience, lakeside boardwalks, pier decks, and promenades are open where people can take a stroll at all hours of the day.

The Lakeshore, despite attracting more of the high- and middle-end group, caters to all markets. To address the particular needs of each bracket, CCEI created a total of 11 villages: the luxurious Aiola East, West and South; the pioneers Woodbridge and Stonegate, Stonegate’s successor Stonegate Centrale; Venice, inspired by the Italian city; the Mediterranean-like Eastlake; the creek-accented Crosscreek; Westwood for the naturist; and the more affordable Parklane. Each village is as green as the next, with tree-lined sidewalks on every block, as well as dedicated parks that are practically in the residents’ backyards. And with a total of 14 model homes – five from the Fortune set, four from the Gem line, and five from the Bungalow Jewels collection – The Lakeshore’s residential enclave offers endless possibilities for buyers with the most discerning tastes and varied needs.

Completing the villages are features just as expansive as the natural aspects of the entire community, such as a gate and a perimeter fence for security; a 20-meter wide main collector road connecting the numerous paths running through the villages; waste collection and disposal system; as well as water, electricity, cable, and telecommunications system.

To supplement the countless other needs of its residents, The Lakeshore also hosts a variety of commercial and business amenities. The Lakeshore Petron Toll Service Facility, which is the last stop along NLEX before entering SCTEX and TPLEX, not only caters to vehicular traffic, but is also accessible to The Lakeshore residents from within the Estate. The toll service facility also houses several food outlets, including the newly renovated McDonald's and the San Mig Food Ave convenience store, both of which are open 24/7. Within the community are a business park, clubhouse, restaurants, shops, and parks. The St. John Paul II Chapel, which is fully air-conditioned and seats 750, will open on October 22, 2015. All of these are tied together by a 25-meter main road.

Beyond The Lakeshore, the Clark International Airport is only 15 minutes away; a five-minute drive is all it takes to reach establishments like SM City Pampanga, Ayala Marquee Mall, and S&R Shopping; and driving back to Metro Manila only takes 40 minutes.

The Lakeshore is undeniably a sanctuary in more ways than one. With greener-than-green surroundings, top-of-the-line homes, and amenities for one’s convenience and enjoyment, this is one place anyone will feel comfortable calling their own private paradise.


This article originally appeared in the October-December 2015 issue of Magazine.

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