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About Arthaland

ArthaLand Corporation is a world-class boutique developer of unique, enduring and sustainable projects in the residential, office and leisure segments. It is the only corporation in the country today that puts quality and sustainability at the core of all its projects. From conceptualization to completion, it aims to conserve the environment through responsive and responsible planning, development and property management.
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Sustainable FeturesRegistered for Green Building rating systems [LEED and BERDE dual certifications]Reduced carbon footprint through sustainable strategies in design, equipment selection, materials sourcing, and construction processesLow-emission and non-toxic building materialsMasterplanned with greens and open spacesNative and endemic vegetation in landscaped areas for biodiversity70:30 glass-to-concrete ratio for optimized natural daylightDouble-glazed Low-E windowsLow voltage LED general lighting in select common areasImproved indoor environment qualityDesigned for an energy efficient air-conditioning systemDual-flush water closets in common restroomsLow-flow valves and plumbing fixtures in common restroomsRainwater harvesting, collection, and recyclingMaterials Recovery Facility (MRF)Efficient waste-management system through recycling programsDedicated Low-Emitting Fuel Efficient Vehicle (LEFEV) parking provisionsPromotes active living with 135 bike racks and 18 shower cubiclesWithin a synchronized business district Opportunity awaits ARCA South. A highly connected and synchronized growth center, ARCA South makes for a perfect working environment attuned to the needs of different organizations. This premier business district connects you to several host services in the area through its connective infrastructure, strategic masterplan, and its very own intermodal transport system. Strategically located, it provides seamless access to Metro Manila and the global business community through various transportation networks such as:Southeast Metro Manila ExpresswayMetro Manila Skyway ExtensionC5 Access Road InterchangeSouth Luzon Expressway East Service RoadMetro Manila Subway StationPNR Metro Commuter Line FTI StationTaguig Integrated Terminal Exchange (Taguig ITX)- Unit Size range from 85 sqm to 1,564 sqm- 36 months to payAVERAGE PRICE: P260,000 per sqm
Location: Salinas Drive, Cebu CityBUILDING FEATURES:·       BUILDING MANAGEMENT SYSTEM (BMS) FOR COMMON AREAS·       SECURITY AND MAINTENANCE FEATURES·       CONVENIENCE AND EFFICIENCY FEATURES·       FIRE SAFETY FEATURES·       LOBBIES AND DROP-OFF FACILITIES·       Retail shops, services, and restaurants·       High speed elevators·       * 3 retail elevators * 4 low zone elevators * 8 mid zone elevators * 8 high zone elevators·       4m floor-to-floor height·       945 parking slots·       LEED & BERDE pre-certifications·       VRF air conditioning system·       Provisions for individual metering for AC·       Telecom redundancy & fiber optic backbone·       100% emergency powerTechnical & architectural features:·       Option for data centers and server rooms·       Fire detection & alarm system·       Common toilets on office floors·       Rainwater harvesting tank·       Efficient plumbing system·       Materials recovery facility·       PWD friendly·       Calibrated Green BuildingSUSTAINABLE FEATURES:• Registered for LEED and BERDE certifications • Masterplanned with 30% greens and open spaces • Three (3) landscaped decks (Terrace Garden, Sky Park, Penthouse Deck) • Low-emission building materials • 40:60 glass-to-concrete ratio for optimized natural lighting • Double-glazed Low-E windows • Low voltage LED general lighting in select common areas • Maximized natural air ventilation • Improved indoor air quality • Energy saving air-conditioning system • Dual-piping system for restrooms • Dual-flush water closets in common restrooms • Low-flow valves in common restrooms • Rainwater collection and recycling • Efficient waste-management system through recycling programs • Materials Recovery Facility (MRF) • Dedicated Low-Emitting Fuel Efficient Vehicle (LEFEV) parking provisionsAMENITIES:·       Drop-Off·       Main Lobby·       Elevator Lobby·       Retail Area·       Salinas Drive Entrance·       Retail Arcade·       Terrace Garden·       Sky ParkLOW ZONE AVAILABLE UNITS ( 241138-Low )·       9 – A Floor Area: 1,101 sqm Price: Php 162,399,176.25·       9 – B Floor Area: 1,644 sqm Price: Php 242,163,529.17·       9 – C Floor Area: 1,100 sqm Price: Php 162,448,822.77·       9 – D Floor Area: 1,302 sqm Price: Php 203,929,290.94MID ZONE AVAILABLE UNITS ( 241138-Mid )·       15 – B Floor Area: 162 sqm Price: Php 23,248,626.61·       15 – C Floor Area: 161 sqm Price: Php 23,127,268.65·       15 – L Floor Area: 347 sqm Price: Php 49,737,516.49HIGH ZONE AVAILABLE UNITS ( 241138-High )32 A – 39 A Floor Area: 265 sqm Price: Php 40,057960.75 – 40,514,864.1835 B – 36 B Floor Area: 99 sqm Price: Php 14,814,999.18 – 14,842,166.8835G – 37G Floor Area: 305 sqm Price: Php 46,058,157.70 – 46,888,144.6632 K – 37 K Floor Area: 253 sqm Price: Php 38,340,963.43 – 38,638,121.2239 – F Floor Area: 249 sqm Price: Php 37,367,677.83 ·       16 – E Floor Area: 337 sqm Price: Php 48,719,503.54·       16 – F Floor Area: 353 sqm Price: Php 50,979,884.43·       16 – G Floor Area: 469 sqm Price: Php 67,710,880.58·       23 – A Floor Area: 159 sqm Price: Php 23,192,613.81·       23 – H Floor Area: 184 sqm Price: Php 27,692,997.40·       23 – K Floor Area: 170 sqm Price: Php 24,725,957.61·       23 – R Floor Area: 131 sqm Price: Php 19,269,600.95·       24 – A Floor Area: 159 sqm Price: Php 23,225,215.05·       24 – B Floor Area: 165 sqm Price: Php 24,025,031.50·       24 – F Floor Area: 176 sqm Price: Php 26,594,116.88·       24 – O Floor Area: 189 sqm Price: Php 28,407,831.07·       26 – A Floor Area: 305 sqm Price: Php 49,309,983.86·       32 – E Floor Area: 344 sqm Price: Php 51,244,532.00·       32 – F Floor Area: 318 sqm Price: Php 46,508,376.90·       32 – G Floor Area: 466 sqm Price: Php 68,158,042.24 Cebu Exchange Phase 1 Turnover is targeted for September 2020