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Los Ba

Features of Madecor Hill Lots For SaleGeneral. Madecor Hill (MH) available for sale are on the shoulder slopes in one of two hills between the old and new campuses of UPLB. On top of the hill is the residence and office of the developer, Madecor Hill Development and Management Corporation (MHDMC). The MH is adjacent to the old campus particularly the dairy farms and the lots are accessible through Animal Science Road at the edge of the dairy farms going to Barangay Tungtungin, Los Banos. Electricity is provided by Meralco and water from deep well for the whole MH Subdivision. MH is environment conservation conscious development with a number of wildlife taking refuge in its nook and cranies. Fruits for birds such as bignay are scattered around the hill to attract birds. Access roads are paved with two strips of concrete where the middle and the sides are planted to lawn grass.Planted with various fruit bearing trees such as rambutan, lanzones, durian, tamarind, duhat and cacao.Some lots are planted to aromatic trees such as ilang-ilang, eucalyptus and mosquito/insect repellant neem trees. The trees can be pruned or trimmed and home can be skillfully design and constructed among shady arbor. Lots are separated by low hedges, as no fencing is allowed.Lot 3 is relatively steep with an area of 574 sqm has also narra trees, rambutan, durian and other common fruit trees. Both Lot 2 and Lot 3 can also get water from the Laguna Aquatic Resources Corp., a recently privatized water utility service.

Los Ba

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