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The realities of owning a beautiful home in scenic Tagaytay

by Welmanville Development CorporationPublished: August 27, 2014Updated: December 2, 2014

Buying a vacation home in Tagaytay as the second family abode is a wise and sure investment.

Buying a vacation home in Tagaytay as the second family abode is a wise and sure investment. Choosing the right project is crucial because a lot of overpriced developments entail big sums. If the nest you want to invest is around the three (3) million pesos mark or about the price of the cheapest variant of a BMW or Mercedes Benz, finding a worthy property can be challenging.

Don’t think that because some of the impressive houses you have seen cost around ten (10) million pesos in Tagaytay, your budget can only bring a low cost unit with socialized housing plainness. Finding a good townhouse is the trick. A well designed enclave in a strategic location should give value to the real estate asset and also enhance the enjoyment by the family.

Well built with modern design is the important criterion. Classy looks make the decision to acquire very logical indeed. Like spending for a European car, the same amount should result in the purchase of a tourist getaway or a country nook that is valuable and attractive. Don’t fall for a developer’s ruse that hooks you to buy a bare looking shell after showing you a fully finished one that’s priced way out of reach.

To see is to believe. Take a trip to the place and verify with your own eyes the beauty of the architecture and the hardiness of the construction. The materials used and the quality of the workmanship protect the long standing marketability for resale or renting out. The primary consideration of course is the happiness of being a proud owner that benefits the family and the extended social circle. Tagaytay after all beckons for all seasons to all ages as a security blanket to recharge the weary spirit and tired body.

A townhouse at Tagaytay Hampton Villas can be acquired for 3,379,000 pesos for an inner unit and 3,550,000 for the corner ones. Those in the corner have a balcony on the second floor. The townhouses have more elbow room for fun activities and wide open breathing space than the cramped corridors of high rises. The picturesque window and the sliding glass front door add more dimension to the living room, dining room, and kitchen. 

You can believe that investing in Tagaytay real estate is within your reach at Tagaytay Hampton Villas. Just because the budget is lower shouldn’t mean ending up with a substandard or unappealing vacation hideaway. Be proud of your stake in the Tagaytay real estate boom by making Tagaytay Hampton Villas your beautiful and ingenious choice. 

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