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Overlpoking lot for sale in Maribojoc Bohol

INVESTMENT WHILE WAITING ON  YOUR RETIREMENT?  FEW SLOT LEFT! RESERVE YOURS NOW! RR VILLE SUBDIVISION OVERLOOKING LOT WITH A SEAVIEW AND THE CITY IS THE ANSWER!!  Attention businessmen or those business minded but doesn’t have the idea yet where to  invest, consider this as one good investment, you’ll never regret this option. property situated along the Provincial Road of Pagnito-an Maribojoc Bohol. Named RR VILLE SUBDIVISION ,a Peaceful community,Nice scenery and most importantly it is Overlooking the SEA and the CITY. Saving your hard earned  money is good , but investing it in real estate is better.  For instance, owning at least 500 square meters of land and in there you build a convenience store while living in your own design home or dream house and subdivision community will shop or buy in your store. Smart people invest in real estate , they let the money work for them. Dont let your money sleep in the bank or buy depreciating assets.buy your real estate property and let it earn for you while you are away or while you are sleeping! So why wouldn’t you? PM for more details.We will be glad to assist you. Subdivided overlooking Lot  ( sea view and the City of Tagbilaran)  during the night you will see cebu city through the lights. Fresh Air Peaceful Community  Nice Scenery most importantly it is OVERLOOKING THE SEA. 5k Reservation ( deductable to contract Price) Requirements is 2 Valid Ids.  we can also do online process/transaction Clients Assurance upon reservation:     We will send to your provided email Address the Buyer’s Information Sheet,Reservation Agreement and the Official Reciept.  after one month,Clients can have their Contract to Sell. INCLUSION OF THE SUBD. are as follows:  Free Titling concrete road drainage system and gutter
₱ 320,000
100 m²
Land Size
Available From

Memorial lot for sale in Liloan,Cebu

Poblacion, Liloan
WHY INVEST IN MEMORIAL PARK? 1) It’s a GUARANTEED NEED. Someone will need it someday. We cannot postpone the inevitable, but we can help ease the pain and the burden that comes with it when we face it prepared. 2)  It’s a REAL ESTATE INVESTMENT with the least amount involved. Your investment can grow by 10 to 30% per annum on a one time investment. BENEFITS OF PLANNING AHEAD: 1) You PROTECT YOUR LOVED ONES. Investing in a memorial plot is an expression of your love and care for your loved ones by giving them peace of mind at a time when you will not be around to help. 2) It is YOUR LASTING LEGACY. You work all your life for the people you love most. How do you want them to remember you? Give them the freedom to reminisce in a backdrop beautiful view. 3) YOU HAVE A CHOICE of easy on the budget purchase plans or avail of savings through a spot cash investment. Emergency situations force our loved ones to lose flexibility and pay at a higher price. Planning ahead allows you to choose the inventory and the payment option that suits your current budget or investment preference. INVEST  NOW here in Manila Memorial Park Cebu Special Premium Lawn lot =186,820 Downpayment 14,600 60months to pay:3,830 /monthly Regular lawn lot: 142,240  Dowpayment:10,620 60months to pay:2,930/monthly AVAILABLE: 4Lot= 8lot 12lot garden 18lot-family estate 24lot Family Estate 36-lot senior Family Estate Columbary PLS Choose your desired Memorial type of lots that suitable to ur needs.Can be resell,Transferable.. Contact me immediately for assistance.
₱ 142,240
2 m²
Land Size
Available From