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Palawan Real Property is a licensed real estate agency that offers general brokerage of real estate buying and selling of Commercial, Residential, House and Lots, Farm Lands and Beach and Island Properties in Palawan, Philippines.

Palawan Real Property is a registered trademark of Daquer Real Property Services which is registered under the Intellectual Rights of the Philippines.
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Having a set of values ensures that our day-to-day advices and decisions are made to the best interests of our clients. We work as a team. We deliver results as a team. Our common goal is to create a culture of success for both employees and clients. And, as a leading real estate agency in Palawan, we commit to operate with integrity every single day.
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Small island of Double Island : 3,000,000 $ (three millions USD)island of Double Island : 4,000,000 $ (four millions USD)Small island of Double Island : 3,000,000 $ (three millions USD)Small island description Area: 82,766 m2 71,432 m2 with 3 titles. 11,334 m2 of salvage area covered by a “tax declaration” The island is flat, covered by roughly one thousand coconut trees and surrounded by a white sand beach accessible at both high tide and low tide. The owner house (110 m2 in Ipil and White nato wood) is located in it.Big island description Area: 194,024 m2 (without the mangrove) 170,284 m2 with 5 titles. 23,740 m2 of salvage area covered by the “H.A. 045317-1676” applied to the DENR 80,000 m2 of mangrove covered by the “FLA-045317-06” applied to the DENR the north part of the island is a hill culminating at more than 15 meters high while the south part is flat and contains coconut trees. The south and southeast seashores of the island are covered by a white sand beach. The north and northeast sides are rocky with small beaches. The mangrove is located on the west side of the island (beside the fish sanctuary). The houses of the caretaker and some fishermen are located in it.NotesThe municipality is in the final steps to define its “Comprehensive Land Use Plans” (CLUP). This plan will declare the Double Island area development as a municipal priority and will upgrade its status to “General Purpose Area”. The prices will be revised after its publication. Actually, they are much lower than the beach lots in San Vicente (more than 9,000 Pesos/m2).