Contrary to popular belief, the hardest part of home buying is not the house hunting or paying the down payment. It is what happens before that process–asking yourself the question, “Am I ready to be a homeowner?” Those who have rented their properties for years will have a hard time knowing whether or not they can take the leap to homeownership.

Becoming a homeowner is a dream almost every Filipino wants to achieve. However, achieving this dream isn’t easy. In fact, many aspiring homeowners are scared to start the process of homebuying. We’re here to show you that the process isn’t only easy but also nothing to be afraid of!

Condominiums and bungalows are considered by many real estate professionals as a hard property sell. Most people look for large homes with plenty of rooms and sprawling yards. The thing is, not every real estate professional has properties like these to sell. In fact, most properties available in the Philippines are often small lots or condos, which may be more challenging to market. It’s difficult, but not impossible.

Real estate investments are considered by many financial experts as one of the safest investments in the market. However, this does not mean you should invest all your money in a single real estate product alone. There are too many appealing real estate investment options that you should consider diversifying your portfolio. By doing so, you’ll be able to reduce your risk of loss, multiply your income streams, and increase your returns, all while protecting your savings!

When it comes to selling properties, appearance plays a huge factor. This applies to not just the house but to the person selling the house as well. Making a good first impression goes a long way in the process of convincing a client. That’s why every real estate professional should carefully pick and choose what they wear when meeting with a client. In this article, we’ll show you how you can improve your image and epitomize the phrase “dress for success.”

Shopping has never been easier with the rise of the internet. Consumers are now able to buy almost anything they want, anytime they want, through the internet. May it be clothing, food, or even home furniture, all of them are available online and deliverable right to your doorstep. Many thought the real estate industry would never adapt to this online trend, but the rise of sophisticated technology made the concept of buying your home online not so farfetched. However, like any online transaction, you should always remember to be cautious and to approach each purchase with care.

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