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This stunning property has been lovingly cared for by the owners for nearly 30 years. They have embraced the natural beauty of this 158 hectare property by protecting both the land and the marine environments from unsustainable activity. The 82 hectares of timberland is protected from logging, and the coral reef is protect by a 54 hectare Marine Sanctuary, which was set up 20 years ago.There are not many places in the Philippines that have been environmentally protected so completely, and for so long, let alone a place with such incredible tranquility. The 1,000m of beach is entirely golden sand, and totally private. The two natural springs, which flow all year round, are nestled amongst the forest, near the beach. The timberland is home to a diverse range of wildlife, including monkeys, falcons and wild deer. And the marine environment is home to a very healthy range of tropical reef fish, There are also plentiful lobsters, and the corals are undamaged and extensive. The owner has also erected two observation platforms for security guards to monitor activity within the Marine Sanctuary.The property is approximately 1km long, and 2.5km wide, with a river near the main road, which runs along the rear boundary. There are also approximately 50 cashew trees, as well as coconut palms and banana trees, throughout the forest. The highest point is approximately 120m (400ft) above sea level, and has 360 degree panoramic vistas of the inland mountains, and the fringing coral reef.The resort itself is not currently open to the public, and is made up of 4 modest bungalows built in the native style. Additionally, there is a residence for the owners, a large workshop, and several storage sheds. This is an incredibly rare opportunity for you to secure a very unique property, which has been carefully protected and maintained. For further information please email our team 
BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF PROPERTY: LOCATION: Culion Island, Palawan, Philippines TYPE OF PROPERTY: Existing Island Resort LOT AREA: 240 Hectares more or less HIGHEST & BEST LAND USE: High end beach resort etc. PROPERTY FEATURES:Water availability: With fresh potable waterMobile & Internet Signal: minimal mobile and internet signal, should be upgradedBeach Frontage: kilometer golden sandy beach frontBeach sand color: golden sandPercentage of island that can be develop: 70% to 80% can be develop into high end resortTimberland: 82 hectares’ virgin timberlandSpecial Marine Feature: 54 Hectares Marine Sanctuaries The property subject of sale is located in Sitio Banban, Barangay Galoc, Culion, Palawan in the western part of Culion Island, Palawan, Philippines, facing the West Philippine Sea, accessible by land and sea transportations. Taking sea transportation using a motorized pumpboat, the place can be reached within one and one half hours. While going to the place through the sea, it passes to the newly developed Sun Light Beach Resort at Sanbag Island (Naglayan), the SOMMACO Pearl Farm and the Pass Island Resort. Taking land transportation using van or motorcycle, the place can be reached within one hour or more on an almost 75 per cent cemented road, around twenty-seven kilometers away from the town proper. It passes through Barangay Malaking Patag where the proposed International Airport is located around ten kilometers from the Safari Beach Resort and Nature Development Corporation.Currently, the resort has an existing cottages made out of light materials and semi-concrete. The upper portion of the resort is agricultural and grazing land with multi-purpose lease agreement such as reforestation project, wildlife sanctuaries preservation. It has abundant water supply even dry season. The hilly portion of the interior area of the property abounds with hard wood lumber materials and native bamboos naturally growing threat that can be used as materials for making sawali. On top of the place is a valley portion whereby beautiful distant sceneries like the West Philippine Sea, high mountains are seen. Possible air-strip can be constructed in the valley portion of the area. (For more details please see video and pictures on the place.) FLAG T application is still in the process for approval. Most the areas covered by the Alienable and Disposable Lands have been acquired by the corporation through purchase from previous occupants with waiver of rights and deed of sales.It has also a multi-purpose lease agreement for the marine areas consisting of more than fifty (50) hectares intended for marine life sanctuaries preservation, coral reef preservation, and seaweeds farming is also feasible. It has a long golden sandy beaches consisting of around one kilometer in length.One Hundred Sixty (160) hectares of the property are classified as Alienable and Disposable and the remaining Eighty-two (82) hectares are covered by the Lease Agreement which can be transferred to the new buyer for continuous lease and can be applied for stewardship with the Department of Environment and Natural Resources. The area covered by the lease is where the grazing land is located with several heads of cattle.Prior to the conversion of Culion into a municipality during the late 1990's by virtue of Republic Act 9032, the entire Culion Island Leper Colony reservation for people affected by leprosy, all lands and waters in said reservation were under the administrative control, supervision and management of the Department of Health through the Culion Sanitarium. Aside from persons affected by leprosy, there were also original inhabitants nomadically residing in different areas of the reservation, called the cultural minority people or the Tagbanuas. Hence, lepers and settlers in the reservation who have developed and occupied lands have been issued with Rights of Occupancy by the Culion Sanitarium-Department of Health. When the transfer of authority from the Department of Health to the local government unit of Culion was issued in 1998 by virtue of DOH Administrative Order No. 20-A, Series of 1998, all Rights, Permits, contracts, Deed of Sale and other conveyances approved by the Culion Sanitariium-Department of Health were likewise transferred to the municipal government of Culion and these are now the basis for issuance of Tax Declarations by the Municipal Assessor's Office.Recent survey to private and government land occupancies conducted by the DENR Cadastral Survey are still in the process of being applied for titling, hence, most lands in Culion are not yet titled but mere Rights from the Culion Sanitarium-Department of Health, Tas Declarations issued by the Assessor's Office and DENR Certificate of Occupancy.
ISLAND PROPERTY, 126 Hectares "DIPALIAN ISLAND De Carabao", Brgy. Osmena, Culion, PalawanThis 126-acre island features long stretch of stunning white sand beach frontage. The island is well-treed and 70% to 80% of the area can be developed. There is fresh potable water available minimal internet and mobile signal (should be upgraded).About the area:Culion is an island situated at the northernmost part of Palawan. It is part of the Calamian Archipelago in northern Palawan that also includes the municipalities of Busuanga, Coron, and Linapacan. During the Spanish Period, these were known as Las Islas de Calamianes, Provincia de España.The Culion sea is teeming with a total of 201 fish species including commercially important fish like Lapu-lapu (Groupers), Kanuping (Sweetlip Emperor), Maya-Maya (Snapper), Tanguige (Spanish Mackerel), Dalagang Bukid (Blue and Gold Fusiliers) and Bisugo (Breams). Squid, cuttlefish, shrimps, crabs, shellfish and sea cucumber or trepang are plentiful.Three ecosystems sustain the rich marine life of Culion: mangroves, seagrass, and corals. 17 mangrove species cover the coastline of Culion. 9 seagrass species and 47 coral genera representing 60% of the total genera found in the Philippines are found in Culion.Dipalian Island is a island and is located in Province of Palawan, Mimaropa, Philippines. The estimate terrain elevation above seal level is 67 metres. Variant forms of spelling for Dipalian Island.Dipalian Island is more than just an island in Culion, Palawan. Some have described it as "paradise", for its beauty, its remoteness and the relaxing atmosphere that reigns on the islet.The place is a perfect definition of a tropical "Paradise" . The nature is sublime and with basic infrastructure needed: tents, bathroom with fresh water. Enjoy bonfire and be teen again. Experience it and keep the memories for a lifetime.The island is currently used for layover, overnight stop-over by tourists island hopping from El Nido to Coron. Facilities include 15 Cottages and a GenSetThere is a level area suitable for landing strip development.#islandforsale #coron #palawan #elnido #dipalianisland #culion #lotsalepalawan #beachlotsalecoron #beachlotelnido #beachlotpalawan #beachlotboracay #philippineislandforsaleTERMS: CASH, or Best Offer..EXPENSES:Seller’s account;*Updated realty tax up to the year of the sale, Capital gains tax (BIR)Buyer’s account:*Documentary stamp tax (BIR)*Transfer tax (Treasurer’s office)*Registration and IT Fees (Register of Deeds)*Assessor’s office (new tax declaration)*And all other expenses not mentioned above.Earnest Money: 1% of Purchase Price, 25% Down payment upon submission of LOI, Full Payment at closing.NOTE: DIRECT BUYER'S ONLY. Showing by appointment.Please feel free to message or contact me for information.
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Lot for Sale In Coron , PalawanSlice a piece of your own paradise in the only exclusive and first class subdivision in coron, Palawan... for only P18k a month (US$ 352)!Lot Area: 175 sq.m -400 sq.mPrice:  P2,450,000 (US$ 48,237)Only 35-45 mins from Manila to Busuanga Airport, and 20mins via land travel through Busuanga National road to Fernvale. Located in the most beautiful island in the world for 3x in a row by Travel and Leisure Magazine.Our developer is very flexible and can also customize for you your own taste of Modern Asian design home based on your target budget and layout that you like.***For Foreigners,Fernvale lots are Now Available For Long Term Lease up to 75 years renewable contract, and b. Conditional Contract without limit of use of the property. . And still once you are fully paid, the developer will give you the title of the property, so you can have it as your lifetime personal use. You have two options: a. Thru 75 years renewable lease contract b. Conditional Contract without limit of use of the property. Whereas, at present Philippine law does not allow direct foreign ownership of Philippine land, but does not prevent perpetual use and possession of the same by a foreign national; Upon the Buyer’s complete payment and fulfillment of its part of this Contract, the Buyer, its heirs, assigns, and successors-in-interest, shall have the right to the irrevocable, permanent, full, and exclusive right to the use and possession of the Lot, and the Seller shall defend the Buyer’s right from all manner of adverse claims. Subject to the condition that Philippine law shall allow, or shall have been amended to as low the legal transfer of title to the Vendee’s name.Hurry! Limited lots are only available! Pls call us now...
Lot for Sale In .Coron , PalawanSlice a piece of your own paradise .in the only exclusive and first class subdivision in coron, Palawan...PRICE RANGES:    A. LOT ONLY 1. Minor road regular lot: Lot area 175 sq.m (1,883 sq.ft); P12,730 per sq.m; Lot Price P2,227,750 (US$ 42,726)2. Minor road Corner lot : Lot area 247 sq.m (2,657.72 sq.ft); P17,170 per sq.m ; Lot Price P4,240,990 (US$81,338)3. Minor road regular big lot : Lot area 400 sq.m (4,304 sq.ft); P11,070 per sq.m; Lot Price P4,428,000 (US$84,925)4. Major road regular big lot : Lot area 500 sq.m (5,380 sq.ft); P15,200 per sq.m; Lot Price P7,600,000 (US$ 145,761)   5. Minor road semi-commercial/Club view lot: Lot area 500 sq.m (5,380 sq.ft); P15,200 per sq.m; Lot Price P7,600,000 (US$ 145,761)   4. Major road commercial-Club view lot: Lot area 1000 sq.m (10,760 sq.ft); P18,620 per sq.m; Lot Price P18,620,000 (US$357,115 )Only 35-45 mins from Manila to Busuanga Airport, and 20mins via land travel through Busuanga National road to Fernvale. .Located in the most beautiful island in the world for 3x in a row by Travel and Leisure Magazine.Our developer is very flexible and can also customize for you .your own taste of Modern Asian design home based on your target budget and layout that you like.For Foreigners,Fernvale lots are Now Available For Long Term Lease up to 75 years renewable contract, and b. Conditional Contract without limit of use of the property. . And still once you are fully paid, the developer will give you the title of the property, so you can have it as your lifetime personal use. You have two options: .a. Thru 75 years renewable lease contract .b. Conditional Contract without limit of use of the property. .Ref # 3560
Area 2.1 has available with frontage along the highway This is fronting the national highway. Attached last is the schematic subdivision of the front property. I do not need to elaborate about the rapidly rising potential of this property, as you are all familiar with the area. Attached is information on our property on the National Highway, Sitio Degeboy, Barangay Guadalupe, Coron, Palawan. This property is ideal for subdivision or mixed-use urban development. The surrounding area is rapidly urbanizing. The property has a clean title, but not yet subdivided. The extra-judicial settlement of estate has been signed by the family members already, ready for notarization. The technical subdivision survey plan and its relocation have been contracted to a surveyor already. We will afterwards start the simple-subdivision approval process, and eventually the title splitting. We are now developing the grid of roads on the property group. We envision the frontal part as the future CBD of Coron, with plots for lease or sale. The rear parts are for affordable housing.  If you, client rents the area on offer, they will become part of this development. Only positive developments like a resort, hotel, restaurant, consumer goods store, apartments, garden centers, medical and spa, and other related uses will be allowed in the future CBD area. Funeral parlors, abattoirs, fabrication shops, brothels, and other uses that have negative effects on the neighborhood will not be allowed. The buyer will have to sign a Deed of Restrictions. It is near the town and near the airport has a frontage in front of Coron National Highway. ADDRESS, LOCATION AND AMENITIES  A. Address  National Highway, Sitio Degeboy, Barangay Guadalupe, Coron, Busuanga Island, Palawan  The National Highway and its bridges are all concrete now  The property has an 15-20-meter frontage along the National Highway  B. Location in Coron by Road:  1. 30 minutes to Busuanga Airport  2. 15 minutes to the center of town 3. 20 minutes to the port of Coron  4. 5 minutes to Fernvale Village  5. 15 minutes to the boat station (to go to the islands)  C. Utilities Available at the Property:  1. Electricity – 24-hours, no load shedding, available in 3-phase or single phase, no more brownouts  2. Water – The local water utility is extending its water mains to the property  3. Land Phones – None  4. Wireless / Mobile – Smart, Globe, and PLDT wireless landline signal  D. Key Amenities in Coron 1. Various small and big hotels, inns, lodges and resorts  2. 4 banks – BPI, PNB, Metrobank, and Landbank  3. Remittance – LBC, Palawan Pawnshop  4. Couriers – LBC, JRS  5. Medical – Coron Community Hospital, and several medical and dental clinics  6. Public Market, bakeshops, grocery stores, boutiques, souvenir shops, etc 7. Coron Central Terminal (boats, jeepney, boats, tricycles, for-hire vehicles)  8. Coron Municipal Port – with scheduled voyages to Manila, Batangas, Mindoro, PPC, El Nido, etc  9. Land Transport – Busses, jeepneys, tricycles, and tourist vans for hire (Hi-Ace)  10. Public & private preschools, grade schools, high schools & colleges (limited courses)  11. General, hardware & grocery stores, etc  12. Gas stations – Petron (2), shell, Caltex, and small players  13. Churches of different Christian denominations  14. Seminar / function rooms, catering facilities  15. Professional services - attorneys, accountants, doctors, civil and geodetic engineers, etc  16. Mc Donalds – pioneering fast food chain in Coron. LEGAL STATUS AND DOCUMENTS  A. The property consists of the following contiguous areas: Lot Number Title Land Area 1. Lot No G-5796 (remaining) TCT-1982 13 hectares total unsubdivided in title B. No Liabilities and Encumbrances  1. The property is not mortgaged.  2. There is no adverse ownership claim by other parties.  3. There are no overdue property taxes.  Autopass to Joint Ventures for sale only price P5000/sqm buyer will shoulder CGT etc. 
Lot Area: 31,000 sqmPrice: 99MThe property is located in PALAWAN Province, and is one of the emerging tourist destination on the island of Busuanga. Busuanga beach is a top destination you can find in all the tourist packages offered by the local tourist agencies. It is reachable by car within 50 mins from the Coron airport.Our beach property is more than 31,000 square meters big and it consists of 10 fully titled lots facing the sunset. It is the ideal location for a high-end resort development .Right in front of our property there is a 120 mt. long clear sand beachfront and on the back side there is a portion of a small hill. The land has lots of greens from palm trees, coconut and fruit trees to tropical flowers and plants.Our property is undoubtedly located in a very prime spot and is for sure the best location you can find in the whole of Ocamocam beach , which is more than 1km long.All the other properties on Busuanga beach are smaller than ours and are no longer available for sale. They are mainly owned by foreigners.The first advantage in buying our property, especially for non-Filipino citizens, is that we can sell the whole Corporation, which is the owner of the land. This will make the whole process of buying land in the Philippines much easier and will also make the procedure of the transfer of the property titles a mere formality as the buyer of the Corporation will automatically be also the owner of the land.This is highlighted here because the procedure of the transfer of the property titles can be very difficult and time consuming in the Philippines. We experienced that our own how problematic it can be. In addition to that, our property titles are clean, taxes are all paid , no tenants , no adverse ownership claims by other parties and we can definitely demonstrate you that there is absolutely no risk for anyone who is interested in buying our property.The second big advantage is that we have already a fully approved plan to build a resort. In fact, on our property we have already 3 high standards concrete bungalows built . Our building permits are 100% correct and complete and this will allow the potential buyer to start building the resort on the same day he will buy the property. This is definitely a huge advantage considering that , with the actual situation in the Philippines , to obtain such building permits it took us almost two years of very complicated procedures both in Coron and Puerto Princesa. And, according to the latest information on our hands and due to the recent Presidential decisions on the matter of tourism sustainability , the DENR office has now an even stricter policy regarding the issue of such new permits. You can definitely believe us , this is a very big plus that will allow you to save time, money and patience too.Electricity and fresh water are already available and we have also a fresh water source inside our property that is used as a backup during the dry season.There is a telephone and internet signal on the beach. However, we have a private satellite antenna for our internet usage.This property is endorsed by a feng shui Master who visited recently, as a place of tranquility and richness.
PROPERTY STATUS: Titled private island with fine, white sand, tropical beach with zoning for tourism development LOCATION: Busuanga (Coron), Calamianes Archipelago, Palawan, Philippines. Latitude 12.0536147, longitude 119.79037210000001./ West Nalaut Island, Busuanga (named Dao Island for marketing purposes) BARANGAY/AREA NAME: Barangay Maglalambay CITY: Busuanga, Palawan SELLING PRICE is inclusive of seller’s applicable taxes and fees (please contact for pricing info) LOT AREA: 137,914 sqm + 2 x Tax declarations over the non-titled area equal to 341,804 sqm FRONTAGE: Beachfront LAND CLASSIFICATION (TD): Municipal = Tourism : National = Agricultural BEST USE: Tourism Development MORTGAGED: No OTHER INFO: No structures, clean title, expired DAR pre-approvals for land-use conversion from agricultural to tourism, NCIP compliant, holding company included (further description below) DUE DILIGENCE Full due diligence pack available upon request for fully funded entities with local legal counsel appointed. Planning permissions acquired: ECC (Environmental Compliance Certificate), Local Government Unit planning permissions and building permits for 100 stand-alone villas and resort facilities/amenities. Preliminary surveys for power and water infrastructure in place, comprehensive Environmental Impact Assessment completed for model development configuration of 100 villas. Liens/Encumbrances: None. Permits and Certifications: NCIP (National Commission of Indigenous Peoples) certification of title being exempt from potential indigenous claims, Memorandum of Agreement with local indigenous community for tenure and development rights over the non-titled portion of the island currently held via tax declaration, HLURB (Housing Land Use Regulatory Board) certification of Tourism Zoning. DENR (Department of Environment and Natural Resources and DA (Department of Agriculture) certifications for Tourism Zoning of the title. Schedule a private tour today. Direct to seller with signed authority. Thank you. Xian Jay S. Dimaano, RES RE/MAX Prime PRC 11563 | DHSUD 017281 Available on Email, WhatsApp, iMessage and Viber.