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Lot for Sale In .Coron , PalawanSlice a piece of your own paradise .in the only exclusive and first class subdivision in coron, Palawan...PRICE RANGES:    A. LOT ONLY 1. Minor road regular lot: Lot area 175 sq.m (1,883 sq.ft); P12,730 per sq.m; Lot Price P2,227,750 (US$ 42,726)2. Minor road Corner lot : Lot area 247 sq.m (2,657.72 sq.ft); P17,170 per sq.m ; Lot Price P4,240,990 (US$81,338)3. Minor road regular big lot : Lot area 400 sq.m (4,304 sq.ft); P11,070 per sq.m; Lot Price P4,428,000 (US$84,925)4. Major road regular big lot : Lot area 500 sq.m (5,380 sq.ft); P15,200 per sq.m; Lot Price P7,600,000 (US$ 145,761)   5. Minor road semi-commercial/Club view lot: Lot area 500 sq.m (5,380 sq.ft); P15,200 per sq.m; Lot Price P7,600,000 (US$ 145,761)   4. Major road commercial-Club view lot: Lot area 1000 sq.m (10,760 sq.ft); P18,620 per sq.m; Lot Price P18,620,000 (US$357,115 )Only 35-45 mins from Manila to Busuanga Airport, and 20mins via land travel through Busuanga National road to Fernvale. .Located in the most beautiful island in the world for 3x in a row by Travel and Leisure Magazine.Our developer is very flexible and can also customize for you .your own taste of Modern Asian design home based on your target budget and layout that you like.For Foreigners,Fernvale lots are Now Available For Long Term Lease up to 75 years renewable contract, and b. Conditional Contract without limit of use of the property. . And still once you are fully paid, the developer will give you the title of the property, so you can have it as your lifetime personal use. You have two options: .a. Thru 75 years renewable lease contract .b. Conditional Contract without limit of use of the property. .Ref # 3560
This property is located only a few kilometers (8 km or 12 minutes) out of Coron in Barangay Guadalupe along a paved concrete road.Coron, on the island of Busuanga is currently experiencing a boom in tourism and it will continue as more attractions developing and the international airport will open phase 1 in 2021 and phase 5 in 2025.The total lot area is 4000 (5000) square meter. On 3 sides it is fenced by a 2 meter concrete wall. The street frontage is about 70 meters.As of today we have a tax declaration (residential) for this property. According to Republic Act 10023 ( Residential Free Patent Act) a residential property can be titled after 10 years of ownership/ occupation.Like in Boracay most parts of the island of Busuanga aren’t classified yet and still remain as unclassified public forest. Our Gouverneur Alvarez requested already the classification at the Senate with House bill 7001.The house with a140 square meter ground floor got a two story building permit when it was built in year 2009. We realized only the first floor and a second floor can be added at any time.When in year 2013 the typhoon Yolanda hit our island we were off grid for 3 month, instead of running a generator we used solar energy to run all our appliances and we do that until today!!! Some other highlights are imported sound proof double glass windows, so you can sleep, even the neighbors celebrating a wedding party all night.The water supply is coming from our deep well and even in the dry season it will deliver enough water for the household.In our beautiful garden we have added a small swimming pool, size 6m x 4m for the kids or refreshing during a hot summer day.