Buying a home involves waiting for the right time and circumstances before investing. For couples, it’s usually a question of shopping before or after the wedding. It’s a challenge, considering there will be many factors that come into play, such as finances and lifestyle priorities.

Like other vital life choices, deciding whether you should buy a home before or after you tied the knot will depend on your circumstances. Regardless, here are three questions you can ask yourselves as a couple to assess whether you should invest in a property before or after the wedding:

Fire Prevention Month in the Philippines may be over, but fire hazards may still lie inside your home. With the summer season in full swing, it is best to check which electrical appliance might need repairs or replacements. Overheating machines are one of the most common causes of fires in the home. But there are other fire hazards that you might not know about. They are quite unexpected so if you aren’t careful, you might find your house burning down in flames.

Of course, preventive measures are crucial to keeping your home safe from fires. Here are five unexpected fire hazards in your home that you might want to deal with extra care:

You might think that the most challenging parts of buying a home are the house-hunting and  paying for the property. Before you continue with these nerve-racking tasks, you’ll need to assess first whether or not you are prepared for homeownership. If you have been renting for several years, it can be challenging to determine if you are ready to take on such a huge investment. 

For starters, owning a home is very different from renting. Homeownership involves financial and logistical responsibilities such as doing repairs, remodeling, and property maintenance. Ask yourself these four questions to help you decide whether or not you are ready to own your place.

Buying a house is one of the most crucial decisions and investments you’ll make in your lifetime. You’ve probably made a list of your new home’s must-haves, such as nearby amenities, fixtures, and planned renovations. But besides aesthetics and functions, you’ll know you’ve made a favorable house investment decision if your potential property will fetch a price that is higher than what you paid for it.

After buying a house, you’re bound to pay for maintenance fees, taxes, insurance, and monthly amortization fees. Plus, if your recent housing investment is a property in a Central Business District (CBD), you can expect that you will pay a hefty price, and the expenses will never stop.

Despite the money you’ll spend on your future home, buying a house in a CBD is still considered a sound and good investment. Here are three reasons why:

Living close to a mall is one of the grandest fantasies people sometimes dream about. There are people who dream of accessing various designer brands any time of the day, trying different food items in restaurants and cafes, or just exploring the mall. Interestingly, this dream isn’t too bizarre or too far-fetched. You can live close to a mall to satiate your desire for shopping and leisure any time you want. 

With COVID-19 still at large, living close to a mall makes coping with the new normal easier. Here are five reasons living next to a mall is a suitable lifestyle for you.

Having a second home is one thing many soon-to-retire people prioritize. Sure, keeping a condo near your kids and grandchildren might be a suitable option. But having a vacation home in your favorite beach or mountain retreat may be more relaxing and peaceful than living in the hustle and bustle of the metro.

Of course, it is exciting to have a second home to run to during weekends or holidays. But having a second home is a significant investment you’ll make in your life. Here are three things to consider before investing in a secondary residence.

Well-crafted amenities are the highlight of condominium developments. Most people crave the condo life due to the indoor and outdoor features that make life more convenient and comfortable. 

For instance, having the pool area just a few floors away lets you enjoy a summer-like escapade without going too far. Meditation gardens are ideal spots to find peace while reconnecting with nature. In other words, condo amenities offer convenience and recreational value to its residents.

Amid the pandemic, many condominium developments continue to rise in prime residential hotspots. Suppose you plan to invest in a condo unit; here are four amenities that make condo living the New Normal’s ideal lifestyle.

Building your dream home is a satisfying and exciting feeling. You’ll have the freedom to choose your desired decorations and customize your home to suit your lifestyle needs and aesthetic preferences. Sure, buying a ready-made home might be the more convenient option. However, building your home from the ground up allows you to modify your property down to the tiniest details and help you maximize your hefty investment.

You have to consider factors such as permits, deposits, interior finishes, and land acquisition procedures for building a home. You’ll also need to prepare for unexpected expenses, which is why it is crucial to make practical decisions to avoid mishaps and regrets. 

Here are three money-saving tips you may use for your new home construction:

When it comes to home renovation projects, the bathroom is often part of the remodeled areas. Some homeowners add a shower or a bathtub. Others remodel their bath and toilet area into beautiful and comfortable spaces similar to five-star hotels. Whatever renovation plans you have for your bathroom, the bottom line is making it a clean, safe, and aesthetically pleasing place that highlights your home.

Here are five bathroom upgrades that you can do for your home:

Our homes are a representation of our lifestyle and personalities. Whether it is a cozy condo unit or spacious family home, keeping your home in tip-top condition is vital. You want your home to be safe, comfortable, and refreshing.

Of course, cleaning and organizing your home might not be enough. Some upgrades are necessary to add more value to your property and revitalize your home. Here are four cost-effective home upgrades you might want to consider.

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