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Unique Pristine Tropical Paradise For Sale Near Coron

This stunning property has been lovingly cared for by the owners for nearly 30 years. They have embraced the natural beauty of this 158 hectare property by protecting both the land and the marine environments from unsustainable activity. The 82 hectares of timberland is protected from logging, and the coral reef is protect by a 54 hectare Marine Sanctuary, which was set up 20 years ago.There are not many places in the Philippines that have been environmentally protected so completely, and for so long, let alone a place with such incredible tranquility. The 1,000m of beach is entirely golden sand, and totally private. The two natural springs, which flow all year round, are nestled amongst the forest, near the beach. The timberland is home to a diverse range of wildlife, including monkeys, falcons and wild deer. And the marine environment is home to a very healthy range of tropical reef fish, There are also plentiful lobsters, and the corals are undamaged and extensive. The owner has also erected two observation platforms for security guards to monitor activity within the Marine Sanctuary.The property is approximately 1km long, and 2.5km wide, with a river near the main road, which runs along the rear boundary. There are also approximately 50 cashew trees, as well as coconut palms and banana trees, throughout the forest. The highest point is approximately 120m (400ft) above sea level, and has 360 degree panoramic vistas of the inland mountains, and the fringing coral reef.The resort itself is not currently open to the public, and is made up of 4 modest bungalows built in the native style. Additionally, there is a residence for the owners, a large workshop, and several storage sheds. This is an incredibly rare opportunity for you to secure a very unique property, which has been carefully protected and maintained. For further information please email our team 

Lot For Sale in Coron Palawan

Lot for Sale In .Coron , PalawanSlice a piece of your own paradise .in the only exclusive and first class subdivision in coron, Palawan...PRICE RANGES:    A. LOT ONLY 1. Minor road regular lot: Lot area 175 sq.m (1,883 sq.ft); P12,730 per sq.m; Lot Price P2,227,750 (US$ 42,726)2. Minor road Corner lot : Lot area 247 sq.m (2,657.72 sq.ft); P17,170 per sq.m ; Lot Price P4,240,990 (US$81,338)3. Minor road regular big lot : Lot area 400 sq.m (4,304 sq.ft); P11,070 per sq.m; Lot Price P4,428,000 (US$84,925)4. Major road regular big lot : Lot area 500 sq.m (5,380 sq.ft); P15,200 per sq.m; Lot Price P7,600,000 (US$ 145,761)   5. Minor road semi-commercial/Club view lot: Lot area 500 sq.m (5,380 sq.ft); P15,200 per sq.m; Lot Price P7,600,000 (US$ 145,761)   4. Major road commercial-Club view lot: Lot area 1000 sq.m (10,760 sq.ft); P18,620 per sq.m; Lot Price P18,620,000 (US$357,115 )Only 35-45 mins from Manila to Busuanga Airport, and 20mins via land travel through Busuanga National road to Fernvale. .Located in the most beautiful island in the world for 3x in a row by Travel and Leisure Magazine.Our developer is very flexible and can also customize for you .your own taste of Modern Asian design home based on your target budget and layout that you like.For Foreigners,Fernvale lots are Now Available For Long Term Lease up to 75 years renewable contract, and b. Conditional Contract without limit of use of the property. . And still once you are fully paid, the developer will give you the title of the property, so you can have it as your lifetime personal use. You have two options: .a. Thru 75 years renewable lease contract .b. Conditional Contract without limit of use of the property. .Ref # 3560