RE/MAX PH Information Session

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In an effort to help real estate professionals succeed in the industry, RE/MAX Philippines will be having an information session on Thursday, March 14, 2013. The event will be held at the RE/MAX Philippines office, located at 25th floor, Citibank Tower, 8741 Paseo de Roxas Street, Makati City.

This free by-invitation event has limited slots, so be sure to confirm your attendance on or before March 13, 2013 through telephone (511-1429 to 30) or email ( 


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RE/MAX — the world’s No. 1 Real Estate franchise now in the Philippines is entering a new phase, and with this change comes a brand new layout and functionalities! We redesigned the website to make it easier for you to find your dream home or sell your property, and here, we've highlighted the 10 most helpful enhancements of the new and improved

1. Larger, better-quality images
The new now showcases properties with larger images, and with better quality at that! Now, you can make more informed choices with the help of these enhanced visuals.

2. Google Maps
Finding a property according to area is faster because we now have a “Google Maps” feature! All you have to do is hover over a pin and see what development is found in which location. What’s more, sellers can also post their properties for sale or for rent with a map to guide prospective clients into finding them.


3. Responsive filters
We’ve enhanced our search filters to become more responsive than before! Now, while you type a location, the page is already displaying options that match the keyword you’re putting in.


4. “Popular Searches” feature
With the “Popular Searches in New Homes” feature, you won’t need to type in your query: just click on one of the “Popular Searches” options and find a list of properties according to that query. If you’re a seller, this feature will help you find out what kind of properties people are looking for so you know which development would appeal to them.

5. Unit inventories
With the new design, you don’t have to visit dozens of different pages to see similar units from one development. All you need to do is go to the development you’re interested in to see all the available units organized in one table. Also, aside from displaying information like size, price, and condition, the page also tells you how many units are still available.

6. Top projects teaser on the homepage
Upon entering, you can instantly see a preview of brand-new projects from the top developers of the country!

7. "Promos" section on homepage
Find out which developers are offering discounts or low down payments with our “Promos” section prominently displayed on the homepage. This way, searching for and selecting properties that fit your budget is easier!

8. Broker pages
Aside from giving buyers easy access to a broker’s contact information and the various properties they sell, the new “Brokers” section also gives them credibility as representatives of the project they’re offering.

9. Seller accreditation
Being an accredited seller helps you improve your reputation, and with the new feature, “Become an Accredited Seller”, you’ll easily attract more clients. Now, when you visit any project page, brokers and agents can inquire to sell their properties.


10. Mobile friendliness
When you access our website using your smartphone or iPad, you’ll find that our page has been adjusted to make usage as easy as doing it on a desktop PC or laptop.


The new website is designed to make your property searching or selling a fast and convenient experience. Explore our new layout and discover what it can do for you now!

If you’re a Filipino working or based abroad and you want to buy a property or need to attend to your property in the Philippines, who do you go to?

If you’re a foreigner that would like to buy a condominium in the Philippines, where do you go?

Miles away from the Philippines, the first question on your mind is who would you trust to do these things for you?  Unless you plan to go home soon and spend your precious vacation time going to various government agencies just to do these things, you are better off having someone else do it for you. While you could ask a relative or a friend or persons referred by them to help you with your property concerns, the might not have the time and the knowledge of the ins and outs of real estate transactions in the Philippines to do the job well.  Or, you may simply not have anyone you can trust enough to handle these concerns for you.

Now, there’s OMI Land Title Services. A division of Orion Maxis Inc. which is a subsidiary of Prime Orion Philippines (a publicly listed company), OMI Land Title Services (OMI-LTS) offers land title services such as Title Transfer, Reconstitution/ Replacement of Lost Land Title, Title Verification, Real Property Tax Payment, and transactions/documentation on Property Inheritance such as Extra Judicial Settlement and Estate Tax Payment.  With proven expertise and extensive experience in the field of land titling services, OMI-LTS caters to both corporate retail clients that include major Banking Institutions and corporations in the Philippines.

With its team of team of real estate professionals and in-house lawyers, OMI-LTS will help you with what you need.  Thinking of buying a property?  OMI-LTS will help you with the Due Diligence and Title Transfer.  Lost your Land Title?  OMI-LTS will help you with the issuance of a replacement.  They will also pay your Real Property Taxes for you every year.

With every service comes quality and integrity that only OMI-LTS can provide.  Safe, fast and reliable, you can trust OMI Land Title Services to do the work for you and give you the peace of mind you deserve.

For more information regarding real estate services, please call OMI Land Title Services at (632) 884-11-06 or visit their website at

Fire safety equipment your home needs

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Whether it is March—a.k.a. Fire Prevention Month—or not, emergency preparedness experts are constantly relaying their “stop, drop, and roll” lectures and giving tips for preventing accidental fires, as they should. But as important as it is to heed these warnings, it is just as necessary to equip your home with the right tools to prevent a fire or keep it from spreading. Whether you live in a house, condo, or any type of dwelling, these are some fire safety tools that you should never do without.


Fire safety equipment your home needs MyProperty Philippines emergency preparedness extinguisher
Fire extinguisher. Photo via Depositphotos

Fire extinguisher

A fire extinguisher should be at the top of your list of must-haves. It does not need to be a full-sized variant; a small one will do. There are various types of fire extinguishers and they are distinguished by letter—A, B, C, D, and K—depending on purpose, but Types ABC or ABCD are usually sufficient for home use. Learn how to properly use it and be sure to teach everyone in the family too. Keep the extinguisher in the kitchen, since this is the place in the house that is most susceptible to fire.


Fire safety equipment your home needs MyProperty Philippines emergency preparedness smoke alarm detector
Smoke detector. Photo via Depositphotos

Smoke detector

As small as a smoke detector can be, it can do a lot in protecting your family. In the event that a fire breaks out in an empty room, the detector will sense the smoke and emit a sound that will warn everyone, even if they are in different areas of your home. It would be best to get one for every room in the house, but one in the kitchen and each of the hallways will also do. Remember to test your alarms every month and replace the batteries at least twice a year to ensure they are always in working order.


Fire safety equipment your home needs MyProperty Philippines emergency preparedness number firetruck
Emergency number. Photo via Depositphotos

Fire department number

The government’s emergency number—911—is easy enough to remember, but it would still be prudent to stick it to the wall near the phone or onto the refrigerator, basically any place where everyone at home can see it. For other fire-related concerns, you can also contact the Bureau of Fire Protection (BFP) through (632) 729-5166; (632) 410-6254; (632) 407-1230.


Fire safety equipment your home needs MyProperty Philippines emergency preparedness safety signs
Fire exit sign. Photo via Depositphotos

Safety signs

During a fire, people will panic and lose concentration, which is dangerous if you only have a few minutes to either contain a small fire or escape a big one. A way to help people focus is by ensuring that you have clearly visible and glow-in-the-dark signs indicating where emergency items and escapes are. Put a “Fire Escape” sign near a window that also serves as your backup escape route to guide people towards it, and to ensure that no one will put any object that will block it and make an evacuation difficult. Affix an “Emergency Supplies” sign on a cabinet or drawer containing the fire extinguisher, fire blanket, burn kit, and other similar items. Next to or near the fire department number, stick a sign that clearly explains the proper use of the fire extinguisher. Create a detailed fire escape plan that everyone can study and remember and post it on a wall.


Fire safety equipment your home needs MyProperty Philippines emergency preparedness blanket
Fire blanket. Photo by JonathanLamb (Public Domain) via Wikipedia

Fire blanket

A fire blanket is a sheet of flame-retardant material used to smother starting fires. Fire blankets used for the home are normally small and made of fiberglass or Kevlar, and are able to withstand up to 900 degrees. If the fire is small enough, you can use this to put it out by smothering it instead of operating the fire extinguisher, which might be tricky to someone who has never used one before.


Fire safety equipment your home needs MyProperty Philippines emergency preparedness garden hose
Garden hose. Photo via Depositphotos

Garden hoses

When you go to the hardware store for a garden hose, be sure to get one that is long and durable so you can use it not just for watering your plants but also for dousing fires from various points in the house. If possible, put one long hose at every exterior part of the house where there is a faucet for easy access and a longer reach.


Fire safety equipment your home needs MyProperty Philippines emergency preparedness portable climbing rope ladder
Rope ladder. Photo via Depositphotos

Portable ladder

If you live in a two-story house and you need to evacuate the house because the fire has become uncontrollable, you want to make sure you have a way to get to the upstairs windows if someone gets trapped in one of the rooms. Conversely, the ladder can also be used to escape out the window from an upper floor to the ground floor. A rigid metal ladder would be good for accessing windows to rescue those trapped inside upper-floor rooms, but an emergency rope ladder can be rolled for safekeeping within the home, and can be used later on by anchoring it onto a window ledge and climbing down.


Fire safety equipment your home needs MyProperty Philippines emergency preparedness smoke hood mask
Smoke hood. Photo by Slowking4 (CC BY-SA 3.0), via Wikimedia Commons

Fire escape masks

A smoke hood will keep you from breathing in smoke as you maneuver your way through a fire. Since it covers your entire head, it will also help you see through the smoke so you can quickly find an exit. You can also get an emergency escape mask or a respirator, which will let you breathe without letting smoke into your mouth and nose, albeit for a shorter amount of time.


Fire safety equipment your home needs MyProperty Philippines emergency preparedness fireproof storage safe
Fireproof safe. Photo via Depositphotos

Fireproof storage

Fire-resistant safes, document bags, and filing cabinets will keep birth certificates, business documents, heirlooms, and other important items safe from a fire. This way, you and your loved ones can escape your burning home with the secure feeling that your most vital possessions will remain unharmed.


Fire safety equipment your home needs MyProperty Philippines emergency preparedness first aid burn kit
First-aid kit for burns. Photo via Depositphotos

Burn kit

Getting burned is sometimes unavoidable when escaping a burning structure, so having a first-aid kit containing items specifically for treating fire-related injuries is essential. Make sure that your first-aid kit at home contains sterile and non-adhesive bandages or clean pieces of cloth and medical tape, as well as ibuprofen, acetaminophen, naproxen, or any other over-the-counter pain reliever to soothe the resulting discomfort from the burn. Burn ointment, soothing lotions, and other similar products can be included, but keep in mind they are usually applied only as home remedies to minor burns. Bad burns should be treated by a doctor.


Having the right tools for fire safety will give you peace of mind, knowing that the things you need to put out a fire is at arm’s reach. But having these is not enough; you also need to make sure everyone in the family is aware of their presence and how to use them in case of an emergency.

Should a fire spread faster than you can control it, do not hesitate to leave everything behind and get everyone out of the home. Nothing is valuable enough for you to risk the safety of you and your family.




Main photo via Depositphotos

Think globally, live locally in South Forbes

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To many, living a truly world-class life would require a plane ticket out of the Philippines to the richest nations in the world. That may have been true ten years ago, but head south of Manila and you’ll uncover one place that offers all the luxuries of life without even leaving your own home. Where else can you have an entire golf course as your backyard but in Cathay Land Inc.’s South Forbes?

The master plan for South Forbes by Cathay Land, Inc. (Photo courtesy of Cathay Land, Inc.)

First introduced in 2004 and occupying 500 hectares of land in the Sta. Rosa – Silang – Tagaytay growth corridor, South Forbes is the country’s largest fully integrated golf resort city. The master-planned township of boutique communities blends close-knit living, leisure, academics, and sports, and brings everything up a notch higher to provide residents with an urban lifestyle unlike any other.

As a golf resort development, one of South Forbes’s most notable elements is the South Forbes Golf and Leisure Club, which features a first-rate 18-hole golf course and offers free membership to all investors. In addition to this, the township boasts of other state-of-the-art amenities like clubhouses, pools, landscaped parks, and an extensive amount of greenery that drives home the point of living amongst nature.

South Forbes also prides itself in offering the best in global architecture. For a home with an Asian flair, choose among their Bali, Tokyo, and Phuket mansions as well as the more affordable Nirwana Bali homes. If European living is your cup of tea, the Chateaux de Paris, the Spanish Villas, and the condominium Scandia Suites might be more up your alley. With the modern Western-inspired Miami community, the design aspect of South Forbes’ residential options comes full circle.

South Forbes also offers other residential options fit for your preferences. If you want to live close to the golf course, choose between the Orient-inspired Golf View Terraces and Sentosa Heights. Those who cherish the convenience offered by smart design and modern technology will enjoy living in the Stanford Suites.

Exclusivity is one of South Forbes’ concerns, and is a claim that they can confidently make to those who value privacy and peaceful living. Aside from being strict when it comes to providing access to the community, the development is also designed to host only up to 500 families.

You don’t need to leave the country to go global. If you want to start living the high life in a truly international community, contact Cathay Land, Inc. at 635-7777, email them at, or visit



The Coralia house in Bali Mansions, one of the premierboutique communities in South Forbes by Cathay Land, Inc. (Photo courtesy of Cathay Land, Inc.)

The Meiji house in Tokyo Mansions, one of the premier boutique communities in South Forbes by Cathay Land, Inc. (Photo courtesy of Cathay Land, Inc.)

The Chakri house in Phuket Mansions, one of the premier boutique communities in South Forbes by Cathay Land, Inc. (Photo courtesy of Cathay Land, Inc.)

The Sanur house in Nirwana Bali, one of the upscale boutique communities in South Forbes by Cathay Land, Inc. (Photo courtesy of Cathay Land, Inc.)

The Louvre house in Chateaux de Paris, one of the upscale boutique communities in South Forbes by Cathay Land, Inc. (Photo courtesy of Cathay Land, Inc.)

The Alicante house in Villas, one of the upscale boutique communities in South Forbes by Cathay Land, Inc. (Photo courtesy of Cathay Land, Inc.)

The Daytona house in Miami, one of the upscale boutique communities in South Forbes by Cathay Land, Inc. (Photo courtesy of Cathay Land, Inc.)

The Scandia Suites, a mid-rise residential condominium in South Forbes by Cathay Land, Inc. (Photo courtesy of Cathay Land, Inc.)

The Stanford Suites, a residential condominium in South Forbes by Cathay Land, Inc. (Photo courtesy of Cathay Land, Inc.)

The Golf View Terraces, a development along the fairways of South Forbes by Cathay Land, Inc. (Photo courtesy of Cathay Land, Inc.)

The Sentosa Heights, a development along the fairways of South Forbes by Cathay Land, Inc. (Photo courtesy of Cathay Land, Inc.)


In order to turn the dream of becoming a homeowner a reality for Filipinos who are trying to live economically, Filinvest has launched its newest property development, Futura Homes.

As Filinvest’s value homes division, Futura homes are designed to be affordable for budget-conscious families without sacrificing quality and style. These minimalist houses are built with the Buhos Tibay construction technology to ensure its stability despite natural disasters like typhoons and maintenance problems such as termite infestation.

As part of its plan to provide homes to more families with limited finances, Filinvest will be expanding its line of Futura Homes to San Pedro, Laguna, where Filinvest recently acquired 6.6 hectares of land in the town of San Vicente. Aside from being reasonably priced, Futura Homes in San Pedro also has a variety of amenities for recreation. It is, moreover, accessible through the South Luzon Expressway and is in close proximity to hospitals, schools, churches, and commercial businesses.

After constructing over 135,000 homes and with almost 50 years of experience under its belt, Filinvest is truly helping Filipinos realize their dream of having a place to call their own, one house at a time.




Leading the groundbreaking ceremony for Three Central were (L to R) AO+R Designs Associates project architects Ren-Adrian Magadia and Alvin Oliver, Megaworld’s Makati CBD head of sales and marketing Eugene Lozano, and senior assistant vice president for project management Roemer Nograles.


Megaworld, the country’s leading real estate developer, breaks ground for Three Central, its most luxurious condominium development in the heart of the Makati Central Business District. Located along Valero Street in Salcedo Village, Three Central is rising 51-storeys high in a prime location within the financial side of Makati City. It will house the first and only lifestyle mall in Salcedo Village with world-class amenities that include an exclusive culinary station, meditation garden, outdoor spa and reflexology path at its resort-inspired amenity deck.


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Robinsons cites more Luzon projects

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"…Robinsons Homes has further ventured north of Manila to build first-rate subdivisions," the company said in a statement on Wednesday last week, referring to Robinsons Homes’ Hanalei Heights, Grand Tierra, and Forest Parkhomes North projects which add to four existing subdivisions in Pampanga.


Read the full article at Business World Online.

List your property easily on!

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Listing your property on our website has never been easier! Just follow these step-by-step instructions and you’re on your way to selling your property online.

1. Register for a free account. Log in if you already have a account.

2. Once you’re logged in, click on the “Create an Ad” icon. You’ll find a page that briefly explains each step of the ad. Click on “Proceed”.

3. In the “Listing Information” tab, enter the data that describes your home, such as description, price, and location. When you’re done, tick off the box in the “ Terms of Use” portion at the bottom of the page and click “Next”.

4. In the “Plot Map Location” tab, zoom in to the area where your property is located and click on it to mark it with a pin. If you want to change the pin, just click “Remove Pin” and try again. When you’ve got the right location, click “Confirm” to generate the map, and then hit “Next”.

5. In the “Image Uploader” tab, click on “Choose file” to upload photos directly from your computer. The first image is always your main image, but you can rearrange your photos by clicking and dragging them. If you want to delete a photo, just click on the ‘x’ at the lower left corner of the photo you want to delete. When you’re done uploading and arranging your photos, click on “Next”.

6. In the “Contact Information” tab, fill in the necessary information such as contact person, location and phone numbers.

7. In the “Preview” tab, you can see how your listing will appear so you can go back to any of the previous pages to make changes before you publish it. When you’re satisfied, click “Next”.

8. In the “Publish” tab, you can choose to make your listing public by ticking off “Publish”, or you can save it for publishing later by choosing “Publish Later”. When you’ve made a choice, click “Next”.

At this point, your listing has now been published, but you can choose to upgrade your listing so more people will see it!

1. Review the different upgrade options available and choose one.
2. Hit “Go to list” and click on the icon next to the price of your chosen upgrade option. When the prompt appears, click “Continue” to confirm your choice.
3. Click on the shopping cart at the upper right side to see your choice. Click on the box next to it and hit “Purchase”.
4. At the “Payment” tab, you can choose to pay for your listing upgrade online or through cash or check deposit. Your listing will be upgraded once your payment has been verified.

Helpful tips:
• Not all fields are required to be filled, but the more information you put in about your property, the more chances it will attract potential buyers.
• People are more attracted to great photos, so it would help to invest time (and a bit of money) in taking the best photos of your property. Also, take advantage of the slots available for photos: upload multiple exterior and interior shots to really showcase the property.
• The “Contact Information” page also has options for email subscriptions (for buyers) and membership account request (for sellers). These updates are optional, but if you want to enhance your user experience, you can tick off the box that applies to you.

In a statement recently released by residential condominium developer and BPO proprietor Megaworld, the real estate company is eying an expansion of its Makati Central Business District (CBD) residential condo portfolio in the next three to five years.

“There is a continuing expansion of multinational companies and growth of the expatriate population in the country,” Megaworld Makati CBD head of sales and marketing Eugene Lozano explained. Citing the increase of BPO and offshoring companies in the Philippines, he continued: “The demand for residential condominiums in the Makati CBD remains high. Makati City, especially the CBD area, remains to be the top choice among local and foreign condo buyers and investors.”

Megaworld and its subsidiary, middle-income residential developer Empire East, presently have 18 completed buildings in Makati, most of which are right in the central business district. Megaworld is in the process of finishing four pre-selling developments, namely the super high-end developments Two Central and Three Central in Salcedo Village, Paseo Heights also in Salcedo Village, and Greenbelt Hamilton in Legaspi Village. In the following years, Empire East will set in motion the development and completion of the four towers comprising San Lorenzo Place, which will round up the 26 developments.

Asked about the reason behind the strong sales of the aforementioned properties, Lozano replied, “Our residential condominiums in Makati are within the prime locations of the central business district, not in the outskirts of the city. So we tell our buyers, ‘why get a Makati condo away from the CBD if you can have everything here already?’”

He added, “At the end of the day, location is key. Condos in Makati CBD definitely provide higher return of investment if you decide to rent it out or re-sell in the future compared to those outside the CBD.”

Megaworld assures that they will deliver only high-quality residential condominiums by working with some of the country’s best contractors, such as EEI Corporation and Datem, both of which have “AAA” accreditation. In addition, the real estate developer has tapped the likes of international design firm Gettys for many of their projects, and has also consigned world-famous brands like Hansgrohe, Kohler, and Elba for their super high-end developments’ bathroom and kitchen fixtures.

Units in Megaworld’s high-end developments go for Php 120,000-139,000/sqm, whereas super high-end units start at Php 140,000/sqm. The real estate company predicts a total sales number of Php 12 billion from the four pre-selling projects alone, noting that all Two Central units are spoken for, while the other three have already passed the half mark in sold units.


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