Realistically speaking, there is a limited amount of open space left in the sprawling metropolis for people to comfortably stroll about. Long stretches of unobstructed sidewalks are also difficult to come by. Yet, they still exist. They are an ideal place to take your dog for some much-needed exercise. This makes these particular parcels of real estate a welcome sight for joggers, pet lovers or those who simply enjoy outdoor activities.

Below are a list of some dog-friendly areas, playing facilities and dog care professional services.

Makati weekend markets

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These are fun activities for you and your dog to enjoy. Bring along your family and friends as well as to appreciate these places even more. The Salcedo Market has been operating since 2005. Held every Saturday, it is set-up in the parking lot of the Jaime Velasquez Park by the Women of Bel-Air Foundation, Inc. You can expect to encounter a diverse group of concessionaires offering an international selection of food, fresh produce, handicrafts, and plants.

If you miss out on its energetic vibe, there is nothing to worry. The following day is the Legazpi Sunday Market which is held at the parking area beside the Legazpi Active Park and Washington Sycip Park. It is essentially similar in atmosphere to the Salcedo Market though with a slight variation in what its line-up of vendors is selling. Both places, however, will allow you to walk around with your dog after having your fill of yummy treats and shopping. They are excellent opportunities to relax and spend your day frolicking around with your pooch under the shade of its trees.

Ayala Triangle Gardens

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If you live and work in Makati, then you do not need to wait for the weekend to enjoy one of its long-standing landmarks. The Ayala Triangle Gardens is about 20,000 sq.m. of tree-lined open space in the heart of the CBD. It is where the iconic Nielson Field Tower is located which was used to oversee the very first landing strip in the Philippines. The park is open from 6:00 AM to 10:00 PM daily. You and your trusty canine can stroll about unhindered by the bustling vehicular traffic that regularly plies along the city’s main thoroughfares.

Bonifacio Global City

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This master-planned CBD is perhaps one of the most ideal places for joggers in Metro Manila because of its clear sidewalks and selection of parks. That also makes it a safe place to take your pet for a walk as well. Among its most popular areas is Bonifacio High Street. It is comprised of eight buildings divided into four on each side. Cutting through its center is a wide grassy field accented by sculptures and some sitting areas. It is a fine mix of retail, dining, and leisure. A branch of Pet City can also be conveniently found here.

Within Bonifacio High Street’s immediate proximity, however, are other dog-friendly places of interest. To the east is upscale Serendra which has pet stores such as Bark & Wag as well as Dogs and the City. Going west is Bonifacio High Street Central, where your pet can enjoy more open spaces and exercise on its large steps. Situated to its north is Track 30th which occasionally has canines cheerfully trotting alongside some joggers, on a leash of course. Terra 28th occupies its southern portion which is great for kids and their cute mutts to amuse themselves among some art installations.

BGC is certainly a great place for canines and other pets. Bonifacio High Street and its immediate vicinity, however, is not the only area where they are welcome. Even the somewhat secluded though inviting De Jesus Oval is also a venue you can take your pet to. Join occasional play sessions along with other dog lovers during My Sunday Dogpark events. Choose a date you can register in so that your pet can experience a full day’s worth of activities.

Eastwood City

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There are still other notable locations in Metro Manila that are conducive for your canine. One place however that should not be missed is this pioneering township community. Eastwood City also happens to be first to accommodate pet lovers into its mixed-use expanse. Continuing its trailblazing tradition is Bark Central. It is located in Eastwood Mall and is the initial “indoor off-leash dog park” not only in the metropolis but in the country as well. This is a full-service facility which can provide professional grooming for your pet as well as physical and behavioral training courses. Your dog can safely and comfortably walk about in this establishment.




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