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Renting in the Philippines: Perfect for Expats and Starting Families

Many people, particularly those belonging to the older generation, highly recommend saving up and eventually buying one’s home. For them, renting just won’t do, as a person who does so is practically throwing away money down the drain. While renting may have its set of drawbacks and disadvantages, it also offers plenty of benefits, especially for highly mobile individuals. Here, we list down four advantages of renting and why people, especially expats and starting families to rent, at least for the time being.

1. Renting offers a great deal of flexibility

Renting a house in the Philippines is great for people who do not plan to stay put on one place for at least five years. As buying a property requires a great deal of commitment, not to mention loads of cash, it may not be worth it to buy now only to sell it after two or three years. Renting a house, on the other hand, does not involve a very large amount of money and the duration of which could be as short as a month, providing plenty of flexibility to move even at a moment’s notice.


2. Many rental properties are fully furnished

Be it a house and lot in Valle Verde, Pasig, a townhouse in South Triangle, Quezon City, or a condo in Salcedo Village, Makati, many of today’s rental properties in the Philippines come fully furnished, eliminating the need to go shopping for essentials, such as bed frames, bedding, kitchen utensils, and practically everything else, and the need to haul all of these essentials come moving time.


3.  Rental properties are impeccably located

The best rental markets in the Philippines are those located in areas close or even within the business districts. These include the Makati CBD, where a great selection of houses for rent can be found in Forbes Park and the high-end villages of Dasmariñas, Urdaneta, Bel-Air, San Lorenzo, and Magallanes. If budget is limited, then may we suggest apartments and townhouses for rent in San Antonio, Bangkal, and Pio Del Pilar. Parañaque’s and Quezon City’s suburban areas are teeming with great houses for rent. These make houses for rent perfect for expats, as proximity to commercial and business areas is paramount to them.

4. Landlords and Owners Take Care of Everything

Although a renter are not be permitted to make renovations or alter anything within the rented property, they also do not need to shoulder the cost of repairs should anything breaks or malfunctions (so long as it’s not the renter’s fault). This saves the renter a lot of money, which can be used for other important expenses.

Although one may not call a rented house a place of his or her own, renting is not at all bad as it offers people, especially expats and starting families, much flexibility. At the moment, the monthly rent for a house is also much cheaper than the loan amortization for a similar property, making renting a viable alternative who are yet financially ready to a buy their own home.


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