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15 Hectares (149,311 Square Meters) White-fine-sandy Beach Titled-Lot, Bagambangan Island, Pical, Linapacan, Palawan, Philippines - AVAILABLE FOR SALEFeatures: 15 Minutes by motorboat from El Nido, find this piece fronting unexplored beach paradise features; fine-sandy beaches, amazing clear water for snorkeling. Bagambangan Island mostly surrounded by numerous mostly deserted islands, you will find million years old Seniora caves, an old Spanish fortress, cliff diving straight into the ocean, and even jungle trails for avid hikers. There are also two shipwrecks, excellent opportunities to develop diving quarters and campgrounds.In between El Nido and Coron sits another paradise known as Linapacan a group of unspoiled islands, generally of~^~^~eat yet overflowing with potential. Linapacan, formerly a part of Coron, comprises of 52 islands and islets scattered over the rich waters of northern Sulu Sea. There is no five-star hotel or resort on the island but those who wish to spend a night there will surely be sleeping underneath billions of stars. With its raw and idyllic beauty, gives us a glimpse of the unspoiled wonders of this side of Palawan. Potable water is available, and good cell phone signals.#beachlotpalawan #beachlottaytaypalawan #beachlotcoronpalawan #beachlotelnido #islandsalepalawan #lotsalepalawan #lotsaleelnidopalawanTerms: CASH, or Best OfferEXPENSES:Seller's Account; Real Estate Property Taxes, Capital Gains TaxBuyer's Account; Transfer Tax, Documentary Stamps, Registration Fees, Surveyor Fee & relocation (When required), Attorney Fee, and notarial fees, and all other related expenses (if any).NOTE: Please, direct buyer/s ONLY. Showing and tripping by appointment.For more information. Thank you for visiting.
PROPERTY DESCRIPTION This Island is located at Municipality of Linapacan Palawan near Ariara Resort in between Coron and El Nido. It has a total land area of 130 hectares more or less (20 hectares tilted while the remaining areas are Tax Declarations) certified by DENR as Alienable and Disposable. It has a source ofclear fresh water and planted by different kinds of fruit trees such as 300 pcs coconut bearing trees, 50 hectares Cashew trees and harvest almost 8 tons, Mango trees, jackfruit trees and others. EndangeredBirds, cows and other wild animals is also found in the Island's virgin forest. The beachesaround the islandare all powdery white sand. The sea is naturally deep ideal for scuba diving and other sea sports activities. More or less 70% to 90% of the islandcan be developedunlike other islandswhere big portion have rock formations. An island is very potential for Luxury Resort, Yacht clubbing and the best tourist destination for Island hopping. Any developer can build an Airportdue to the flat terrain. It is near to differentsmaller Islands which is populated and has available amenities. Cell Phone signal is available like SMART Wi-Fi. Linapacan Island is well known and considered as one of the clearest water in the World. TOTAL LAND AREA: 1,317,839 sq.m. more or less PORTION FOR SALE: 973,599 sqm (owned by one Person) ASKING PRICE: 500.00 per sqm as per BIR Zonal Value as of 2017 is 400.00 per sqm *PRICE IS NEGOTIABLE Note: A portion owned by one Person: 973,599 sq.m composed of 3 Titles and 13 Tax Declarations *13 Tax Declarations: 773,599 sqm *3 Titles: 200,000 sq.m 11 Tax Declarations Other Owners: 344,240 sq.m DOCUMENTS: Titles, Tax Declarations, Tax Map, Vicinity Map, DENR Certification as Alienable and Disposable To reach the area: Manila to Puerto Princesa City -Via Airplane(1 Hour) Puerto Princesa City to El Nido -Charteredplane(45min) Bus/Private vehicle (6 hrs) El nido to Island_By boat(2.5hrs) Sibaltan or Dipnay to Island (Boat 1.5hrs) Note: WITH EXCLUSIVE AUTHORITY TO SELL For more details and inquiry: Broker Mellysa Tibay-Derial Real Estate Broker Associate, Keller Williams Makati CBD PRC REBL No.0030187;ID No.1901142 valid until 8/15/22; PTR No. 139547 until 12/2020 HLURB Reg.#001363 valid until 12/2020
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ISLAND PROPERTY, 126 Hectares "DIPALIAN ISLAND De Carabao", Brgy. Osmena, Culion, PalawanThis 126-acre island features long stretch of stunning white sand beach frontage. The island is well-treed and 70% to 80% of the area can be developed. There is fresh potable water available minimal internet and mobile signal (should be upgraded).About the area:Culion is an island situated at the northernmost part of Palawan. It is part of the Calamian Archipelago in northern Palawan that also includes the municipalities of Busuanga, Coron, and Linapacan. During the Spanish Period, these were known as Las Islas de Calamianes, Provincia de España.The Culion sea is teeming with a total of 201 fish species including commercially important fish like Lapu-lapu (Groupers), Kanuping (Sweetlip Emperor), Maya-Maya (Snapper), Tanguige (Spanish Mackerel), Dalagang Bukid (Blue and Gold Fusiliers) and Bisugo (Breams). Squid, cuttlefish, shrimps, crabs, shellfish and sea cucumber or trepang are plentiful.Three ecosystems sustain the rich marine life of Culion: mangroves, seagrass, and corals. 17 mangrove species cover the coastline of Culion. 9 seagrass species and 47 coral genera representing 60% of the total genera found in the Philippines are found in Culion.Dipalian Island is a island and is located in Province of Palawan, Mimaropa, Philippines. The estimate terrain elevation above seal level is 67 metres. Variant forms of spelling for Dipalian Island.Dipalian Island is more than just an island in Culion, Palawan. Some have described it as "paradise", for its beauty, its remoteness and the relaxing atmosphere that reigns on the islet.The place is a perfect definition of a tropical "Paradise" . The nature is sublime and with basic infrastructure needed: tents, bathroom with fresh water. Enjoy bonfire and be teen again. Experience it and keep the memories for a lifetime.The island is currently used for layover, overnight stop-over by tourists island hopping from El Nido to Coron. Facilities include 15 Cottages and a GenSetThere is a level area suitable for landing strip development.#islandforsale #coron #palawan #elnido #dipalianisland #culion #lotsalepalawan #beachlotsalecoron #beachlotelnido #beachlotpalawan #beachlotboracay #philippineislandforsaleTERMS: CASH, or Best Offer..EXPENSES:Seller’s account;*Updated realty tax up to the year of the sale, Capital gains tax (BIR)Buyer’s account:*Documentary stamp tax (BIR)*Transfer tax (Treasurer’s office)*Registration and IT Fees (Register of Deeds)*Assessor’s office (new tax declaration)*And all other expenses not mentioned above.Earnest Money: 1% of Purchase Price, 25% Down payment upon submission of LOI, Full Payment at closing.NOTE: DIRECT BUYER'S ONLY. Showing by appointment.Please feel free to message or contact me for information.