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1 & 2 BR Apartment in Imus Cavite

1 BEDROOM UNIT / STUDIO UNIT FURNISHED &lt.br /&gt.&lt.br /&gt.= max pax 3 (approx 35 sqm, utility bills are not included unless specified). Units are located on the ground/ 1st floor and some on the 2nd floor.&lt.br /&gt.Monthly Stay&lt.br /&gt.&lt.br /&gt.P12,000/1 or 2 months (with free cable tv, internet, water & gas)&lt.br /&gt.&lt.br /&gt.P10,000/ 3 months + (free cable tv & internet)&lt.br /&gt.&lt.br /&gt.Refundable security deposit P10,000 refunded on the day you handover the keys. (no waiting)&lt.br /&gt.&lt.br /&gt.&lt.br /&gt.&lt.br /&gt.Weekly Stay&lt.br /&gt.&lt.br /&gt.P600.00/day (7 days or more)&lt.br /&gt.&lt.br /&gt.P550/day (14 days or more)&lt.br /&gt.&lt.br /&gt.*Free internet, free water, free cable tv&lt.br /&gt.&lt.br /&gt.*Your security deposit is pro rate of P10,000 per month which is 350/day. This is fully refundable at the day of check out less bills/damages etc.&lt.br /&gt.&lt.br /&gt.*Not including cleaning and change of bed sheets. Optional = extra charge P250.00&lt.br /&gt.&lt.br /&gt.&lt.br /&gt.ALL INCLUSIVE OF utility bills & (no deposit required)&lt.br /&gt.&lt.br /&gt.P950.00/day (1-6 days) all inclusive of utility bills&lt.br /&gt.&lt.br /&gt.P850.00/day (7 days min)&lt.br /&gt.&lt.br /&gt.-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------&lt.br /&gt.&lt.br /&gt. 2 BEDROOM UNIT FURNISHED &lt.br /&gt.&lt.br /&gt.= max pax 5 (approx 55sqm, utility bills are not included) This unit is located on the 3rd floor so if you can climb stairs this is not suitable.&lt.br /&gt.Monthly Stay&lt.br /&gt.&lt.br /&gt.P15,000/month (1 month min stay)&lt.br /&gt.&lt.br /&gt.P13,500/month (3 months stay+)&lt.br /&gt.&lt.br /&gt.&lt.br /&gt.Weekly Stay&lt.br /&gt.&lt.br /&gt.P650/day&lt.br /&gt.&lt.br /&gt.* Cleaning & change of bed sheets not included*&lt.br /&gt.&lt.br /&gt.* We only provide 1 set of bed sheets.&lt.br /&gt.&lt.br /&gt.* P300 extra charge for change of sheets and cleaning (please inquire) optional* &lt.br /&gt.&lt.br /&gt.* We require a refundable deposit of P350.00/day to cover your electricity bill’s, damages etc.,This is for daily/weekly stay only . see below for monthly rates.&lt.br /&gt.&lt.br /&gt.* Cleaning & laundry/change of bed sheets are the responsibility of the tenants.&lt.br /&gt.&lt.br /&gt.&lt.br /&gt.&lt.br /&gt.All INCLUSIVE of utility bills&lt.br /&gt.&lt.br /&gt.P1,499/day (1 to 6 days stay)&lt.br /&gt.&lt.br /&gt.P1,299/day (7 days min stay +)&lt.br /&gt.&lt.br /&gt.*Cleaning and changing of bed sheets not included&lt.br /&gt.-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------&lt.br /&gt.&lt.br /&gt. &lt.br /&gt.&lt.br /&gt. UNFURNISHED UNITS &lt.br /&gt.&lt.br /&gt.(min stay 6 months)&lt.br /&gt.&lt.br /&gt.Monthly Stay&lt.br /&gt.&lt.br /&gt.P5,000 /month for 1 bedroom unit &lt.br /&gt.&lt.br /&gt.P8,000 /month for 2 bedroom unit&lt.br /&gt.&lt.br /&gt.subject to availability*****&lt.br /&gt.&lt.br /&gt.-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------&lt.br /&gt.&lt.br /&gt.
₱ 10,000
30 m²
Floor area