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Bed Spacing for Ladies Only -TERMS & RATES - •AC ROOM• (Shared By 8persons) *LONGTERM RENT ( 1yr Lock In ) - 4k lower deck bed  - 3.5k upper deck bed *SHORT TERM RENT ( 6mos. Lock In ) - 4.5k lower deck bed - 4k upper deck bed •NON AC ROOM• ( Shared By 2 persons ) *LONGTERM RENT ( 1yr Lock In ) - 3.5k lower deck bed  - 3k upper deck bed *SHORT TERM RENT ( 6mos. Lock In ) - 4k lower deck bed - 3.5k upper deck bed  NOTE: Rates are subject to change depends of work/school status most likely to those home based ; to be discussed  Requirements: - 2 valid government id ( actual and a photocopy ) - employment id - 2mos advance 1month deposit  =A fully furnished and very secured house 24/7; You are entitled to use everything inside the premises furnitures, appliances , utilities (intertnet, intercom, etc.) However not to excessive use, be mindful for others aswell and reminder anything tend to spoil, break or damaged inside premises either unconsciously or consciously done, it be charge accordingly. *CAN -Cooking light food only,  -Light Laundry  -For Fridge Food (Colds stock a month , Left Over a week) *CANNOT -Bringing of trolly luggages specially big one -bringing of Heavy Gadgets & appliances (its prohibited once caught will be charge extra payment)   -Too many visitors and staying overnight  is not allowed however you can accommodate your visitors at our rest lounge provided.  NOTE: 1) You be living with us independently so everything you do you have to acknowledge the consequence in short SELF SERVICE in any action you be doing;  2) There’s a Curfew implemented and applies to everyone no exception, so if you think you be having trouble getting under curfew hrs, better inform one of responsible residents earlier better, gates and doors are strictly lock at curfew hrs its also a courtesy to do so. This house also surrounds and accessible to restaurants, market, tricycle Service point , schools, clinic, church, etc.; You be living with small family i (owner but i mostly not around barely showed up) my 2 kids and parents ( my mom represents me so if there’s anything just talk with her however urgent matter you can look for me personally) 1 Maid also around to help maintain house,  she also responsible for cleaning generally your room once or max twice a month only, bed spacers still the one who responsible for maintaining and cleaning their own room daily,  Though minor help can be ask from her, there will be a time owner might inspect the room unannounced  to see if renter are doing their part aswell, there will be consequences once renter failed to comply their duties.  Eco friendly house we grow plants, flowers, vegetables , herbs and chickens for personal sources of livestock not just for us for everybody aswell just ask whoever residents around, this is placed at proper placing so please don’t get worked up/shocked, you can grow yours also we can have discussion for that Our family also live with dogs (clean, healthy and friendly one mostly inside our room, except our guard dog which mostly roam around its friendly to insider nothing to worry its smart)  PS: If you are a sensitive person just please forget about my place in advance a friendly advice.  But if you are this type of Adventurous, Harmonic, Or Someone need personal space , escape, please come your welcome to my Little Haven Stays experience a family like renter life where warmth’s , cares , and sincerity also given and provided with willingness. See you!
ST. MICHAEL’S PLACE (SMP)We provide top of the line studio type rooms that are both elegant and new. Our rates are very cheap but our rooms and facilities are world class. Our Corporate Mission: To provide the best options at very low prices!Absolute safety and security is the most important consideration for St. Michael’s Place (SMP). That is why SMP was built by a reputable construction corporation, the pampanga block builders, inc.using state-of-the-art fireproof and earthquake proof materials, hardware and foundation.At St. Michael's place, we also care for your health. That is why all construction materials used are non-carcinogenic (non-cancer causing). Even the paints used are non-toxic. More than that, we made sure that all rooms and hallways are well-ventilated thru sufficient windows, vents and exhaust system, to allow fresh and clean air to circulate.Absolute safety is also the reason why smp has thick concrete walls, fortified iron gates, iron-grilled windows for all rooms, toilet and bathrooms, fire exits and even its own fire sprinkler system. Absolute safety is likewise the reason why we are located where we are. The vicinity of smp, including the entire pilar village, smsouthmall and almanzauno is not prone to flooding because the elevation is high. The entire vicinity is also very far from the nearest earthquake fault lines in metro manila, laguna and cavite. Our vicinity is actually the safest possible place in metro manila when it comes to earthquakes and floods. When it comes to personal security and safety, pilar village is known to be one of the safest subdivisions in the entire philippines: the security system and security force of the entire subdivision is very efficient and effective. And, as if this is not enough, pilar village is divided into zones and each zone also has its own security force and security outposts in all of its entrance and exit points, plus its own roving security guards. For parents or loved ones who want peace of mind, we are the best choice.Our place is strategically and very conveniently located: just a few steps to the nearest police station and walking distance to the barangay office,walking distance to las pinas college(Centro Escolar University), sm south mall, northgate cyberzone, madrigal business center and the nearest market