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The CALABARZON region is a notable vacation retreat and an emerging economic hotspot. Most of the time, people come to the area to enjoy hot springs, beach resorts, heritage sites, various local delicacies, and vibrant festivals. The proximity of the region to Metro Manila makes it more convenient for metro inhabitants to travel to and from their homes to savor such a refreshing and lively respite.

Even before the pandemic, the Philippines has been battling with heavy rains and typhoons every year. And because everything is now centered in the home, it is crucial to keep your home safe and well-equipped to withstand the ravaging winds and rain.

While it is still the summer season, you can start preparing so you and your family will be safe in your home, and reassured against the threat of thunderstorms. Here are a couple of things you can do to secure your home against these natural threats:

Being a tropical country, the Philippines is battered by numerous typhoons every year. As a result, typhoon-proofing techniques were developed by businesses to withstand such weather disasters. Social media users show several ways to secure your home during strong winds, floods, and heavy rain. Others report that they renovated their houses in order to install features that can reduce damage to their homes and properties.

Our mother’s tender loving care shapes who we are as a child and as we grow up. With their unconditional love and numerous sacrifices, words of appreciation for them are simply not enough. 

With Mother’s Day just around the corner, there are various ways to show our deep appreciation for our moms. And because COVID-19 restrictions keep people from dining outside, food delivery and handmade gifts can make your mom happy on her special day. 

Here are five awesome home décor gifts you can give this Mother’s Day.

With most of us staying and doing all sorts of activities indoors, homes are gearing towards having open space concepts to accommodate various leisure activities. As COVID-19 protocols prompt people to work and learn from home, the new normal has paved the way for them to spend more time with their families and reconsider the relevance of their spaces. 

Whether indoors or outdoors, your home’s space plays an essential role in your overall wellness. Having ample space for leisure, productivity, and fitness helps you become more active, especially now that you spend more time at home.

That being said, here are three ways open spaces help homebuyers embrace the new normal and how they improve their mental and physical well-being: 

It is no secret that when hunting for your new home, you’ll most likely compromise on a few things on your must-haves. Since it is rare to find a property that ticks all of your wants and needs, you must assess the pros and cons and let go of a few things on the list. Doing so means snagging a good deal as a first-time home buyer and young professional. But if there is one thing that you shouldn’t compromise on, it is your future home’s location.

While you can change the paint color or the kitchen and bathroom counter finishes, your residential area’s location shapes the way you live. Here are five reasons you shouldn’t compromise on your home’s location:

The Philippines’ metropolitan areas and emerging real estate hotspots offer many condominium developments for urbane buyers to choose from and start their upscale lifestyle. You could find some condo units that fit your budget and lifestyle preferences but there can also be a lingering feeling that your potential home might not be the fitting abode for you. 

Hesitating whether your new home is “the one” is actually a pretty familiar feeling. For most buyers, it is because they wouldn’t want to make the mistake of buying the “wrong” home. Not only will it cost your bank account, but also your wellness and lifestyle choices.

As such, it is crucial to determine whether or not you’ve found the right home. The good news is there are signs that indicate that you have already found the right condo. They might not be obvious at the beginning, but you might get to see them during your house hunts and think about them more seriously.  Here are four indicators that signal that a condo is suited for you:

As the summer season approaches, many are craving to take a dip in a swimming pool or cold spring. A lot of people in Metro Manila are dreaming of taking vacations outside of the city–some can only dream about the white sand beaches of Boracay Island, others prefer to visit the pristine sand bars of Leyte, while others are raring to dip in the sapphire waters of Batangas. You might even catch yourself daydreaming about how convenient it is to have a pool by the yard, given all these restrictions in our GCQ bubble. 

Thinking about installing a pool in your home this summer? Pick from these five swimming pool designs to suit your home and lifestyle.

For years, overseas Filipino workers (OFWs) have been a dominant force in the real estate market. Even before the pandemic hit, many OFWs invested in homes to provide their families with more comfortable places to live. Plus, these investments are part of their retirement plans should they decide to settle in the Philippines permanently.

While many OFWs invest in properties as their primary residence, others use their purchase as a source of passive income. The COVID-19 health crisis may have caused a slump in investments, but there are still pockets of opportunities for OFWs to invest in properties. Here are four property features that OFWs can look into to invest smartly amid the pandemic.

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