CitiGlobal Realty Development Incorporated

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About CitiGlobal Realty Development Incorporated

We don't merely commit to deliver projects in different corners of the country. We are ultimately passionate about putting the Philippines on the map as prime vacation destination to local and foreign tourists, further driving inclusive economic growth by providing livelihood to the communities around the areas we develop.

We also believe in the perseverance of the Filipino. Our overseas workers and migrants work tirelessly for their families and their country; it is only right that they benefit from the fruits of their labor. With affordable leisure properties, unit owners have a space to relax with their families. Through income-generating models, they also earn recurring profit that secure a bright future.

As a trusted real estate developer in the Philippines, we don't want to operate merely as a company. We see ourselves as key contributors to the success of our economy, and as faithful stewards of our society.
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