The country’s Northern regions offer so much, including potential living spaces fit for those searching for a shift in lifestyle – to a more conscientious and relaxed one.

The city life can offer you so much but there are times that you just have to explore other ways to enjoy life at its best and the way that can work with you and your potentials. While most would prefer life within the city reach, it will always be a choice to get yourself beyond the boundaries.

La Union has inched its way to the social scene for its beaches and the kind of laid-back aura that one could just possibly imagine in the movies. Whether it is the social media or just word-of-mouth, La Union is already part of the vacation getaway vocabulary. But like any other place, it has more to offer.

One chunk of La Union that can offer you that life with the waves while doing anything else that you love can be found in one of its famous spots: Poro Point. Nestled in this peninsula is the Thunderbird Residences. Whether you have heard about this community or this is entirely new to you, here are five reasons why Thunderbird Residences is worth considering.

It is within a freeport zone

The Poro Point Freeport Zone is an area that houses the San Fernando Airport, San Fernando International Seaport, and information technology park, light industrial area, and a tourism complex. These are key assets of strategic location which can be easily connected with progress and development. This freeport zone boasts of its huge investment potentials and that can also be translated to its residential areas.

It is a leisure and wellness residential community

Let’s face it, who wouldn’t want to achieve that perfect work-life balance? While you can work within proximity from the Thunderbird Residences, you can easily opt to take a dip in the beach or just simply stroll on the shores to get that much-needed boost. The residential lot is just adjacent to, of course, the Thunderbird Resorts and Casino, a 65-hectare Mediterranean-inspired luxury resort that ultimately offers a relaxed and pampered getaway. If you own a condotel unit, you will have access to all the hotel and resort amenities. Talk about a winning deal!

It is surrounded by spectacular views

The most famous tourist spot and historical landmark of Poro Point is the Poro Point Lighthouse which is said to be one of the oldest functioning lighthouses in the country – its first steel foundation was built during the Spanish Colonial period and was replaced with the concrete tower which is what is being used until today. The Sillag Poro Point Festival of Lights was inspired by this notable tourist spot. Poro Point also prides itself with the scenic views of the vast expanse of the South China Sea.

These are three big reasons that cover what most can consider vital in looking for a residential community. Being away from the traffic-filled cities, finally, and exploring the North will be relaxing and possibly be chosen for the long haul.




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