Welmanville Development Corporation

Welmanville Development Corporation

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Welmanville Development Corporation was established in August 1987 in response to the housing need. Its mission is to provide long-term security, stability, and comfort for all Filipinos through the construction and development of subdivisions with quality homes at an affordable price. The company envisions itself to be the benchmark in the real estate industry when it comes to affordability of houses and to provide the most value for each peso spent.

The company promises to have its fair share of contribution in the short and long term goal for the development of Philippine Economy. One is through the collection of taxes and licenses. The company can contribute to the barangay and local government through the payment of taxes, licenses and other fees that are to be paid when securing the necessary permits for every housing unit constructed. The company will likewise contribute to the collection of the Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR) through prompt payments of income tax, documentary stamp tax, expanded withholding tax on employee compensation and the like. Payment of transfer fees and realty taxes are also accounted for in the project.

Apart from tax collection, Welmanville also produces labor generating activities. During the stages of land development, job opportunities are thereby created for contractors and sub-contractors. The housing construction phase will then boost the labor generation to maximum capacity and is estimated to economically benefit the residents near project site and other nearby areas.

One way of helping the local industry is by its procurement of construction materials from local suppliers. Local businesses such as hardware stores, manufacturers and suppliers of construction materials will economically benefit from this project since the required materials and supplies are locally purchased. In effect, our company will remit the withholding taxes for the procurement of materials and services to the BIR in accordance to the values of the purchases of goods and services.
Small business opportunities will also be available for the locals. Since the project is geared towards the creation of a community of which the homeowners have guaranteed purchasing powers, the resultant effect would mean an increase in the income for nearby business establishments and other service-oriented enterprises. Furthermore, members of nearby communities are able to strive for innovation in their business ventures and expand their financial interests. This would then add to the collection of taxes and license fees of the local government.


2nd Floor Unit D UniOil Center Building 1222 Acacia cor. Commerce Avenue
Madrigal Business Park, Ayala Alabang, Muntinlupa City

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