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The ‘dynamic duo’ at ITPI gains momentum

by ITPIPublished: May 28, 2014Updated: December 2, 2014

Expect ItalPinas to spread its design expertise, environment advocacies across the Philippines.

Two heads are always better than one. And that’s especially true when tackling such a complex issue as designing environmentally sound shelters in an age of shifting global climates.

This is the overall context that ItalPinas EuroAsian Design and Eco-Development Corp (ITPI), the developer of Primavera Residences, finds itself in.

The sharpest of swords are forged in the hottest of furnaces, and it is in this time of global climate change, in a country that lies right along the “Pacific Ring of Fire”, amidst a society that faces a looming massive power shortage in the coming years, that ITPI is poised to emerge as the property developer with the clearest of foresight.

Led by the potent combination of award-winning Italian architect Romolo V. Nati, Chairman and CEO, and lawyer Jojo Leviste, President, ITPI designed and built Primavera Residences in Cagayan de Oro City, one of the Philippines’ first high-rise eco-friendly mixed-use condominiums, which also produces energy for its own use via photovoltaic solar panels.

As Primavera Residences nears the completion of its expansion project Building 2, the “dynamic duo” at ITPI is set on doing much more in other locations across the country. Nati reveals: “We would like to become a nationwide developer.”

Leviste seconds this, adding the philosophy that would drive this expansion, “We will continue with a pipeline of projects. We may not become the biggest in terms of size, but we want to become thought leaders. At first at the level of our projects, but in the longer term I would like our ways of thinking
(in relation to design, efficiency, and quality of life) to spill over and affect the standards we apply to wider levels like urban design—and what Filipinos will come to expect of our environments in a
wider sense.”

“We would like to be where the others haven’t gone before, like Star Trek,” Nati laughs.

In a way, ITPI does go like the celebrated sci-fi spaceship USS Enterprise, exploring new realms in environmental and energy-efficient design. One may even liken the Nati-Leviste partnership like the Captain Kirk-Mister Spock tandem.

Leviste stresses, “We are complementary. In many ways we are different in temperament and personality, which makes for a stronger team. We both came into ITPI coming from time spent outside the Philippines. Like many balikbayans, we bring back ideas and standards from overseas and we see clearly that the Philippine market is more than ready to demand the same, and to demand that it be within reach of many - and not just the elite.”

Featured in National Geographic
ITPI has caught the attention of National Geographic Magazine in its special international report “New Philippine Business Leaders” in the magazine’s February 2014 issue.

The article cites Primavera Residences being chosen as one of Asia’s “top 10 clean energy projects.”

The article quotes Leviste: “Eco-friendly buildings do not have to cost a lot and they don’t have to be high-tech. We are just rediscovering something we had forgotten.”

ITPI has also most recently won an award in the Mixed-use Development category for Primavera Residences at the International Property Awards in the 2014 Asia Pacific regional competition. The official announcement would be made at the Asia Pacific Property Awards Summit and Gala this May 8 and 9 at the Shangri-La Hotel in Kuala Lumpur.

Nati and Leviste share in the ultimate objective of producing environmentally sound designs and energy-efficient buildings that would be enjoyed by a wide range of Filipinos.

“We see environmental design and urban planning as a matter of rights and not as a matter of luxury. When negligence or bad design subject us to dirty air, 3-hour daily road commutes, or nonsensical infrastructure planning, I would like to see this met by the same angry rejection as we would now apply to other threats to our ‘rights’. We want ITPI projects to help plant the seed for this mentality,” Leviste stressed.

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