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Elegant Two Storey Residential House

Camp 7, Baguio City2 Storey&nbsp.ResidencesLot area: &nbsp.160 sq.mFloor&nbsp.area: 200sq.mLot 17&nbsp.Blk. Verde Pino Subd.Selling Price: P&nbsp.11,500,000 (Negotiable) The house&nbsp.is made up of stainless steel, aluminums, little woods (Hardwood) , in which it&nbsp.is not too much to maintain. High-quality materials are used.-Specially designed walling&nbsp.- Walls&nbsp.are designed to prevent moist- The&nbsp.structures are very competent. safe from earthquakes and typhoons- It is&nbsp.not surrounded by hollow blocks except for those zones that are not dangerous- CCTV&nbsp.around the house – 8 cameras- Daily&nbsp.water supply- Water&nbsp.tankGround Floor- Car&nbsp.port (2 cars can be accommodated) -&nbsp.Pressure tank and pump (for consistent pressure on water supply) Second Floor- CCTV on&nbsp.stairs going to the 2nd floor- Wide&nbsp.veranda- Common&nbsp.toilet and bath-Kitchen, living and dining area- Range&nbsp.hood cabinet-Servants quarter (optional) with powder room- CCTV on&nbsp.the drying area/garden- Dirty&nbsp.kitchen and laundry area- Stairs&nbsp.structures: Hardwood (practical, prevent slip) Third Floor- 3&nbsp.Bedrooms (1 master bedroom) - Korean&nbsp.style flooring&nbsp.- 1st&nbsp.Bedroom&nbsp.- Veranda&nbsp.with outlets, faucet, and CCTV-&nbsp.Built-in cabinets- Windows&nbsp.with screen&nbsp.- Master&nbsp.Bedroom- Toilet&nbsp.and bath-&nbsp.Built-in Cabinet- Windows&nbsp.with screen- Veranda- RJ-45&nbsp.cable which is connected to dining, living, and family room- 3rd&nbsp.Bedroom- Windows&nbsp.with screen Each&nbsp.room has cable. each veranda has outlets and faucets.Ref # 64621

Owning a Home in the City of Pines

Cool, laidback, and charming, there are many great reasons to want to live in Baguio City. Not only is the city a popular among tourists because of its many attractions—including Burnham Park and Mines View Park—it is also one of the most searched locations for properties online by house-hunters, many of which are based abroad. What the makes the city’s real estate quite highly sought after is that there is very few available, as its hilly terrain means large tracts of flat lands are hard to come by.

This unique topography results in the design and establishment of properties where they go along the contours of a hill. If a home has three stories, for example, it would not be surprising if the main living area and the front door are at the top floor, because the main road is higher up on the hill while the foundation of the home is a little lower.

But topography aside, one of the top considerations regarding a property’s desirability is its proximity to key locations like schools, hospitals, retail centers, and tourist spots. In Baguio, properties closer to the business districts valued more than those farther off. In terms of transportation, most areas in the city are readily accessible via public utility jeepneys that are abundant during the day. Another key consideration when buying a house for sale in Baguio is the accessibility to water, as, unfortunately, some areas in Baguio are relegated to having a water schedule, where the local supplier only provides them access every other day.


Where to Find a House for Sale in Baguio

As previously mentioned, Baguio is set on a hilly terrain. With the type of rains that the country experiences overall, it is paramount for any property-hunter to have an understanding of which areas in Baguio are prone to landslides, as ultimately, any area that is part of a hill is at risk, but some are much more so than others.

It is therefore recommended to discuss one’s options with a real estate broker, preferably a professional who is a permanent resident of Baguio or has lived in the city for many years. This way, whether looking for a mountain cabin type home tucked away in the Green Valley communities or those situated close to the very busy Session Road, property-hunters will get a good idea of what’s in store for them.

A typical two-bedroom house for sale in Baguio can be had for PHP 3.5 to PHP 4 million. This property already is located within a mid-end gated community in Barangay Dontogan, which is close to the Green Valley Country Club. A more expensive option is available in Woodsgate Subdivision near Kennon Road, which is an eight-bedroom, three-story house listed for PHP 10.5 million. This wide dearth of properties available in Baguio just shows that depending on one’s budget, there is definitely something for everyone.