You have been toying around with the idea for quite some time now, and yet you are still undecided if it is a smart decision: are you ready to move into your first condo? Here are 8 tell-tale signs that you are!

  1.    You have money saved up.

For one reason or another, you have been consistent in saving a percentage of your pay check and your bank account has grown significantly. You have more than enough to make a down payment for a condominium, which is usually 20 percent of the selling price.

  1.    You have a regular job and a steady income.

Acquiring a condo is a long-term commitment financially, so having a regular job is a must. Plus points if you’re in a mid-career position and have excellent career advancement prospects.

  1.    You have a location in mind and you see yourself staying there for a while.

You have fallen in love with a city and plan to establish roots there; you do not see yourself relocating to a different area or migrating to another country in the near future. It is a sign that you are ready to move into a condo.

Many young professionals have set their sights on living in Paranaque, as it offers the best of both worlds: it has that laid-back vibe of the South while still being close enough to commercial business districts such as Makati and BGC. One such Paranaque-based development catering to this upwardly mobile and driven set is Alpina Heights, a 6-storey residential condominium complex along West Service Road in Bicutan. Potential property owners can choose a one-bedroom or a two-bedroom unit; all units are pre-furnished with basic home appliances to give them a head start on settling in.

  1.    You are in a solid relationship.

If you are engaged or planning to get married anytime soon, getting a condo might be a sound move. Not only will you have a place where you can begin your married life, having two incomes covering condo expenses will make the financial responsibility lighter.

  1.    You have a good credit history.

A good credit rating is an indication of how well you manage your finances. If you settle your credit card bills in full and on time, you are a good candidate for condo ownership.

  1.    Your priorities have changed.

If the idea of partying all night on a payday Friday doesn’t appeal to you anymore and you are more excited with the idea of spending the weekend in a cozy living room watching your favorite series, cooking and hosting a dinner for friends, or shopping for shelves to add to your current closet space, then you are in the market for condos for sale.

At Alpina Heights, you would not mind staying in for the weekend. There’s an indoor pool with a poolside lounge, Jacuzzi, gym, outdoor paths for walking or jogging, and a half court for basketball fans.  There is also a café, convenience store, laundry shop, and water refilling station for added convenience.

If living sustainably is also among your priorities, you will be pleased to note that common areas at Alpina Heights are powered by solar energy. Rain water and waste water are also collected for reuse.

  1.    You are now wondering if renting a space is worth it.

If you have outgrown the idea of having flat mates, moving from one unit to the next due to changing rental prices, and seeing your hard-earned money go into something that will not be yours in the end, then it might be time to move into your first condominium.

  1.    You see a condo as an investment.

You are aware of the income-generating possibilities of owning a condominium. You can rent it out or resell it after a few years at a profit. If these ideas appeal to you, then you are ready for condo ownership.

If you have felt recognized most of these signs, then do take the plunge! Having a place to call your own might not be easy, but it is an accomplishment you will definitely be proud of.



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