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17.439 Hectares whole Island Property with white-sandy beach, Taytay, Malapia Island, Palawan, Philippine - AVAILABLE FOR SALEThe property is located at Biton, Bantulan, Buenavista, Palawan; 25 minutes from the town of Taytay, Palawan, and an hour to El Nido, Palawan. The property is best suited for and ideal for Luxury Tourist Resort site development. You find a perfect ambiance and wide extended white sandy beach around the island. There are already luxury resorts operating and constantly expanding in like in Roxas, Palawan.Note: DENR certified the island property as forest land.#islabdfoesale #beachlandsale #lotsalepalawan #beachlotsaleelnido #landsalepalawan #landsalepalawan #lotsaleelnido #islandforsalepalawan#islandforsale #coron #palawan #elnido #dipalianisland #culion #lotsalepalawan #beachlotsalecoron #beachlotelnido #beachlotpalawan #beachlotboracay #philippineislandforsaleTERMS: CASH, or Best Offer..EXPENSES:Seller’s account;*Updated realty tax up to the year of the sale, Capital gains tax (BIR)Buyer’s account:*Documentary stamp tax (BIR)*Transfer tax (Treasurer’s office)*Registration and IT Fees (Register of Deeds)*Assessor’s office (new tax declaration)*And all other expenses not mentioned above.Earnest Money: 1% of Purchase Price, 25% Down payment upon submission of LOI, Full Payment at closing.NOTES: Showing by appointment.Please feel free to message or contact me for information.Please read terms & conditions of the Memorandum of Understanding (MOA).eMail: manaloga@~^~^~.comSkype: live:manalogaViber: +1 862-240-3715WhatsApp:+1 862-240-3715~^~^~ Messenger: greg.manalo.169Thank you for visiting.
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Land for sale in Buena Suerte Poblacion, Palawan We offer 1,266 SQUARE METERS OF WHITE SANDY BEACH LOT SITUATED IN BRGY. BUENA SUERTE, EL NIDO, PALAWAN, PHILIPPINES described as: A total land area of 1,266 Square Meters Situated in Barangay Buena Suerte, El Nido, Palawan, Philippines White sandy beach frontage lot Own and enjoy part of paradise. THIS IS THE OPPORTUNITY!!! Buena Suerte Beach is not the finest, whitest beach you’re going to see in El Nido, Palawan, but it is most likely the first to greet you when you arrive. Fringing a small cove facing El Nido Bay, Buena Suerte is one of the four barangays that make up the town proper (poblacion). It is framed by imposing limestone cliffs that tower in the background. It is also the most developed, with dozens of resorts and hotels that have mushroomed along the coast, and the most usual jump off point to the islands. The beach also gives a fantastic view of Cadlao Island. Buena Suerte (officially the Barangay Buena Suerte), or more known as Zone II, is one of the eighteen barangays comprising the Municipality of #ElNido in the province of Palawan in the Philippines. Its name literally means "Good Luck" in Spanish. #BuenaSuerte, one of the four Población barangays, sits on the western section of the town proper, occupying the areas from the famous limestone and marble cliffs called #taraw that act as a backdrop and run from the southern to its westernmost sections, the Lapus-Lapus Trail that leads to the beaches of Ipil Point and Siete Commando opposite the surrounding mountain walls, and to the St. Francis of Assissi Parish Church that serves as the main office of the Parish of El Nido. It is bordered by Masagana on the east and Maligaya on the southeast. A creek, draining from Maligaya, transverses in the south and to the sea in the northwest. Off the coast of Buena Suerte lies #CadlaoIsland, the largest among the 45 islands in #BacuitBay. Its highest peak towers up to 640 meters above sea level and is considered El Nido's tallest mountain. The island has several pockets of white sand beaches, hidden lagoons, and nature trails that lead to lush tropical rainforest. One of these nature trails leads to the charming saltwater Makaamo Lagoon, which is surrounded by mangroves that attract a proliferation of birds. Sabang Beach, one of its many beaches, was one of the settings for the Scandinavian show Robinson Expedisjonen, the predecessor to Survivor. Terms of Payments: Cash Purchase Bank-to-bank payment/wire transfer Bank financing for pre-approved buyer/s. Earnest Money: 1% of Selling Price upon submission of LETTER OF INTENT (LOI), to be credited towards Purchase Price at closing. Down payment: 25% of Selling Price upon execution of CONTRACT TO SELL (CTS) or Purchase Contract Agreement, to be credited towards Purchase Price at closing. Balance for the purchase due and payable at closing. Expenses of Sale based on Agreement: a)Seller’s Account; Realty taxes - Updated realty tax plus an additional assessment of unpaid taxes if upon the inspection of the Assessor, there is an additional improvement not reflected on the tax declaration VT & Business tax (if any) b)Buyer’s Account; Attorney’s & Notary Fees Capital Gains Tax Documentary Stamp Tax; Transfer Tax (Treasurer’s Office); NOTE: Should you be interested, please let us know so we can provide you more details about the subject property as well as the preferred terms and conditions of the property owner. Please contact me if you have any questions and concerns. DISCLOSURES: CURRENT STATUS; TAX DEC. MOTIVATED SELLER. Any information previously released, advertised, posted, and transmitted to Buyer/s may change as additional information becomes available, otherwise not known at the time of listing, but not limited to, listed price without prior notice. Thank you for visiting while surfing the internet.