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The property is comprised of 2 areas with a river running between them. On the right of the river comprising about 15,000 sq m is a piece of flat land containing fully grown acacia trees providing all day shade to that area. These runs all the way to the river bank. The land on the other side of the riveris about 30,000 sq m and is split into a &nbsp.flat lower level and an elevated level about 3 m higher than the other half. Huge boulders dominate the lower portion providing rock, stone and even sand requirements for the farm. The river can provide fish and even water for the residents of the property.The elevated area features a resthouse constructed using steel and treated bamboo, anahaw for the roof and ceramic tiles for flooring. A concrete garage sits below the surface of the elevated area providing drive-in access from the lower area. It also contains a shipping container being converted into a fully stocked 'panic room'. The main house encompasses an open plan concept with an atrium having 2 staircases made of madre de cacao on each side. The house opens up to a grandeur view of Mt Banahaw and Mt San Cristobal. There are 3 detached guest bedrooms with individual toilet and bath and opens to an infinity pool with beach entrance design. The owners and guests can enjoy the sunset from the pool area.The house sits on the edge of the elevated &nbsp.area &nbsp.which also contains 2 all steel guest houses, 2 bamboo goat houses, an all steel control house beside the main water tank. The control house is surrounded by solar panels, wind turbine, deep well pump, the main power company electricity entrance, and the generator room. Electricity can be switched from mains to solar/wind and generator. The balance of the elevated area contains a vegetable garden and a 2,500 tree chili plantation which is currently being doubled. A plan is in place to fill the lower half with dragon fruit, cacao and coffee trees in addition to other fruit trees.Access to theRef # 418164