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The Country’s Premier City

The City of Manila is the capital of the Philippines. Home to more than a million people, it is a place of wonders that tell its story. From its majestic Spanish colonial buildings, you can get a sense of its past. From its modern buildings and vibrant streets, you will see the opportunities of its present. From its determined, no-nonsense vibe, you can feel the promise of its future.


Far more than being the seat of Philippine power, far more than being the most prominent city in history of the nation, Manila with its more than 60,000 business establishments, is a remarkable melting pot of different sectors, namely, commerce, banking and finance, retailing, transportation, tourism, real estate, media, advertising, legal services, accounting, insurance, theater, fashion, and the arts. It is also the country’s leading seaport because of its natural harbor, one of the finest in the world. That said, the economic, political, and cultural impact of the city on the rest of the Philippines cannot be underestimated. To paraphrase a popular ancient saying, “all roads lead to Manila.”


Diverse Real Estate Choices

Thus, Manila’s continued growth is not just inevitable—it is mandatory. The growth of the country demands the growth of the city, and the growth of the city is an imperative of the country’s economic expansion and geopolitical ascendancy, not just in Southeast Asia but in the world. In turn, the growth of the city feeds the expansion of real estate. This makes Manila as one of the places in the country where one is guaranteed diversity in real estate choices, including office space needs.


Here are some of the offices for sale in Manila:


  • A commercial townhouse along Pedro Gil that has a floor area of 379.14 sqm for Php22,750,000;
  • A commercial building in Divisoria that has a floor area of 179 sqm for Php40,000,000;
  • A four-story, 35-unit, fully-furnished dormitory building near the University of Santo Tomas (UST) in Sampaloc worth Php18,000,000;
  • A seven-story building at the back of Court of Appeals in Ermita that has an area of 180 sqm for Php100,000,000;
  • Nine parking slots with a floor area of 12.50 sqm each at ECJ Condominiums in Intramuros for Php330,000;
  • An office space unit at ECJ Condominiums in Intramuros with a floor area of 1,395.82 sqm for Php36,000,000; and
  • Another office space unit at the same building with a floor area of 405.50 sqm for Php12,652,000.


Great deals on office spaces like these, as well as the city’s character, certainly make doing business in Manila attractive. Invest on its many real estate opportunities and participate not just in the economic development of the city but of the country’s too.