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7 HECTARES FARM FOR SALE IN QUIRINO PROVINCE: PIGGERY + PROPOSED POULTRY BREEDING FARM WITH TUNNEL VENTILATED FACILITY + RESTHOUSE / FARMHOUSE + MANGO FARM + RICEFIELDS + FISHPONDS X 2 Buyer to shoulder Capital Gains Tax (CGT),  Documentary Stamp Tax (DST), Notarial Fee, and Transfer Tax.There is room for NEGOTIATION.  Seller wants to dispose of the  PROPERTY AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. TOTAL LAND AREA: 7187 sqm  or 7.4187 hectares This farm is marketed in an ‘AS IS WHERE IS’ basis. THE PACKAGE WORKING & ACTIVE PIG FARM PIGGERY X 4 Buildings;already fitted with different pig pen sizes and drinking spouts.PROPOSED POULTRY BREEDING FARM WITH TUNNEL VENTILATED FACILITY1 Module of PS Poultry Breeding Farm with Tunnel Ventilated Facilityhas already been agreed with the owner andSan Miguel Foods Inc. ( SMFI) Poultry & Meats Operation.PROPOSED BUILDINGS: Poultry Breeder House 1, 2, and 3.All Proposed 3 houses will have dimensions of 45ft x 460ft x 7ft.SUPPORT FACILITIES & EQUIPMENTS REQUIRED: + Feed Warehouse & Shower Room+ Farm Office & Staff House+ Waste Water Lagoons+ Perimeter & Biosecurity FenceSMFI will provide you with copies of SMFI requirementsfor Poultry Contract Breeder and design for buildings.Please follow strictly the specifications of these requirementsand timetable of construction to avoid future problems.*sensitive details of the contract can not be disclosedunless you are closing a contract to buy the property.HIGH SPEC FARM HOUSE / REST HOUSEFloor area to be confirmed;already fitted with air conditioning unit, lighting fixtures, and plumbing fixturesHIGH-SPEC STAFF HOUSE & OUTBUILDINGSFloor area to be confirmedMANGO FARMwith more or less 400 fruit-bearing mango trees;native mango variety( the exact number of trees & exact number of varietiesneed to be confirmed for income projection)ORCHARDBamboo, Santol, Kamias, Chico, JackfruitFISHPONDS / FISH FARMINGThe first pond is supplied by spring waterwhile the second pond is fed by the overflowing supply from the first pondGOAT FARMINGAs the farm is very lush, especially on the slopes beside the fishpond,possible goat farming can also be undertaken.DUCK FARMINGAs the property features an abundant water supply,duck farming is a very welcome prospect.TILLABLE LAND/ RICE FARMINGThe farm has ricefield but need to confirm the exact land area used for this if you are someone looking to get serious in rice farming.GATED AND FENCED FARM PROPERTY ACTIVE WATER & ELECTRICITY SUPPLYThe property is far from any visible residential propertiesand therefore is highly sought after for pig and chicken farming .
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