4 Reasons Why Suburban Living is Perfect for Families

Living in the metro is convenient. City living offers residents more career options, exciting nightlife, and endless shopping sprees. However, living in the concrete jungle can be overwhelming, even for fun-loving individuals. In some cases, some find it harder to have a balanced lifestyle in the city or enjoy going out because of the increasing cost of living in the metro.

Offering a more relaxed and uncrowded environment is the suburbs. That is why suburban living has been an attractive option for urbanites who want to leave the dynamic city yet still experience its comfort in a more relaxed setting.

Living in the suburbs means living away from a place with diverse people and establishments. Suburban living means enjoying simple pleasures like nature and time spent with the people you cherish. But why is suburban life perfect for families? Here are the answers:

You’ll live in a larger space without breaking the bank

With more space, real estate developers of subdivisions in the suburbs offer sizable housing units at reasonable prices. For example, purchasing a house and lot for sale in General Trias, Cavite starting at PhP 2 million. 

Houses and lots for sale subdivisions, like subdivisions in Gen. Trias in Cavite, include townhouse units, duplexes, and single-detached houses. These have varying floors and bedroom numbers. You can also purchase sizable lots for sale in suburban areas, often starting at 100 square meters.

Experience a peaceful life with easy access to essential establishments

When you live in the suburbs, you’ll get your much-deserved quiet time. Waking up each morning meant breathing in the fresh air and focusing on the natural view, adding to the tranquility. The best part is that suburban areas are progressive addresses just a short distance from the metro, allowing you to acquire essential products and services you need. 

When choosing a suburban subdivision, it’s ideal to choose one with easy access to main thoroughfares and establishments such as schools and markets for convenience. This also allows you to commute or drive quickly, especially if you work or study in the metro.

Make the most out of lifestyle amenities in close-knit communities

The suburbs are known for having low-density residential developments, allowing you to enjoy the open spaces and lifestyle amenities offered in your development. These amenities may include playing courts, jogging trails, playgrounds, and swimming pools to encourage residents to form healthy habits.

Since you’ll live in a low-density development in the suburbs, you can form close friendships with your neighbors, which in turn help build a close-knit community. 

Enjoy work-life balance

The suburbs may have a different nightlife vibe than the metro, but living here means enjoying a work-life balance. After work, you can chill at home with family and friends or go to your favorite restaurants or the park to enjoy a picnic. Imagine having fun without having to endure noise, overcrowdedness, and pollution. 

These are just some reasons families would fare well in suburban living. But please don’t take our word for it. Ask family and friends living in the suburbs about what they love about suburban living. Or, experience the simple yet lasting pleasures of suburban life for yourself!

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10 Creative Ways To Utilize Your Home's Corners

In terms of decorating the interiors of a house to make it more functional and aesthetically pleasing, the corners of the walls are one of the regions that get the least attention. Even if you intend to decorate the space, you usually just add a plant or a big lamp. There are, however, several additional creative methods to decorate the corners. If you want to utilize your corner, here are some creative ways you can try:

10 Creative Ways To Utilize Your Home's Corners

Make a small office

If you need to set up a home office but have yet to because you believe there needs to be more room, reconsider! You control the angles. Install an L-shaped workstation in one of them to turn it into a small office. Additionally, you can purchase a cabinet to house your office supplies and documents.

Place a bed underneath a stairway

Make use of the corner space behind your bed if your duplex flat has an inside stairway. The available space will determine the size of the bed. This bed can even serve as your warm space to relax, read a book, or enjoy a cup of coffee.

Build a library

Do you intend to store a sizable stack of books in one location? Use a nook. To showcase your book collection in this little library, build a hanging bookshelf or an L-shaped one.

10 Creative Ways To Utilize Your Home's Corners

Create a kitchen cabinet for extra storage space

In the kitchen, the corners are frequently overlooked. Your modular kitchen could benefit from the placement of custom cabinets in these corners to increase storage.

Install a small closet

If you have adequate room, create a little closet to store your belongings in one of your home’s corners. Installing a closet rod between the two corner walls is a simple way to accomplish it.

Personal minibar

Create a tiny bar in the corner of your living space. A wine cabinet in the corner is beneficial for storing your favorite beverages.

10 Creative Ways To Utilize Your Home's Corners

Purchase wall shelves

The installation of wall shelves is a classic method of finishing the corners. These instantly brighten the corner and can be used to display books, decorations, and other objects. It is also an effective way to maximize space in a condo or apartment.

Hang a swimming hammock

Hanging a hammock swing from those corners is another intriguing method to work some magic. Using available space and the style factor of the room’s design will be effective.

Create a photo wall

You don’t need a big wall to create your favorite photo wall at home. Create a gallery in the corner by hanging your greatest images or works of art in various frame sizes. By adding pictures of your family tree, you may also use it as your family wall.

10 Creative Ways To Utilize Your Home's Corners

Create a seating area

Use the corners if there isn’t enough space for additional furniture and you want to increase the sitting area in your room. You can purchase an L-shaped sofa or maintain two seats to use the room as a sitting area.

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If there are clear signs your kitchen needs an upgrade, consider starting with tiles. Tiles are a practical material for the kitchen. They are strong, water-resistant, and stain-resistant, depending on the material used. Tiles withstand considerable foot traffic on the floor. They can also serve as a backsplash, wall statement, or a visual way to unite a kitchen. But considering the huge variety of materials and colors available today, selecting the finest tile for your kitchen’s floors and walls is more complex. 

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Summer is coming, and the hot, dry spell of the sun is starting to make its presence known to Filipinos. To cool yourself down, you might be tempted to follow the famous line in Taylor Swift’s All Too Well, “dancing ‘round the kitchen in the refrigerator light.” True, it might be romantic and cool, but never a good way to save electricity consumption at home.

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