Going green was a popular interior design theme in 2018. The trend has continued to get traction as more and more people become aware of the benefits of using plants as decorations. Many establishments have embraced the concept of using plants to decorate their interior space. Take a look at our list of why indoor plants can be your next step to enhancing the look of your condo unit.

Multiple Wellness Benefits

As we continue to progress into a wellness-centered culture, having indoor plants should be a number one priority. Plants and wellness are two things which go hand-and-hand. Rowena Gonzales, founder of Liquid Interiors, mentioned simply that everyone’s home should have plants because it serves as an easy and practical solution to counter the negative effects of city living. Another key thing she mentioned was that plants have a huge effect on improving air quality through its oxygen-producing ability and by also absorbing carbon dioxide. Aside from this, there are also specific plants that are able to absorb harmful substances like formaldehyde and volatile organic compounds.

Gonzales also emphasized that owning plants will have a huge effect on reducing your stress and increasing productivity and creativity. Activities such as gardening are often considered methods of releasing your stress. Think of it as bringing the relaxing green outdoor scenery right into your home. But you also have to remember to keep it in the right quantity to avoid making your home look like a jungle.

There are also certain plants that are considered to be effective in warding off insects and mosquitos—your household greens can act as your own protection from diseases like dengue. There are also other plants that are popular for stimulating good sleep and positive energy. A quick browse online will help you find the plants which can be beneficial for your needs and indoor use.

Inexpensive Decoration

Well-maintained and healthy plants can definitely add beauty and life to any room. They can be considered a refreshing sight while also giving a certain feeling of relaxation. This is especially true if you are able to strategically place them in good spots in your home. Lucky for you, you can easily achieve these effects as most plants are inexpensive. In fact, they are often called the “thrifty cousins” of the luxury decoration family. They are also highly available, so you won’t have a hard time looking for them. By channeling your inner creativity, you’ll be able to add a little touch of luxury to your home design.

Boost Your Cooking Experience

Being able to harvest your own food ingredients right at your home is any cook’s dream. By planting the right set of plants and herbs as kitchen decors, you will not only spare your time but your money as well. Not only that, you’ll be assured that your plants are clean and organically grown. By using your own home-grown herbs regularly in your cooking, you will make your dishes savory and aromatic. In the long run, these herbs will tremendously be beneficial to your health and will keep your kitchen smelling great and fresh.

Creating Effects in a Room

Plants can be used to “cover-up” some of the issues you may have with your condo unit. You can use it to create a softening effect to your corners, as a divider in open spaces, to distract your eyes from unattractive areas, and to even create an illusion of height. Specific plant arrangements can also create symmetry or can accent a point of interest in a room. You can even use it to make small spaces look cozier.

By making the most of your plants, you’ll be able to turn your urban abode into a calming, vibrant space. By making the right adjustments and placements with your interior furniture, your plants can make your condo feel even more like home.



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