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THE BEST SPOT ON THE BEST ISLAND IN THE WORLD Own a slice of Palawan - the 'best island in the world', with a refined suburban lifestyle away from the busy and congested cities. The Miren Enclaves is an exclusive oasis in the heart of Puerto Princesa City, Palawan, where you can have a relaxing retreat in the most beautiful island in the world. The Miren Enclaves most definitely can serve as your primary domicile; or your premium accommodation for great vacations; or perhaps your home for retirement, all in a well-appointed and secured community. LIVING IN THE MIREN ENCLAVES From the quality heritage of DDT Konstract, Inc., DataLand Residentials empowers families and professionals to fulfill their aspiration of owning their first home, or even their first investment. At DataLand Residentials, your dreams come first. VALUE FOR INVESTMENT The whole development and community of The Miren Enclaves is an ideal investment that may provide you with year-round rental income. Given the project’s limited number of units, you can enjoy an exclusive enclave that’s private and uniquely crafted for people like you — the discerning few. Exclusive, Secure, Relaxing Environment, Country Club Feel, Conducive to Family Stays, Retirement Haven DEDICATED PROPERTY MANAGEMENT The development is professionally managed to provide quality living while preserving your investment’s value. OUR AMENITIES The Miren Enclaves' exclusive living philosophy provides you and your guests an opportunity to immerse in an inspiring exclusive community with top-notch amenities. Adult & Kiddie Pool, Open Lawn/Activity Area, Parking Area, Clubhouse, Play Area ONE BEDROOM UNIT 1 Bedroom and 2 Bedroom/2 Storey Units TWO BEDROOM UNIT 1 Bedroom and 2 Bedroom/2 Storey Units LOCATION The Miren Enclaves is strategically located near Puerto Princesa's newest International Airport, tourist destinations, and other establishments like malls, schools, transport hubs, hospitals and places of worship in the emerging city of Puerto Princesa, Palawan.
OWN A PIECE OF PARADISE IN PALAWAN TODAYDiamond Beach Residences is dedicated to world-class beachfront development across the scenic ocean landscapes of the Philippines. Our projects are located in unspoiled, emerging vacation hotspots in all parts of the country. Contrary to the perception that leisure properties may only be enjoyed by the privileged few, we aim to give hard-working Filipinos a piece of their own paradise and profit from it at the same time. Our vision is to create a country-wide footprint of affordable leisure properties that may also serve as income-generating investments to unit owners.Our Beachfront Developments in Palawan Palawan is known as the Philippines’ last frontier. It boasts of abundant marine biodiversity, UNESCO world heritage sites, and the most amazing wonders of nature. As a world-class destination, it no longer just offers a place for leisure and recreation. This pristine tropical island can also be the location of your future home! Settle in a Pristine Location Stay away from the toxicity of a busy life. Live a luxurious and comfortable life away from the hustle and bustle of city life while enjoying the most breathtaking tropical landscapes.Secure a Worry-free Investment With Diamond Beach Residences, you don’t just put your property in an investment. You are also able to secure an investment that lets you earn passive income from world-class hotel operations. Take Advantage of Affordable Leisure A tropical destination like Palawan is perfect for families who want to settle down. Not only does it offer a serene environment, but it also brings families to world-class leisure and recreation spots at an affordable price!