As RE/MAX continues to grow in over 90 countries, RE/MAX has finally set foot in the Philippines to offer franchising opportunities to established real estate brokers who are looking to grow and expand their business globally.  One of the goals of RE/MAX in the Philippines is to help real estate brokers succeed in their business RE/MAX franchise. Most of the real estate practitioners in the Philippines are faced with common challenges in areas of recruiting and retaining agents, training and developing the skills of their agents, managing expenses, generating leads, and effective use of technology.Each of these areas playa big part in the success of a brokerage, just as a deficiency in one of them can cause big problems. RE/MAX offers business solutions to the myriad of business challenges most real estate practitioners are dealing with especially in today’s ever changing market. The RE/MAX support system is here to enhance, not interfere.

In the world of real estate – credibility and reputation is everything. On any career path, the natural progression is to continually strive for improvement – to get bigger, better and more efficient. “In real estate, RE/MAX is that inevitable and ultimate goal that many strive for. If you’ve spent a number of years trying to figure out how to outperform competition in an ever changing market, you then owe it to yourself – and your agents – to explore all that RE/MAX has to offer. RE/MAX has achieved the status as the top-selling real estate company in the world which earned its title as the worlds’ no. 1 real estate brand”, shares Zen Carague, Country Manager for RE/MAX Philippines.  

There is a better, easier, more efficient way to run a brokerage. RE/MAX has been making it possible for brokers to reach their personal and professional goals for 40 years. There's no mystery or magic formula – just a simple, straightforward approach that rewards brokers and their agents alike. RE/MAX has enjoyed 4 decades of success around the globe because we keep things simple and stick to what works. When one becomes a RE/MAX franchisee, they will have the right to operate under the RE/MAX brand giving them instant global recognition and instant credibility which results to more business. Additionally, they will have complete access to all of the RE/MAX training and support systems which is the best in the industry. From start-up training all the way down to compensation plans to marketing and business operations. Part of the core benefits and services we provide our franchisees is the monthly live sales-training event, 24/7 on-demand e-learning courses through RE/MAX University online, access to localized contracts for all types of real estate transactions, assistance in documentations, assistance in recruiting agents, access to an exclusive and advanced intranet site which has an excellent contact management system, library of marketing templates for drip campaign to be used for e-newsletter and e-flyers. On top of all that, the franchisee will also be able to network and promote their listings globally through the RE/MAX global Multiple Listing System, and do business to business with over 155,000 RE/MAX associates worldwide.  RE/MAX also does regular onsite visits and consultations because our franchisees’ needs are always top-of-mind.”

RE/MAX shows you how to be in business for yourself, but not by yourself; The RE/MAX way is not to tell you how to run your business but rather support you in running your business the way you see fit. You are the expert in your market, and RE/MAX respect that. Each RE/MAX office is individually owned and operated. Brokers have full autonomy to run their business to their regional market demands. Franchise agreements do not enforce rules to operate the business and cannot dictate policy.

To date, RE/MAX has three (3) successful franchisees on board: RE/MAX Asyenda, operating out in Pasig City, RE/MAX Sparc with an office in Makati City, and RE/MAX Regent Properties operating in the Central Business District in Makati City.

For interested entrepreneurs and real estate practitioners, you can call at 511-1429 to 30 or to visit and attend one of our RE/MAX weekly FREE events held every Thursday, from 4 p.m. to 5:30 p.m. at the RE/MAX Philippines head office, 25th Floor, Citibank Tower, 8741 Paseo de Roxas St., Makati City. You may also visit: or email at:


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Get your home flood-ready this monsoon season

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Typhoon season home flood preparedness MyProperty Philippines indoor flooding

June marks the beginning of the rainy season and with this in mind, households are rushing to get their homes ready to handle the coming downpours. Unfortunately, it is not just injury and loss of life that you need to worry about. In 2016, Super Typhoon Lawin left in its wake over 46,000 houses that were either partially or completely damaged.

For many people who live close to bodies of water and within low-lying areas, flooding is one of the causes of property damage. A study by PreventionWeb, a site that provides information for disaster reduction, revealed that in the Philippines, the average annual loss due to flooding from 1990 to 2014 reached $545.43 million.

As a highly effective flood prevention program has yet to be put in action, rising water will continue to be a problem in large areas of the country. But the good news is, there are certain methods that will keep damage to your home as minimal as possible.


Preparing months ahead

● If you do not have homeowners’ insurance, it would be best to get one immediately to ensure that your home and possessions will be covered. Fire insurance is the most common type of coverage, but a more comprehensive package includes acts of God, including typhoon and flood damage.

● If you have a lawn, redesign it in such a way that it will lead rain water away from your property and towards the street, where they can flow into larger sewers instead.

● Inspect your roof’s rain gutters to make sure they are still in good condition. Repair or replace parts are loose or damaged to avoid having the whole system collapse when it actually rains.

● Apply waterproofing to parts of your home that may end up submerged in flood, such as wooden stairs and flooring.

● Look closely if spots in your ceiling are discolored as this can indicate that water is already leaking from it. This can lead to a cave-in and even indoor flooding so it is best to repair it right away.

Typhoon season home flood preparedness MyProperty Philippines wood deck stain varnish brushing
Waterproofing a wooden deck. Photo via Depositphotos

● Check all windows for broken or missing glass panes, which can let water into the house. Make sure that the hinges and locks are in good condition as well so that they stay closed if the rain is accompanied by strong winds.

● Reinforce walls with waterproof sealant and re-caulk doors and windows to seal them.

● Store all important documents like birth certificates, passports, and work papers in a waterproof box and put them in a bedroom upstairs or a cabinet that is beyond the reach of typical flood levels.

● Install high wall shelves where you can keep some of your belongings as far from the ground as possible.

● Walk through your neighborhood to find out how high flood levels can get. Ask your neighbors or look for tell-tale signs such as water stains on walls or marks on sign posts. This will help you determine how high your furniture and appliances need to be raised in the event of a major flood.


Whenever bad weather is announced

● Check outdoor drains and clear them of debris or anything that will cause clogging.

● Sweep up dead plants, leaves, and twigs that can be carried off by rain water to keep them from blocking drains. In fact, you can stay ahead by trimming your property’s trees and shrubs of parts that may come loose during a storm.

● Close off doors and windows with sandbags. If possible, take large sheets of plastic and lay them on the sandbags for a more effective sealing method.

● Put big electrical appliances like the refrigerator and the washing machine on a raised platform.

● Roll up rugs or carpets and put them away to keep them dry.

Typhoon season home flood preparedness MyProperty Philippines sandbags sandbagging
Sandbags sealing a door. Photo via Depositphotos

● Take any harmful chemicals that are kept on a ground-level cabinet and place them on a high shelf so they won’t accidentally spill when the flood water comes in.

● If your basement is not built to withstand pressure from rising flood water, it would be best to open the windows and let the water in. This will keep the pressure equal on both sides and prevent heavy damage on your property.

● Bring any outdoor furniture into the house to avoid water damage and to keep them from being washed away.

● If your area is known for extreme flooding, bring food preparation appliances like your microwave or toaster to the second floor. Aside from keeping them from getting flooded, having them—as well as dinnerware, food, and water—upstairs means you will not be at risk of getting hungry or thirsty until waters subside or you are rescued in case flood water gets too high at the ground floor.

● Look for a place in your area high enough to safely park your car so it does not get submerged in flood.


During heavy rains, make sure you tune in to weather updates on the radio, television, or online. Make sure your mobile phones are fully charged in case you need to make emergency calls. Should announcements be made that your area needs to be evacuated, move quickly. Keep in mind that it is more important for you to get your family to a safe place than it is to save your belongings, so do not hesitate to leave your house if the situation calls for it.



Main photo via Depositphotos

Megaworld Announces 71% Growth for 2012

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Megaworld Group
, a real estate conglomerate led by business mogul Andrew Tan, declared a total sales number of P63.5 billion for 2012, which is 71% higher than its 2011 sales performance. These real estate sales, which comprise a total of 550,000 square meters sold, were delivered by its three brands – Megaworld for the luxury market, Empire East for the middle-income segment; and Suntrust, which offers more affordable projects.

In a statement released by Megaworld, they credited their success in 2012 to their “superior portfolio and sterling track record in the Philippine property market.”

Counting on its positive outlook for the 2013 real estate market, Megaworld is expecting to reach a capex spending of P35 billion this year and is planning to launch 10 new projects for the first half of the year.

Megaworld is recognized for township communities that promote their live-work-play principle, such as their real estate developments in Eastwood City (Quezon City), Newport City (Pasay City) and McKinley Hill (Taguig City).




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The Urban Land Institute (ULI) recently released their property development predictions for 2013 entitled Emerging Trends in Real Estate®. The Asia Pacific version provided some very interesting analyses about the Philippine real estate market, all of which are relevant in understanding the present local property scene, as well as what may need to be done in order to see a definite boost in the industry.

Here are some of the highlights of the report:

The Philippines as an emerging real estate player
Foreign investors are seeing the Philippines as a “frontier market”. Although there is said to be a long list of risks connected to investing in real estate in the country (small scale, prevalent corruption, lengthy holding periods, etc.), the benefits are just as numerous (prime land, high internal rate of return, properties as “low hanging fruit”, etc.).

The present Philippine real estate market in a nutshell
Currently, the Philippines is seen to have experienced strong growth and has garnered a reputation for transparency, which are its main advantages. Largely responsible for driving local real estate forward is the business-process outsourcing (BPO) industry, which is said to take up 70-80% of new offices in the country. On the other hand, investing in the Philippines might be tricky for foreigners as law requires that they have a local partner who will own majority of the property. Although certain changes to this requirement are under way, they may not be put into effect until 2016, when a new administration is in place.

Manila as a real estate investment hotspot
In the past years, Manila has always found itself near the bottom of the list of investment destinations. However, the capital is now climbing up the ranks due to recent improvements in the Philippines (economic growth, transparency, and the increasing presence of foreign companies due to BPO facilities). It is reiterated, though, that international investment is hindered by the local majority ownership law.


Thumbnail courtesy of Wayne Ruston


It’s hardly a secret that people choose condo living to make sure they live close to everything, particularly their workplace. Case in point: most developers these days have been constructing condos right in business districts like Makati, Taguig, and Pasig to address this growing need. Local residential developer Vista Residences is no exception: in fact, they’re taking it a step further by bridging the gap between residential and professional life through their Ortigas-based development, The Currency.

Located at the corner of Doña Julia Vargas Avenue and F. Ortigas Jr. Avenue, The Currency by Vista Residences combines residential and professional spaces in one development. (Photo courtesy of Vista Residences)

The Currency, a two-tower development named in reference to Ortigas’ reputation as a financial district, was hailed as BCI Asia’s Top 12 Buildings in 2011. Sitting on a 2,015-sqm lot at the corner of F. Ortigas Jr. Avenue (formerly Emerald Avenue) and Doña Julia Vargas Avenue, the 32-story development  is designed to house residential units and office spaces under one roof.

In an address to real estate and lifestyle bloggers, Vista Residences HRB Division Head Beth Kalaw said, “The Currency, which is being constructed in full swing, is an ideal choice for those whose time is precious and who need to instantly attend to their work or their family. When other condominiums offer proximity, we offer immediate access and true convenience. There will be no more travel time to speak of as your home or your business is just literally a doorstep away.”

To make sure that people who reside in The Currency still get full privacy while sharing a tower with corporate occupants, residential units are located in one wing of the development, the offices in another. Each wing has a set of amenities specific to the needs of the ones occupying it. For instance, the corporate wing has its own restaurant, while the residential wing is built with a swimming pool and a gym.

The residential and corporate wings do share certain features vital to comfortable and secure living. Aside from having a grand lobby to welcome guests and residents, both also offer podium and basement parking, round-the-clock security, a CCTV system, and powerful standby generators.

The Currency’s location also allows occupants easy access to different shopping malls like Megamall, Robinson’s Galleria, and The Podium Shangri-La Plaza; as well as recreational establishments such as El Pueblo, The Strip and Metrowalk.

According to The Currency Project Head Wendy Waterhouse, prices for residential spaces are set according to the type of unit: studio types (25.00-27.00 sqm) are sold for Php 3-3.3 million, 1-bedroom units (28.00-33.00 sqm) go for Php 4-4.5 million, and 2-bedroom units (46.50 sqm) can be purchased for Php 5-6 million. She also notes that they accept month-long reservations of Php 25,000 for studio units, Php 30,000 for 1-bedroom units, and Php 40,000 for 2-bedroom units.

Vista Residences estimates date of completion for the first tower of The Currency, which is already 65-70% sold out, to be June 2015.

For more information on The Currency or any developments by Vista Residences, you can call them at 697-0263 or 0999-887-1705, or email them at



The residential and the corporate wings of The Currency by Vista Residences will each have a lobby for guests. (Photo courtesy of Vista Residences)

A swimming pool is one of the amenities available in the residential wing of The Currency by Vista Residences. (Photo courtesy of Vista Residences)

Studio-type units (25.00-27.00 sqm), 1-bedroom units (28.00-33.00 sqm), and 2-bedroom units (46.50 sqm) are available in The Currency by Vista Residences. (Photo courtesy of Vista Residences)

As a residential and corporate development, The Currency by Vista Residences also offers office spaces ranging from 22.00-66.50 sqm. (Photo courtesy of Vista Residences)


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Patrick Dewey Fajardo, Jr.Mr. Patrick Dewey Fajardo, Jr. is March’s Seller of the Month!

Patrick is a licensed real estate broker who owns Ayana Realty Services. As soon as he joined MyProperty, he availed of a one-year contract and immediately started listing over 200 of his properties. Shortly after, he received multiple inquiries regarding his listings, selling a number of properties and leasing even more.

Patrick claims that the ease of using the listing service is what encourages him to repeatedly advertise through, and why he recommends it to his fellow brokers.

He credits for playing a part in his company’s success. In his own words: “My business became more productive because of your website. Thank you so much and more power to MyProperty!”

Congratulations on being Seller of the Month, Patrick, and we wish you and your company more success!


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UPDATE: March 1, 2013

Ms. Cathrina Myla Lim-AchacosoThe contest is over, the result is in and the winner is Ms. Cathrina Myla Lim-Achacoso! Congratulations!

Cathrina works full time at Studio 23 and is a licensed part-time real estate broker. She uses to search for properties for her mother and other relatives.

"I'm so glad I joined!" Cathrina said. "Thanks to! God bless you and more power!"
She and her husband recently got married in August 2012, and are both thrilled about Cathrina's prize.
Congratulations again and we hope you and your husband enjoy your overnight stay at the Oakwood Premier!
UPDATE: February 26, 2013

Thank you to everyone who participated and stay posted with our Facebook Fanpage and Monthly Email Newsletters for upcoming announcements, photos, promos, events, latest listings, and other real estate news & information from! 

For real estate listing in the Philippines, make your go-to site for house & lots, condos, townhouses, and more!


February 20, 2013

Win an Overnight stay at the Oakwood Premier Joy~Nostalg Center when you Register and Subscribe to!

Instantly enjoy the feeling of living in a new luxurious residence with a chance to win an overnight stay for 2 at the Oakwood Premier Joy~Nostalg Center Manila complete with a breakfast buffet for 2 when you register as a new user and sign up for the newsletter and Email me Updates.  

Joining is easy! All you need to do is become a registered user and subscribe to the monthly newsletter and Email me updates. Follow the easy steps below for a chance to win.


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2. Subscribe to Email Me Updates.

This feature let’s you receive the latest property listings directly in your inbox that are customized to your search criteria.

When signing up choose the required fields:

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WORLDBEX 2013: Moving and shaking global grounds

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In its tradition of organizing groundbreaking trade expositions, Worldbex Services International (WSI) is once again setting its grip on another exciting attempt as it unveils the 18th Philippine World Building and Construction Exposition – WORLDBEX 2013 “ON SOLID GROUND” touted as the Philippine’s biggest, the construction exposition will be held at the World Trade Center Manila and Philippine Trade Training Center this March 13-17, 2013 from 10AM to 8PM. As always expected, WORLDBEX 2013 will be loaded with top notching highlights such as seminars by leading industry scholars, diverse galleries, competitions and product launches.

As the building and construction’s originalities evolved, WORLDBEX has never ceased to actively sustain its rise from the ground, proven by its recorded foot traffic of 152,000 visitors before 900 booths and 500 exhibiting companies. Away from towering aesthetically pleasing edifices, practical application of emerging technologies and inventive techniques are such evidences of its ambitious progress. And now more than ever, WORLDBEX once again plays the major role in fortifying the foundations of the industry to remain ON SOLID GROUND.

In the words of WSI Founding Chairman, Joseph L. Ang, “Though the industry itself projects an already entrenched spot in the market, breakthroughs should not end there, a business should never stop surprising its market”. From an unending pursuit of improvement stems WORLDBEX core objectives of offering nothing only but the best, “That is what one will find in WORLDBEX 2013, the up and coming trends, the breakthroughs, possible collaborations to support the industry, it is an intellectual exposition knocking right at the center of the country” stressed Chairman Ang.

And in the light of providing solid knowledge the show will feature local speakers in the likes of Ms. Gemma Cruz-Araneta, Arch. Daniel Lichauco and Archt. Philip Recto and international speakers like Mr. Russell Cole and Mr. Theodore Chan for its 15th year series from March 14-16, 2013.

And serving as a source of inspiration and solid practices, visitors will have the chance to view works by the country’s established and rising industry artists such as Albert Yu, Felino Palafox Jr. and Jonathan Gan at the Architects and Interior Designers Gallery. Exhibits on overseas trends will also be available at the International Pavilion and Grand Embassy Pavilion. Under the real estate realm, Furniture Pavilion will showcase an exceptional collection of works from renowned developers and furniture manufacturers and distributors in cooperation with the Chambers of Furniture Industries of the Philippines.  

To foster a solid experience, the show’s intercollegiate interior design competition OBRA MAESTRA presented in partnership with Wilcon Depot and in cooperation with Council of Interior Design Educators will test the country’s budding interior design students on how they will effortlessly blend the timeless appeal classics with the trendy ambiance of contemporary design in TRANSCENDENCE: Classical Accents in Contemporary Settings.

And to promote solid innovation, respected brands of the industry like Pacific Paints, the name behind BOYSEN Philippines will introduce “COOL SHADES” their new water based, heat reflective colored roof coating, Puyat Flooring’s APO Real Wood made from 100% solid wood will also be presented as well as Akari’s newly designed LED bulbs, Puyat Steel’s APO Galfan Sheets and Coils for extreme industrial applications, Matimco House of Wood and Jaro Glass’ collection of Modern Aluminum Folding doors and Seamless Aluminum Curtain Wall System.

As a prime mover and shaker of the building and construction sector in the country, WORLDBEX is bent on providing the industry with ways that brings improvement to every Filipino’s way of living. With a roster of top professionals and opportunities for enhancement, greater innovations are surely on its way. WORLDBEX 2013 guarantees a stimulating exposition through “ON SOLID GROUND”, the 18th Philippine World Building and Construction Exposition, running from March 13-17, 2013 at the World Trade Center Manila and the Philippine Trade Training Center. 

As part of their expansion plan in the South and other areas in the country, Ayala Land’s affordable housing division Avida Land recently revealed its plans to develop the Philippines’ very first large-scale mixed used development, South Park District.

To be based in the old location of a Nestlé coffee factory in Alabang, Muntinlupa, South Park District will be a 6.6-hectare, P12-billion development to be built over a 10-year period. It will become part of a roster of Ayala Land, Inc. developments in the area that also include Madrigal Business Park, Alabang Town Center and Avida Towers Alabang.

Staying true to its concept of “Part City. Part Nature. Pure South.” the development will consist of residential condos, a regional mall that will house several international and local shops, and office buildings (including BPO offices that are expected to create around 16,000 jobs), all converging in a central park. On top of that, South Park District will also have a terminal for public transport, a taxi bay, and an area for buses and jeepneys, as well as covered walks and sheds.

December 2012 saw the launch of the first of the two towers comprising Avida Towers Altura, South Park’s maiden residential condo project. The tower has a total of 433 units composed of studio-type, one-bedroom, and two-bedroom choices, ranging in price from P1.8 million to P6 million each. Over the course of South Park District’s development, six more towers will be built in addition to Altura.

According to Avida Land President Christopher Maglanoc, South Park District is only the first of many major projects they plan on launching in 2013. “With the upbeat macroeconomic environment, low interest rates, and growing middle class, we will continue with our expansion into new geographies and new products to cater to our target market of middle class home buyers,” he said.


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Tagaytay is one of the most popular tourist hotspots in the Philippines, with its lush scenery and easy, laid-back way of life. Avida Land is giving people a chance to reside within this rich landscape with its newest offering and first vacation home development: Asilo Tagaytay.

Asilo Tagaytay by Avida LandNamed for the Tagalog term “silong” meaning to take shelter, Asilo is built to be a relaxing haven for urban dwellers who want to get away from it all and live amidst the cool Tagaytay climate. It is a mixed-use development that combines a comfortable residential area and a variety of shopping places and recreational spots.

According to Ayala Land Inc. Innovation and Design Group Vice President and Chief Architect Joel Luna, Avida envisions Asilo to be “a convergence point where residents, travelers, and vacationers can enjoy the best that Tagaytay has to offer.”

Asilo’s façade evokes the feeling of old Tagaytay: a rustic and homey environment with a modern touch. “We don’t want the property to look like something transplanted from the city. It’s really Tagaytay’s unique location that sets the overall context of the development,” Luna said.

Inside, residents get to enjoy units that are more spacious than those offered in typical urban condos. Floor areas start from 22 sqm up to 80 sqm, and more units are built with balconies to allow its residents to truly enjoy the view provided by the beautiful Taal Lake and Volcano.

Asilo is located near the Tagaytay National Highway and the Aguinaldo Highway. It is also in close proximity to the Rotonda, the Our Lady of Lourdes Parish Church, businesses, hospitals and several schools, ensuring that residents will have no problem getting to and from these establishments and more.

Avida ensures residents that Asilo possesses the “Five Condo Must-Haves,” namely a structure that allows natural ventilation and lighting; fewer units on every floor; sensible amenities; emergency power; and flexible payment terms. Just like all of Ayala’s developments, the Asilo will be maintained by the Ayala Property Management Corporation to ensure the property’s great condition.

Unit prices range from P2 million to P8 million. For inquiries about Asilo Tagaytay or any of Avida’s developments, visit,or call (+632) 848 5200 (within Metro Manila) and 1-800-10 848-5200 (outside Metro Manila).

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