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BluHomes Breeze By Aztala Corp.Lawaan St. Amparo Village North Caloocan CityNature-Friendly HomesBluHomes is committed in building nature-friendly homes using innovative designs and technologies.Passive Cool HouseAll BluHomes are Passive Cool House developments. A Passive Cool House is a house designed to be remarkably cool, breezy and comfortable, even without the help of air conditioners. It is an engineering concept that utilizes the overall design of the house and the most efficient construction materials to meet the 3 essential elements of a Passive Cool House - shading, insulation and ventilation.ShadingTo block the sunlight from directly hitting the house. All BluHomes are provided with eminently wide roof eaves and window ledges. PVC horizontal window blinds are also furnished to manually control the sunlight, yet maintains the natural breeze going into the window. The front garden of each house and the sidewalk are provided with grass to prevent heat from bouncing from the floor to the walls of the house. All lights used are LEDs, a type of light bulb that emits remarkably less heat compared to ordinary light bulbs.InsulationTo prevent the heat from penetrating into the house. The roof of all BluHomes is made of Magnesium Oxide, a material that is highly effective in preventing heat penetration. The color of the roof is white to reflect the heat. The exterior walls are painted with elastomeric paint, a rubber-like material that is also a highly effective insulation. Very light colors are used for the exterior walls to reflect the heat. Exterior walls are also provided with additional Magnesium Oxide boards for added insulation. For the ceilings, gypsum boards are used, a chalk-like material that is also a very effective insulation.VentilationAllowing the natural breeze to enter into the house. Casement windows are used, instead of the common sliding windows, to allow for windows to be fully opened. Insect screens are provided in all windows, including the front door and the service door, to encourage homeowners to welcome the natural breeze. All bedrooms are provided with transom windows along the hallway to allow the air to enter and exit through the high windows above the stairs. Hot air does not get trapped inside the attic because of the high-pitched roof and the louver vents at the upper most part of the roof. All ceilings are at least 2.4 meters high and the ground floor utilizes an open-floor design, allowing the breeze to flow smoothly within the house.BenefitsLiving in BluHomes is incredibly comfortable. It gives you lower electricity bills, and makes our environment cleaner. The house is a lot less hot and humid because it is a Passive Cool House. Since the house is already thermally comfortable, the use of air conditioners can be significantly reduced. With less air conditioners, emission of bad air into the environment is minimized.Visit us today