It is now a need for real estate professionals need to stay on par to up their game in the digital real estate market. The abundance of online tools are very useful to real estate professionals in terms of time management, schedule making, and accomplishing tasks more efficiently. If you’re a real estate broker or agent and you’re looking for ways to improve your daily work management, you can utilize the several tools available on this list.

5 Best Online Tools to Stay Ahead of Your Competitors in the Real Estate Market 

  • Collect – 360 Video OverCapture & Editor

Sometimes, high-resolution and clear photos just don’t cut it for the modern buyer. What they really need is a virtual tour of the place. This can work to your advantage to get the buyer to notice the property, inquire about it, and schedule a meetup. 

By doing this, you’re also building your credibility as you’ll be showing the highlights of the property via the virtual tour and hopefully answering any question they might have about the property. The app is totally free and will let you edit videos while offering you the option of combining several clips, adding music, and other effects. You can also easily upload it on all your social media channels once you’re done editing.

  • Hello Sign 

Let’s face it, you won’t always be situated near your office or a computer shop to scan and print important documents, luckily, the Hello Sign app was designed just for this. Through this app, you can scan, edit, and sign documents on your device. This is especially convenient for someone who is always on the go and deals with piles of documents, this app will help you save all the time and effort signing NDAs, sales real estate contracts, financing agreements, and many more. This app can be downloaded for free on Google Play Store and Apple Store. 

  • CamCard

Almost everything nowadays is done digitally, the days of the paper industry are numbered so things like business cards are slowly waning. Electronic cards are replacing the traditional business cards frequently exchanged in business meetings. However, this isn’t always the case in the real estate industry. If the clients you meet own the typical business cards, you can use this CamCard to take photos of the business cards and the app will automatically save the contact details in your phone’s contacts folder – saving you the time and effort of listing all the contact details one by one. There are paid and free versions of this app on the Google Play Store and Apple Store.

  • KWFinder

If you’re a real estate broker, it is an absolute necessity to have your own website for your online portfolio. Having your own website will enhance your online visibility but this also means you have to focus on creating and delivering online content that will drive traffic towards your site. The KWFinder is an online tool that can help you generate keywords related to real estate to be included in your SEO strategy and will ultimately increase your page visits. The platform is free but if you want a comprehensive list of insights, you can sign up for a plan and pay a corresponding fee. 

  • G Suite by Google

Google’s G Suite offers a lot of tools that can help you utilize schedule creation, setting meetings, and making to-do-lists. There are other regular features which you could be more familiar with, namely: Docs, Sheets, Forms, Slides, Sites, and Hangouts if you need to call someone for free. All your files can be stored in the Drive folder, which is accessible anytime, anywhere, and on any device. If you have a problem when it comes to access to your laptop and you need to show your client a specific document, for example, just sign in on your account using any device you have with you, and search for the document you need. 

These are only drops in a bucket of tools available which every real estate broker can utilize. You can find out other ways on how you can maximize each of them to lessen the bulk of your workload and target your tech-savvy potential buyers. Some of these tools may come with an expensive price tag especially if you are looking to avail of all of the features they have to offer. However, consider these as a worthy investment on your end once your sales increase with the help of these tools.



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