In a busy and densely populated city as Metro Manila, is finding a peace and quiet even an option?

A quarter of the Philippines’ total population can be found in Metro Manila alone. In this busy and densely populated city, is finding a comfortable home even possible?

Finding Serenity And Peace In The Metro

Metro Manila has been a home to around 23 million people from different walks of life, different religions, languages, genders, nationalities, and stories but sharing the same vision of doing their best, striving, surviving, and continue living. This kind of diversity adds more color to the city life. The easy access to opportunities, events, and places just validates Metro Manila as the dream place for anyone searching for growth and experiences.Every day these people go back and forth through these cities to work, study, hang out, and have fun. This is one of the perks of living in the Metro. Despite the Manila traffic and noise, everything you want is within your reach. Yet sometimes, amidst all these life dreams, demands, and chaos, what you really need is just some peace and quiet.

Live Above Your Standards

After spending the whole day working in the middle of a busy and packed city, it’s always a nice thought to go back home for a nice rest and relaxation.

A good home contributes to a person’s emotional well-being, self-esteem, and confidence in achieving things. Going out and going back to a comfortable home inside a peaceful neighborhood does not only support success but also adds up to one’s overall happiness and health. Our home is where we rejuvenate. It is where we get the energy to power up for the next day.

Living in the Metro to get closer to the your dream, to your job, to all the things you need does not mean sacrificing all the peace and quiet. There are still areas in Metro Manila where you’ll find the serenity and breathing space you desire. There is no need to lower your standards. Find the right place you can call home.

Right Within Your Reach

Alpina Heights is a mid-rise condominium in Paranaque specially designed for individuals on a fresh start with their careers looking for a fresh community to live in. This newest project by the Alpina Height Properties Corp. is found in the most laid-back city in Metro Manila – a city with hotels, shopping malls, gambling, historical churches, and an international airport.

Located at Brgy. Marcelo, Paranaque City near SLEX’s Sucat exit, Alpina Heights is right next to commercial establishments, supermarkets, and a quick drive to Alabang, BGC, and Makati CBDs. It is also a perfect place for those who often travel since it is a short drive away from Ninoy Aquino International Airport.

Alpina Heights guarantees value for your money, giving you the type of living you deserve. All units provide a high-quality living space and the basic furnishing for a more comfortable and hassle-free living. They also offer affordable and flexible payment schemes to suit your need.

Your Green Home In The City

Alpina Heights is a 6-storey residential condominium which may be the answer to your search for a global community that is also peaceful, diverse, and invigorating. This condo in Paranaque with one bedroom and two bedroom units options is your home found in a place not as crowded and as noisy as other cities in the Metro but gives off as functional and as satisfying kind of urban life.

Alpina Heights is a property that promotes a more sustainable and eco-friendly lifestyle with its use of solar panels as the energy source for the common areas. The residential building also has a water treatment facility and rainwater conservation, and a proper garbage disposal system.  

The building is also designed with large windows to maximize the natural light. More than 50% of its area is open space.

Everything you need – from a convenience store, laundry shop, medical clinic, water refilling station to pool, jacuzzi, gazebo, parks, and playground are found within the property as well.

Add the nice view of the Laguna Lake to complete the package.

Enjoy living in a more relaxed and refreshing environment while still taking the pleasure and perks of living in the city, with Alpina Heights.

Looking for condos for sale? Visit Alpina Heights and choose your unit now! Pre-selling condo units are still on-going.



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