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Own 50% of a Private White Sand Island. 1,500,000p ($31000 usd) investment for 50% of the room bookings. We have a 10 yr lease with a 15 yr extension. We are a Canadian/Filipino  company doing various differnt projects all in Palawan, voted the #1  ISLAND IN THE WORLD 3 yrs in a row.   We have 4 hostels and 92 beds, with over 10 years Experience in the resort biz.  This is a pristine island and we are wanting  to build native style bamboo cottages and a restobar on a secluded private beach in beautiful Palawan.  The white sand is nicer than Boracay its like a fine powdery  flour, it squeaks when you walk on it. Absolutely awesome. Bar and resto partnership is also available for an additional $10,000 usd for 50% of profit less food costs and management fee. We also have a very nice jungle  eco project less then 5 min out of the city where we plan to build the same bamboo huts attracting mostly the younger backpacker crowd. Dont underestimane the Jungle it will be a big success and its only 750,000 php or $15,000usd for 50% of the room income. You can see Youtube videos of the exact private island where we ran Dugong tours last year at https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCqkpMHmG199Abe0uBSyXUrg?app=desktop   .  Please also visit our websites www.bestdivingphilippines.com  for our diving business and www.philippinesislandhopping.com  for our island hopping tours including 3 day trips to El Nido and the 2 day Dugong tours or contact us my wie Joys Facebook is Scherzingerjoy or our whatsapp is +63936 870 3054.... OH ONE MORE THING  we have 1 hectare lots for sale in San Vicente 10 min from the LONGEST WHITE SAND BEACH IN THE PHILIPPINES ONLY $6300USD Cheers Brandon and Joy
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Lot Area: 31,000 sqmPrice: 99MThe property is located in PALAWAN Province, and is one of the emerging tourist destination on the island of Busuanga. Busuanga beach is a top destination you can find in all the tourist packages offered by the local tourist agencies. It is reachable by car within 50 mins from the Coron airport.Our beach property is more than 31,000 square meters big and it consists of 10 fully titled lots facing the sunset. It is the ideal location for a high-end resort development .Right in front of our property there is a 120 mt. long clear sand beachfront and on the back side there is a portion of a small hill. The land has lots of greens from palm trees, coconut and fruit trees to tropical flowers and plants.Our property is undoubtedly located in a very prime spot and is for sure the best location you can find in the whole of Ocamocam beach , which is more than 1km long.All the other properties on Busuanga beach are smaller than ours and are no longer available for sale. They are mainly owned by foreigners.The first advantage in buying our property, especially for non-Filipino citizens, is that we can sell the whole Corporation, which is the owner of the land. This will make the whole process of buying land in the Philippines much easier and will also make the procedure of the transfer of the property titles a mere formality as the buyer of the Corporation will automatically be also the owner of the land.This is highlighted here because the procedure of the transfer of the property titles can be very difficult and time consuming in the Philippines. We experienced that our own how problematic it can be. In addition to that, our property titles are clean, taxes are all paid , no tenants , no adverse ownership claims by other parties and we can definitely demonstrate you that there is absolutely no risk for anyone who is interested in buying our property.The second big advantage is that we have already a fully approved plan to build a resort. In fact, on our property we have already 3 high standards concrete bungalows built . Our building permits are 100% correct and complete and this will allow the potential buyer to start building the resort on the same day he will buy the property. This is definitely a huge advantage considering that , with the actual situation in the Philippines , to obtain such building permits it took us almost two years of very complicated procedures both in Coron and Puerto Princesa. And, according to the latest information on our hands and due to the recent Presidential decisions on the matter of tourism sustainability , the DENR office has now an even stricter policy regarding the issue of such new permits. You can definitely believe us , this is a very big plus that will allow you to save time, money and patience too.Electricity and fresh water are already available and we have also a fresh water source inside our property that is used as a backup during the dry season.There is a telephone and internet signal on the beach. However, we have a private satellite antenna for our internet usage.This property is endorsed by a feng shui Master who visited recently, as a place of tranquility and richness.
This breathtaking property is a portion of Baranggay Osmeña, a first class municipality in Cullion, Palawan, which is only 30-45 minutes away by boat ride from the sea port of coron town, overlooking the Coron Island, home of the world famous Kayangan Lake. Other big resorts such as Two Seasons, Chindonan, Maya and Sunlight Resorts surround the area including the proposed Nickelodeon Underwater Theme Park. A big casino resort is also said to be opened in the nearby island.The 1.3 kilometers beach front is compose of fine sand, fine pebbles, and rock pebbles which are natural elements for body spa and foot massages. It is also fronted by a coved white sand swimming area.Samongan Beach got it’s name because of its’ several underwater pouches (kawa kawa) which serves as breeding ground to several fish species. Lapu-lapu, talakitok, tulingan, mulmol, isdang bato and dalagang bukid abound in the area. The presence of several pearl farms also protected the area thereby allowing the growth of colorful corals with different formations--a haven for diving enthusiasts. The underwater view brings swimming and snorkeling experience to a higher level making this place unique and exciting.  The rich fertile soil of the area makes forest trees like Narra, Mulawin, Molave, Tanguile, Iron wood and others abound. Fruit trees like Mango, Jack fruit, Coconut and Kasuy grow abundantly in the area. The trek to the mountain top is very refreshing and enjoyable. The panoramic view is breathtaking. The mountain top is ideal for unique wedding ceremonies and can be developed as a mountain park and view deck. The large ground area can accommodate a resort condotels, an area for beach lots, and several resort facilities. Natural source of fresh water that can support a resort’s full operation is also available. With the proposed Cullion International Airport which can accommodate airbuses and other types of large aircrafts, this location is forcasted to surpass the Philippines’ Boracay in terms of tourist arrivals.The whole 63 hectares property is already classified as A&D thus ready for titling.