Jamaica Realty And Marketing Corporation

Jamaica Realty And Marketing Corporation

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Jamaica Realty and Marketing Corporation positions itself as one of the leading real estate developing companies in Southern Tagalog Area, in the Bicol Region and Pagasinan Area. Most recently, Jamaica successfully saw its irrepressible expansion to the Northern Luzon and Cagayan particularly in Ilocos Sur and Tuguegarao. Fueled by its vision of providing real estate products and services that will enhance the dignity of its customers, Jamaica foresees its continuing growth and expansion towards the whole of Luzon.

Aside from community development, Jamaica is one company in the Philippines who sincerely brings itself as a partner in nation-building through its line of highly competitive services. It covers real estate marketing, subdivision development, subdivision project management and even in providing assistance in securing their clients, financing in both public and private institutions. In delivering these services, Jamaica as an institution commits to the highest standards of integrity, professionalism, accountability, teamwork and respect for human dignity.

Ever since its incorporation in 1987, Jamaica has always emphasized social relevance in its services while geared towards providing quality products to its customers that are responsive to their needs. As an institution, not only does Jamaica look after the welfare of its clients but its employees and sales associates as well by placing a premium on their career development, for its share holders, by committing to a fair return of their investment, and to the community by doing its share in preserving and enhancing the ecological balance. In accomplishing which, Jamaica ensures to contribute in making the Philippines a better place to live in.

Jamaica Realty & Marketing Corporation prides itself for having placed credibility and trustworthiness in its name. With over 15 years of unquestionable expertise in real estate development and marketing, Jamaica is composed of a roster of highly - qualified officers, with a pool of competent professionals, one is confident that he is in good hands. A financially stable company, Jamaica commits itself to being a partner in achieving the country\'s upright economic development and placing such as one of its major goals.

A partner in nation building and an innovator in community development, Jamaica Realty & Marketing Corporation and the ideals by which it exists indeed inspire every Filipino to intensify the quest for better life.(a.b. morte)


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101 Aguirre Ave. BF Homes Paranaque


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