Window during rainy season

Summer has ended and it’s time to prepare for the rainy season. It is always better to be prepared than be sorry later.

Filipinos have been always proactive in terms of maintaining their home a good one even in times of typhoons, it has been part of the culture to prepare, beforehand. In this rainy season, here are tips to be able to maintain and prepare your house:

  1. Go and check your roof

    When rain falls, it is your roof that shields your house from water to come into your house. It is always advisable to check it twice a year for possible cracks, holes, or rusty spots. Also, make sure that there are no missing, loose, or curled shingles. If yes, go and replace those to avoid further damages to your wall or ceilings.

  2. Clean the gutters

     You must also take a look in the gutters, clean to assure that the water could drain well and not to back up when the rain comes. When granules appear, reseal and make sure there are no any downpipe clogs.

  3. Inside your home, check the ceilings

     After working on the outside of your house, you must also check indoors, start with the ceilings if there are signs of water leakage like water rings, mold or water or ceiling discoloration. If yes, take necessary actions to prevent it from happening again.

  4. Tackle your doors and windows

     Check your doors and windows if they can be properly closed and its door to door. Chances are, the water could still go inside of your house and rooms so make sure to check and repair if needed.

  5. Check the trees and plants around you

     Cut and trim it down to reduce the risk to fall or to damage your house. Also, clean up the dried branches and leaves across your backyard.

  6. Move furniture and appliances on a higher floor

     Be prepared in case of flooding that your assets are safe and away from loss. It is very advisable if your house is located in the flooded areas when storms come.

  7. Clean your walkways and check the drainage

     Garbage is the main reason of floods. Make sure to dispose your waste regularly and property, and clean up the walkways around your house. Then, check the drainage if the water is passable. If not, you may seek assistance from your community to address it properly.

  8. Make time to see and monitor your water faucets and pipes

     It is better to check it for easy adjustment and repairs before the rainy season. It’s either to seal or replace your faucet and pipe depending on its condition.

  9. Have time to inspect your electrical system

    Ask for help if needed, to check the electrical wiring and sockets in your house. Make sure that it is safe from possible water leaks.

  10. Use waterproof paints

    In case you want to repaint your house, you might want to consider using waterproof paints. Aside from being waterproof, it can also help you maintain its appearance after the rainy season.

  11. Conduct a pest control on your house especially termites

    Most of the time, pest are seen inside during rainy season then it is best to be proactive. Termites might destroy your furniture, doors, and other wooden stuff on your house. When you conduct its termination, you will be at safe from worries.

  12. Prepare for possible flooding in your area

    Certainly, you cannot be sure of where typhoons would land during the rainy season. Then, it is really advisable to prepare by securing an emergency kit, candles, flashlight, batteries, and goods. Also, always make time to daily check the latest update or news about the weather.

The Philippines, as a tropical country, though it only experiences two (2) distinct seasons: wet and dry. You should always prepare and be proactive of situations that may come along the way especially during the wet season. Cliche as it may sound, but it’s better to be safe than sorry especially now that rainy days are fast approaching. 

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