So, the semestral break is upon you, and you and your barkada have already started making plans for an epic getaway. You’re already sharing links of travel blogs with potential destinations over on your Facebook group chat. You’re glossing over hotel and resort listings in between your busy acads.

Because after all the classes, all-nighters, long group meetings, project deadlines, and studying for finals, a fun group vacation is just what you deserve. It’s perfectly understandable that you’d be itching to book that perfect place and hit the road.

With the availability of so many options, it can be overwhelming to choose the ideal spot for your barkada getaway. Is it the right time to go to a beach? Should you go for a place with outdoor sports? Is a staycation better? Then there’s also the logistics of planning a trip—you have to find a schedule that fits everyone, figure out the transportation and routes, and of course, make a budget plan. But don’t dismay. Here are a few easy lodging options to help your barkada decide better for the getaway that will definitely make all your hard work worth it—and for a 20K and under budget at that:

The Vessel Hostel (San Juan, La Union)

If your barkada is game for it, a hostel will be a more cost-efficient way to go. You can each stay in a bed in Vessel Hostel’s gender-neutral dorm rooms, chill in the common areas, and enjoy the beach together. Just a few steps away from La Union’s iconic waves, this beautiful hostel made of upcycled shipping containers is a gem in La Union’s surf town.


The fee for a bed per night is Php 1,200.

Eco Saddle Resort (Caliraya, Lumban, Laguna)

If you want a proper getaway that’s still close to the metro, accommodations around Caliraya Lake is sure to give you a great experience. This huge, pristine manmade lake is home to several resorts with water sports and outdoor recreational activities–perfect for any barkada outing. Apart from quaint cottage-style villas, Eco Saddle even has floating cottages you can stay in!


You can book a cottage starting at Php 3,600 for four people.

Momarco Forest Cove Resort and Hotel (Tanay, Rizal)
If your barkada is looking to spend your outing surrounded by Mother Nature, this resort and hotel in Tanay is a great option. This sprawling resort is equipped with top amenities, a mini zoo, sports center, forest trails, and a manmade waterfall. Tucked away in Rizal, Momarco Forest Cove Resort and Hotel is both a fun and relaxing way to spend your sem break.

Regular rooms for four start at Php 3, 400, but you may also avail their barracks-style accommodation at Php 425 per head or go camping with your own tent (or the resort can provide you one) for a minimal fee.

Halo Dive Anilao Resort (Anilao, Batangas)
If diving is your thing, look no further than Anilao for your next barkada destination. Located in Mabini, this quiet resort at the front of Balayan Bay is a great spot for enjoying the beach while still relaxing in an intimate environment. Experience only the most amazing diving with the diverse coral ecosystem found on the beach.

For around Php 6,000, you can book a villa which can accommodate up to four people.

An Oasis in Tagaytay (Tagaytay, Cavite)
Since AirBNB’s are all the rage, why not try one out for your barkada and make it the best post-sem staycation place? There are many serviced units being marketed for staycations in cool and breezy Tagaytay, and an excellent one in An Oasis located in Tagaytay Prime Residences. Just a few steps away from many of Tagaytay’s most loved attractions,  An Oasis is a great choice for your barkada.

At around Php 6,900, you get an entire apartment which can accommodate up to four people.

With just these five options, you already have a wide range of activities and locations to choose from. But whichever you choose, it is still up to you and your friends to make the experience worth it. After all, what makes a getaway memorable is just as much the people you’re with as the place you’re going. So hit your friends up, choose a destination, and start planning for your ideal sem break getaway.



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