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What makes an Airbnb-worthy investment?

by MyProperty.phPublished: July 30, 2018Updated: August 2, 2018

The surge of tourists in the Philippines is increasing the need for accommodations that are affordable and convenient, hence the rise of Airbnb units.

What makes an Airbnb-worthy investment?

In the recent years, traveling has become a part of every person’s way of life.

Be it domestic or foreign, the experience of traveling has elevated to accommodate the demand brought by the large influx of tourists. All kinds of tourist attractions, culinary hotspots, and—most of all—topnotch accommodations have been thrust in the limelight to suit every travelers’ needs.

The National Tourism Development Plan (NTDP) projected a whopping 7.4 million international arrivals for this year. The arrival of international tourists in the Philippines alone peaked in the January-February 2018 period as 1.4 million visitors were recorded, marking a 16.1-percent increase compared to the same period last year.

This means bigger things are in store for those with businesses involved in tourism. Hotel alternatives such as Airbnbs—especially those situated in cities—are in demand at present.

Discover the qualities of an Airbnb-worthy investment and bank your money on the booming industry with a property that is sure to be a blockbuster when it comes to travel accommodations.

Advantageous location

Tourists want accommodation where they can easily enjoy everything that a place has to offer. Airbnbs located near major malls, parks, and other commercial establishments and attractions tend to be the most rented.

In Metro Manila, an advantageous location is even more of a priority given the heavy traffic in its major thoroughfares. A perfect Airbnb would mean a property in close proximity with the Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA). With this, guests would not have to worry about being late for their flights since the airport is just a few minutes away. Plus, it would be easier for those who are commuting to their destinations.

Staycation-conducive amenities

Giving guests the perfect stay nowadays does not merely translate into making a place feel like home; it means giving them a place better than home. People who go on either a vacation or staycation look for accommodations that will help them escape all their worries so they could enjoy blissful relaxation.

What makes an Airbnb-worthy investment?
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Nothing can be more perfect for a staycation than a soft and clean bed, cool air conditioning, and fast Wi-Fi connectivity. Aside from those, investing in a property with a pool and other amenities for relaxing such as a spa or sauna would entice more guests to stay in your Airbnb. With those features nearby, the stay in your property is already enough to be dubbed as a vacation.

Functional furnishing

Since visitors in an Airbnb usually stay for at least a week or longer, furniture that will meet their basic needs is a must. Fundamental household amenities such as numerous power outlets, a refrigerator, stove, television, and shower are essential since guests will be treating your Airbnb as their home for a period of time.

Balancing that functionality with comfort is also important. Equip your property with comfortable chairs. More often than not, people who rent Airbnbs are usually in large groups. Sofas which could be converted into a bed are perfect for big groups of friends or large families.

What makes an Airbnb-worthy investment?
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Moreover, good interior design for your unit would result in more traffic for your rental, thus bringing in more profit.


Maintaining an Airbnb entails a lot of cost and effort on the host’s part. Since you have to worry about regular cleaning services, taxes, repairs, utilities, it is good to keep in mind a property that is worth its price.

Peaceful neighborhood

Not only will it give guests the peace they crave, but a condominium in a quiet neighborhood would make for a perfect Airbnb since it gives them a sense of security.

Places in the outskirts of densely populated cities would be better suited for those looking for a stay away from stress as they can enjoy a tighter knit community where they can feel safe and secure, even if it is just for a little while.

A getaway experience at Alpina Heights

Alpina Heights, a mid-rise condominium development in Bicutan, Parañaque, checks all of the qualities of a perfect Airbnb unit. It is close to NAIA, and shopping centers such as Alabang Town Center, SM Bicutan, and Festival Mall Alabang are just a few minutes away.

What makes an Airbnb-worthy investment?
Artist's rendering of Alpina Heights

Pre-furnished units are available for the taking, leaving you with fewer things to worry about when you set up your property for rental at Airbnb. A poolside lounge, 50 percent of open space, a gym, and more exciting facilities are available for the perfect getaway in the city.

For an affordable price, potential investors for an Airbnb unit are guaranteed high quality and an elevated standard of accommodations for their future guests.

Cash in on the possibilities of Airbnb with a unit at Alpina Heights. Call (+63) 9178427512, e-mail, or visit to learn more about their preselling condo units.

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