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Earth & Shore Leisure Communities Corp. (ESLCC) serves as the estate developer and manager of Camaya Coast which is planned and open to contain areas and spaces for the following development projects of potential investors: a. Tourism facilities such as resorts, water theme park, nature parks, hotels and accommodation, restaurants, entertainment, convention center, health and wellness, and other related projects; b. Other major recreational facilities such as golf course, golf club, yacht club, and sports facilities; c. Residential and housing development facilities; d. Transportation facilities and related infrastructures such as airstrip, ferry and cruise ship terminal, boat docking and maintenance facilities, and bus terminals; ABOUT CAMAYA COAST STATION 2 Station 2 will provides an additional investment location in Camaya Coast. It is located along the Mariveles-Bagac National Highway in Brgy. Quinawan in the Municipality of Bagac, Bataan. It is on the western side of Brgy. Quinawan facing the West Philippines Sea. It is bounded on the north by Brgy. Binuangan and the Municipality of Mariveles to the south. It is 10 kilometers away from Camaya Coast Station 1  accessible by a 15-20-minute drive by land and a 10-15minute speed boat ride from Station 1. Station 2 has approximately 900 hectares of developable land of lush greenery with views of the mountain and overlooking the West Philippine Sea for the perfect sunset. It is envisioned to home one of the best and largest waterpark in the country. It is planned to have a mixed-use development complex primarily focused on tourism, residential and commercial developments. ESLCC will be introducing the necessary infrastructure and necessary developments in order to make the place attractive to potential investors who intend to establish businesses and projects that will enhance the entire development. Its aim is to provide its investors and property owners a perfect combination of living, recreation, and leisure by linning up our shores with a boardwalk, shophouses, hotels, forests park, fishing village, and an 18-hole signature golf course & residential developments directly overlooking the sea for a perfect sunset and views of nature. FUTURE FACILITIES AND DEVELOPMENTS 40.6 HECTARES WATER THEME PARK FOREST PARK FISHING VILLAGE GOLF ACADEMY QUINAWAN GOLF COURSE RESTAURANTS AND FOOD OUTLETS HOTELS SHOP HOUSES SPEED BOATS FERRY DOCKING FACILITY TAMAN RIDGE RESIDENCES QUINAWAN GOLF RESIDENCES SEA CLIFF RESIDENCES CAMAYA SKY RESIDENCES FOR SALE PROPERTIES TAMAN RIDGE RESIDENCES QUINAWAN GOLF RESIDENCES ✔ Minimum cut of 180 sqm ✔ 14,000 - 17,000 per sqm ✔ Flexible and easy payment terms     20k reservation fee     Max of 20 years to pay     10% to 50% Down Payment (higher DP corresponds to higher discounts)     Can avail up to 34% discounts on cash payment terms     Only 7% per annum flat rate (In-house financing) ✔  Rebates - get 3% rebates (of the contract price) from every referred relatives, friends or colleague who decided to invest in Camaya Coast as well ✔ High and fast property appreciation value ✔ 24/7 High-security community ✔ Discounts in Hotel and ferry ✔ Every day, LIFETIME FREE ACCESS to CamayaCoast for you and your qualified dependents ✔ Strategic location ✔ Easy Access Lots are selling out so the best time to invest is now!
CAMAYA COAST * Mariveles - Bagac bataan 300m above sea level high elevation! Over looking at West Philippine Sea views and Mt. Tarak of Mariveles. Offers residential lots with minimum lot area from 180sqm to 600sqm * perfect for retirement home * perfect for primary home * perfect for investment * perfect vacation/beach property * perfect for air bnb Payment scheme : Cash payment 10% full downpayment 20% full downpayment 30% full downpayment 50% full downpayment Reservation fee : 20,000 only RESERVE NOW THRU  CAMAYA PAYMENT ONLINE (Credit/Debit) Menara Point North(Station 1) Block 5 Lot2 Area: 224 SQM NSP: 3,920,000.00 Price per SQM: 17,500 CASH Payment Total Selling Price: 3,920,000.00 Discount(20%): 784,000.00 Net Selling Price: 3,136,000.00 12% VAT: 376,320.00 Contract Price w/ VAT: 3,512,320.00 Reservation Fee: 20,000.00 Balance: 3,316,704.00 5% RETENTION : 175,616.00 50% Down Payment Total Selling Price: 3,920,000.00 Discount(14%): 548,800.00 Net Selling Price: 3,371,200.00 12% VAT: 404,544.00 Contract Price w/ VAT: 3,775,744.00 Down Payment: 1,887,872.00 Reservation Fee: 20,000.00 DP less RF: 1,867,872.00 Balance: 1,887,872.00 *5yrs: 37,382.13 *10yrs: 21,919.70 *20yrs: 14,636.65 30% Down Payment Total Selling Price: 3,920,000.00 Discount(12%): 470,400.00 Net Selling Price: 3,449,600.00 12% VAT:  413,952.00 Contract Price w/ VAT: 3,863,552.00 Down Payment: 1,159,065.60 Reservation Fee: 20,000.00 DP less RF: 1,139,065.60 Balance: 2,704,486.40 *5yrs: 53,552.08 *10yrs: 31,401.25 *20yrs: 20,967.85 20% Down Payment Total Selling Price: 3,920,000.00 Discount(8%): 313,600.00 Net Selling Price: 3,606,400.00 12% VAT: 432,768.00 Contract Price w/ VAT: 4,039,168.00 Down Payment: 807,833.60 Reservation Fee: 20,000.00 DP less RF: 787,833.60 Balance: 3,231,334.40 *5yrs: 63,984.30 *10yrs: 37,518.38 *20yrs: 25,052.50 10% Down Payment Total Selling Price: 3,920,000.00 Discount(5%): 196,000.00 Net Selling Price: 3,724,000.00 12% VAT: 446,880.00 Contract Price w/ VAT: 4,170,880.00 Down Payment: 417,088.00 Reservation Fee: 20,000.00 DP less RF: 397,088.00 Balance: 3,753,792.00 *5yrs: 74,329.59 *10yrs: 43,584.53 *20yrs: 29,103.11 COME BUILD YOUR BUSINESS and GOOD INVESTMENT in PARADISE
Tandatangan Golf ResidencesLocation: Mariveles, BataanWe offer Prime Residential Lots with a majestic 18-hole golf courseEach lot ranges from 200-600 sqms and is at an elevation of 60-150 meters above sea levelIt stand out even more as it is developed on the natural landscape of the hillsYour Best Investment opportunity won't fit into a SAFETY DEPOSIT box, but you can enjoy & live in it!!!For inquiry pls send me a message.I will be more than glad to assist youTandatangan Golf Residences(Station 1)Phase 4 Block 40 Lot 2Area: 187 SQMNSP: 3,272,500.00Price per SQM: 17,500.00CASH PaymentTotal Selling Price: 3,272,500.00Discount(20%): 654,500.00Net Selling Price: 2,618,000.0012% VAT: 314,160.00Contract Price w/ VAT: 2,932,160.00Reservation Fee: 20,000.00Balance: 2,765,552.005% RETENTION : 146,608.0050% Down PaymentTotal Selling Price: 3,272,500.00Discount(14%): 458,150.00Net Selling Price: 2,814,350.0012% VAT: 337,722.00Contract Price w/ VAT: 3,152,072.00Down Payment: 1,576,036.00Reservation Fee: 20,000.00DP less RF: 1,556,036.00Balance: 1,576,036.00*5yrs: 31,207.40*10yrs: 18,299.04*20yrs: 12,218.9930% Down PaymentTotal Selling Price: 3,272,500.00Discount(12%): 392,700.00Net Selling Price: 2,879,800.0012% VAT: 345,576.00Contract Price w/ VAT: 3,225,376.00Down Payment: 967,612.80Reservation Fee: 20,000.00DP less RF: 947,612.80Balance: 2,257,763.20*5yrs: 44,706.42*10yrs: 26,214.44*20yrs: 17,504.4120% Down PaymentTotal Selling Price: 3,272,500.00Discount(8%): 261,800.00Net Selling Price: 3,010,700.0012% VAT: 361,284.00Contract Price w/ VAT: 3,371,984.00Down Payment: 674,396.80Reservation Fee: 20,000.00DP less RF: 654,396.80Balance: 2,697,587.20*5yrs: 53,415.46*10yrs: 31,321.15*20yrs: 20,914.3610% Down PaymentTotal Selling Price: 3,272,500.00Discount(5%): 163,625.00Net Selling Price: 3,108,875.0012% VAT: 373,065.00Contract Price w/ VAT: 3,481,940.00Down Payment: 348,194.00Reservation Fee: 20,000.00DP less RF: 328,194.00Balance: 3,133,746.00*5yrs: 62,051.93*10yrs: 36,385.30*20yrs: 24,295.90Hurry! And INVEST NOW..More promos and Big Discount for you.
Camaya Coast Resort and Beach Properties TAMAN RIDGE (Station 2) located in Brgy. Quinawan, Bagac, Bataan. Residential Lot - 180-300 sqm area Reservation Fee - Php 20,000 In-house Financing Flexible and Affordable Payment Terms Prime and Strategic LocationWe also offer no down payment!It will feature amenities like GOLF COURSE, 40 HECTARES WATER THEME PARK, FISHING VILLAGE, SHOPHOUSES & COMMERCIAL ESTABLISHMENTS.For inquiry pls send me a message.I will be more than glad to assist youTaman Ridge(Station 1)Ph1 Blk 22 Lot 10Area: 182 SQMNSP: 2,730,000.00Price per SQM: 15,000.00CASH PaymentTotal Selling Price: 2,730,000.00Discount(20%): 546,000.00Net Selling Price: 2,184,000.0012% VAT: 262,080.00Contract Price w/ VAT: 2,446,080.00Reservation Fee: 20,000.00Balance: 2,303,776.005% RETENTION : 122,304.0050% Down PaymentTotal Selling Price: 2,730,000.00Discount(14%): 382,200.00Net Selling Price: 2,347,800.0012% VAT: 281,736.00Contract Price w/ VAT: 2,629,536.00Down Payment: 1,314,768.00Reservation Fee: 20,000.00DP less RF: 1,294,768.00Balance: 1,314,768.00*5yrs: 26,033.98*10yrs: 15,265.51*20yrs: 10,193.3830% Down PaymentTotal Selling Price: 2,730,000.00Discount(12%): 327,600.00Net Selling Price: 2,402,400.0012% VAT: 288,288.00Contract Price w/ VAT: 2,690,688.00Down Payment: 807,206.40Reservation Fee: 20,000.00DP less RF: 787,206.40Balance: 1,883,481.60*5yrs: 37,295.20*10yrs: 21,868.73*20yrs: 14,602.6120% Down PaymentTotal Selling Price: 2,730,000.00Discount(8%): 218,400.00Net Selling Price: 2,511,600.0012% VAT: 301,392.00Contract Price w/ VAT: 2,812,992.00Down Payment: 562,598.40Reservation Fee: 20,000.00DP less RF: 542,598.40Balance: 2,250,393.60*5yrs: 44,560.49*10yrs: 26,128.87*20yrs: 17,447.2810% Down PaymentTotal Selling Price: 2,730,000.00Discount(5%): 136,500.00Net Selling Price: 2,593,500.0012% VAT: 311,220.00Contract Price w/ VAT: 2,904,720.00Down Payment: 290,472.00Reservation Fee: 20,000.00DP less RF: 270,472.00Balance: 2,614,248.00*5yrs: 51,765.25*10yrs: 30,353.51*20yrs: 20,268.24More PROMOS and BIG DISCOUNTS..FREE DAY TOUR and SITE VIEWING AFTER GCQ.
CAMAYA COAST* Mariveles - Bagac bataan300m above sea level high elevation!Over looking at West Philippine Sea views and Mt. Tarak of Mariveles.Offers residential lots with minimum lot area from 180sqm to 600sqm* perfect for retirement home* perfect for primary home* perfect for investment* perfect vacation/beach property* perfect for air bnbPayment scheme : Cash payment 10% full downpayment 20% full downpayment 30% full downpayment 50% full downpaymentReservation fee : 20,000 onlyRESERVE NOW THRU CAMAYA PAYMENT ONLINE (Credit/Debit)Pelangi Heights North(Station 1)Block 11 Lot 11Area: 180 SQMNSP: 3,150,000.00Price per SQM: 17,500CASH PaymentTotal Selling Price: 3,150,000.00Discount(20%): 630,000.00Net Selling Price: 2,520,000.0012% VAT: 302,400.00Contract Price w/ VAT: 2,822,400.00Reservation Fee: 20,000.00Balance: 2,661,280.005% RETENTION : 141,120.0050% Down PaymentTotal Selling Price: 3,150,000.00Discount(14%): 441,000.00Net Selling Price: 2,709,000.0012% VAT: 325,080.00Contract Price w/ VAT: 3,034,080.00Down Payment: 1,517,040.00Reservation Fee: 20,000.00DP less RF: 1,497,040.00Balance: 1,517,040.00*5yrs: 30,039.21*10yrs: 17,614.05*20yrs: 11,761.59 30% Down PaymentTotal Selling Price: 3,150,000.00Discount(12%): 378,000.00Net Selling Price: 2,772,000.0012% VAT: 332,640.00Contract Price w/ VAT: 3,104,640.00Down Payment: 931,392.00Reservation Fee: 20,000.00DP less RF: 911,392.00Balance: 2,173,248.00*5yrs: 43,032.92*10yrs: 25,233.15*20yrs: 16,849.17 20% Down PaymentTotal Selling Price: 3,150,000.00Discount(8%): 252,000.00Net Selling Price: 2,898,000.0012% VAT: 347,760.00Contract Price w/ VAT: 3,245,760.00Down Payment: 649,152.00Reservation Fee: 20,000.00DP less RF: 629,152.00Balance: 2,596,608.00*5yrs: 51,415.95*10yrs: 30,148.70*20yrs: 20,131.47 10% Down PaymentTotal Selling Price: 3,150,000.00Discount(5%): 157,500.00Net Selling Price: 2,992,500.0012% VAT: 359,100.00Contract Price w/ VAT: 3,351,600.00Down Payment: 335,160.00Reservation Fee: 20,000.00DP less RF: 315,160.00Balance: 3,016,440.00*5yrs: 59,729.13*10yrs: 35,023.28*20yrs: 23,386.43 COME BUILD YOUR BUSINESS and GOOD INVESTMENT in PARADISE
Breath taking view of the West Philippine Sea, Mountains and Cliffs!Great place to build your dream house , retirement home or even just simply an investment! Declared as the nearest natural white sand beach resort from Manila in less than 2 hours travel via ferry from MOA Seaside Terminal! CAMAYA COAST, THE LIFE YOU DESERVE! For inquiry pls send me a message and I will be more than happy to assist you.Camaya CoastBayu PeaksBlk 7 Lot 24Area: 375 SQMNSP: 6,562,500.00Price per SQM: 17,500CASH PaymentTotal Selling Price: 6,562,500Discount(20%): 1,312,500.00Net Selling Price: 5,250,000.0012% VAT: no vatContract Price w/out VAT: 5,250,000.00Reservation Fee: 20,000.00D.P. less R.F.: 5,230.000.00Balance: 4,967,500.005% RETENTION : 262,500.0030% Down PaymentTotal Selling Price: 6,562,500.00Discount(12%): 787,500.00Net Selling Price: 5,775,000.0012% VAT: no vatContract Price w/out VAT: 5,775,000.00Down Payment: 1,732,500.00Reservation Fee: 20,000.00DP less RF: 1,712,500.00Balance: 4,042,500.00*5yrs: 80,046.00*10yrs: 46,936.66*20yrs: 31,341.4620% Down PaymentTotal Selling Price: 6,562,500.00Discount(8%): 525,000.00Net Selling Price: 6,037,500.0012% VAT: no vatContract Price w/out VAT: 6,037,500.00Down Payment: 1,207,500Reservation Fee: 20,000.00DP less RF: 1,187,500.00Balance: 4,830,000.00*5yrs: 95,639.80*10yrs: 56,080.16*20yrs: 37,446.9410% Down PaymentTotal Selling Price: 6,562,500.Discount(5%): 328,125.00Net Selling Price: 6,234,375.0012% VAT: no vatContract Price w/out VAT: 6,234,375.00Down Payment: 623,437.50Reservation Fee: 20,000.00DP less RF: 603,437.50Balance: 5,610,937.50*5yrs: 111,103.30*10yrs: 65,147.47*20yrs: 43,501.54