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About Hybrid Realty Brokerage

What is HybridRealty Brokerage?
A full-service real estate brokerage firm providing quality service for all your realty needs such as search and verification, property titling, property sales and marketing, leasing, property management, real estate appraisal, and foreclosure properties. We can also assist you in your loan applications.
Our team is composed of committed licensed real estate brokers, licensed real estate appraisers, certified property managers, certified public accountants, legal counsellors and registered financial planners. We have also accredited some of the reliable architects, engineers, contractors, and suppliers for your construction needs or house improvements.
One of the expertise of our firm is to negotiate to all foreclosed properties from major financial institutions in the country and have it fixed, managed, or flipped. In this case, you can hire us to do this for you or we can accommodate you in our investment program partnership.
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