About Us

MyProperty.ph as the Real Estate Venue

MyProperty.ph is the most convenient place where a prospective home-buyer or tenant may search for his desired property with search criteria that are designed to be targeted, specific, organized, and easy to navigate. MyProperty.ph also provides relevant and up-to-date information that should help the visitor make informed decisions about the property he is searching for.


MyProperty.ph is the most comprehensive source of real estate information wherein property owners and seekers will interact online in the most convenient way possible. Our mission is to keep the visitor well-informed and abreast with everything real estate through a platform that is always organized and easy-to-use.

For our advertisers, we will provide the most innovative tools for marketing properties online, and connecting with consumers.


MyProperty.ph seeks to be a trusted name in the online real estate by providing a user-friendly and effective platform that offers the most comprehensive and relevant real estate information.


Innovation Driven - MyProperty.ph thrives on innovation in terms of technology, processes, customer behavior, customer satisfaction, and overall best practices.

Teamwork - MyProperty.ph strives to always exude teamwork not only amongst ourselves but more importantly, between the company and its customers and use this as the foundation for our drive to continuously improve the experience of using our product, the product itself and ultimately the bottom-line of our company and its valued business partners.